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Any denied an orgasm for 6 months?

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by Vinny, Jun 1, 2017.

  1. I am somewhat nervous about my wife wanting me to go 6 months without an orgasm. She has always talked about it because she likes me a lot when I am denied and knows that I will be depressed for day after my orgasm. I have gone 3 months once and thought that was the end of my limit. Time has passed so I am able to go longer without getting desperate. There is a slight chance that she will get caught up in my 66th birthday this month and give me an orgasm in the heat of the moment. However my birthday is usually celebrated with me performing oral on her as my treat. We shall see. We do have safety measures in place. I still have my safeword from decades of BDSM play which will stop chastity play immediately but that would mean no more chastity play plus I never used my safeword before because I only played with people who put my well being before any sex game. The other safety valve is that if my wife senses that I am in mental or physical distress, she will give me an orgasm. After 44 years of marriage, she knows me very well and I put my life in her hands. I would like to go 6 months as that is something my wife always wanted since she is not a penis fan and loves how I am when I am denied orgasms for long periods of times. It has only been about a month of no orgasm and I try to get erect just by smelling my wife. I am very sensitive to Pheromones in a woman's natural scent. What some may want their sex partner to smell like soap or perfume, I prefer it left alone.

    I am entering unknown waters and am curious as to what I should expect after 3 months. Will it flatline and feel the same after 2 or 3 months or get worse? Being locked up is not an issue. Been wearing my Jailbird about 95% of the time for years.
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  2. Five months.
  3. @Vinny@Vinny ... I'm almost to four months, my longest yet. The intensity is growing along with my Wife's/KH dominance. We purchased the smallest cage we could find last night and I told her that it may cause me not be able to have full erections any more. She said "What does it matter? You don't get to fuck anymore or cum so what's the difference?" She just told me moments ago that she's getting excited to see me in a super small cage. So I guess that my most recent intercourse with her back in the first week in March may be my last. I'm a little scared, excited, anxious and sub-spaced at the moment. I'll let you know how it goes. I wish her and I would have done this sooner in our relationship.
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  4. I've never understood the thing with getting smaller and smaller cages. Personally I couldn't do it. I can't handle/understand that kind of pain. To me, the point of chastity is just to not get to cum, and nothing else. The pain from too small a cage would detract from that. It's no surprise you say you should have done this sooner. I am still surprised by those double tickers reading: "I've been locked for XX months" and "Last ruined orgasm was 3 days ago." That's not chastity! Forget about "locking period", if you get to cum, ruined or otherwise, that's not chastity. Chastity should be understood as not getting to cum, period. Cheaters don't know what they're depriving themselves from. Personally, it took me 2 months to let go and fully experience what you're talking about.
  5. Locked and no orgasm since November 2015
  6. i was hoping to be on my way to 6 months or something close to that, but day before yesterday, i had an accidental ejaculation. Really not happy with myself, not was my Wife, to say the least. So, i wish i could comment on 6 months...maybe (hopefully) i can in 6 months time!
  7. My longest was almost 200 days, but I'm not locked and normally, I'm allowed to edge regularly. My Owner uses hypnosis to condition and control me and She can get me close to cumming by only Her words. With a bit more training, I think, I will be able to cum hands-free on command...
    She doesn't deny me so long normally, but I often offer to stay chaste when I have a chance to cum. I know how much it pleases Her and I also feel that depression after cumming. That's why I offered to have some ruined orgasms before I can have a full one again and She decided on 10. Way more than I had in mind, but I asked for it... my fault... that was in February and I'm only at 3 now. With that speed, it might take a year to get to 10...
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  8. In the few months we have played with T&D, 11 days is the max, and then I go over the edge. I'm working on it.
  9. @Ormaz@Ormaz, yes I agree with you chastity is about not getting to cum or even have physical contact with your penis. However, we have progressed from just chastity into full FLR and a femdom type of marriage. I do all of the household cleaning and being slowly feminized by her. She loves how it changed my behavior over the last couple of years from a self-centered egotistical male to a docile bitch that serves and worships her.
    Last night we were on our way out for a date night when my behavior wasn't fully what she wanted from me. As she was putting on her makeup in the car, she decided to put lipstick on me as I was driving. It instantly changed my mindset and became instantly refocused on her. She enjoys her power over me and uses it to her advantage.
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  10. Hello Sunny I was only thinking a few days ago what ever happened to you, for you have been very quiet of late. But November 2015 That is a marathon.
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  11. My wife got me to buy the smallest sized Jailbird they make for the same reason. It is 1 1/4" long. It used to be too tight but not anymore. I am about 2" flaccid and around 3" erect when I can even get erect anymore. A full erection is a treat these days.
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  12. My wife will never dominate me outside of the sexual part of our life. She is too much of a submissive people pleaser and has told me that she married an alpha male and wants to keep it that way. I tried several times to reverse the roles and last time she just cried so I backed off. I tried panties and bras for a few months because I like to experience everything I can with my limited time on earth. It did nothing for us so we stopped. We just do T&D now. I am hard pressed to find a sexual fetish I have not at least tried for awhile and am happy where we are now. I cannot be submissive to anyone outside of the bedroom. I have to work alone from home because I do not play well with others. I want all the women and to be in charge of everything. That does not work well in life.
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  13. My last one was 15 months ago and I will never have another.
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  14. Why not?
  15. Five months is my longest. Two months is average for me now. I never know how long it is going to be until my next orgasm. I'm well on towards a three month period of denial at the moment which will be my second longest so far.
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  16. I'm allowed one a year if I am lucky lol other than that locked 24/7 with one very quick supervised wash very Friday
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  17. Because she has no use for it
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  18. From May 8th 2016 till May 10th I was locked pretty much 24/7. I was allowed out only to clean/clear pubic hair and change devices, always to smaller cages except for one two day period for Jury duty which amounted to maybe 10 hours total. Not one erection allowed, not one orgasm. It wasn't easy but, both Ms. K/H and I wanted to see if I could actually do a full year after a 43 day lockup. As a C/D friend with far more experience at, in her case, self-enforced chastity until she asked me to be her key-holder. After seeing her go two to three months without requesting the key, I felt determined that I could do it. Fortunately, the smaller the devices got, the more comfortable the experience became. I simply took G's advice and went day by day.
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  19. I went over 6 months from November 2015 - June 2016.
  20. A smaller cage is more comfortable to wear. It is also easier to stuff inside your pants. Sometimes it takes several iterations to get the right size. Also, sometimes a smaller cage is indicated in time as the body adjusts to the confinement.

