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Discussion in 'Chastity and orgasm denial' started by Dana Fleming, Jan 31, 2010.

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    I wrote earlier about my first steps into chastity, being led by my wife. I had not had a male orgasm since Dec 1st. Well Last night when I took of my device for my cleaning she had me lie on the floor at her feet. I was told to look at her pussy and think of the great delights it held.

    She then told me I was to masterbate while looking at it, while i shot I was to catch all the cum in a small glass. Well it dind't take long and I was shooting all over but got most of it in the glass. What escaped the glasss I was to put on my finger and then get it into the glass.

    She then put on her strap on and told me I was to suck it like I never sucked before. Well I certainly did and in no time I was erect again and she told me to masterbate again and catch it all. It took longer theis thime but the orgasm was shattering. i didn't produce as much cum but it went into the glass.

    She then made me lean my head back and open my mouth. I knew what was coming but didn't care. My first taste of cum was my own and to tell the truth it tasted very good, it was a bit cold but smooth, and kind of salty. I had to lick what was left on the side of the glass and had to use my finger to get the cum off the sides. I took it all in my mouth.

    My wife now calls me her cum slut and that each time I have a male orgasm I'll be eating my own. Of course she will decide when that will happen and not to expect to be eating my own any time soon. She told me that she had more surprises for me. I can't hardly wait.
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    That sounds great, just reading your story caused built up some pressure down south. I hope your enjoying this time in your life!
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