    It is not supposed to be painful, only uncomfortable when you get aroused. It is a reminder of your chaste state, and to submit to the restraint.
  21. Hi @Vinny@Vinny I have gotten nowhere near 6 months. My longest to date was 46 days, but I had several ruined orgasms during that time. During a recent family vacation and work trip I had to be unlocked for a little over two weeks. I was free to cum when I wanted, but each orgasm equaled one month with no orgasm. I had planned to stop at 2, maybe 3 at the most, but I did 6. So I might be in the same boat as you. Not sure if she'll see this through. I can't imagine waiting until Christmas to cum again. I guess it brings new meaning to a white Christmas though :p
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  22. Agreed and to add on I believe most guys didnt get their correct flaccid lenght or over estimated their size so the first few cages are always a litte too big.
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  23. Obviously the body's desire for an orgasm intensifies at first. If you do what ever steps you and yours usually take to prevent that starting to feel like your body really needs to ejaculate by any means possible then you reduce the chance of an 'accident' occuring. Then it becomes desire, lust, horniness. Your body still wants you orgasm and you start to feel that an orgasm might be an anti-climax.. Eventually you come to the realisation you have entered a really enjoyable enhanced state, as will no doubt your partner. If you are lucky enough to still have PiV sex during this time you get much better at not cumming, you'll leak pre-cum like a tap but it really helps. We could have sex all weekend and having not not come at all I'd still feel drained as though I'd been comming like a mad, and yet I'd still feel as horny as though nothing had happened.

    Six months twelve months feel very similar you get used to it. Its been said already just do a day at a time and not every day is a challenge it does become easier. I know when I first started being denied I soon felt a little disappointment if each denial period were not a little longer than the last.

    I'm not sure If I got used to it enough to consider permanent denial yet but even getting to the point where you can consider that from a slightly informed perspective it is pehaps some indication of how the longer periods of denial get you thinking.

    In brief though six months is not as hard looking back as you will be thinking now looking at it.

    Good luck with it I'm sure it will work out for you both especially as it is your lady's idea.
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  24. I have not had an orgasm sinse April 2016