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Anklet Recommendation for Security Screw Key?

Discussion in 'The Mall (Everything Else)' started by detainee, May 13, 2015.

  1. My wife is having a tough time finding a stylish, sturdy, yet somewhat discreet anklet to hold her Mature Metal stainless steel security screw key. We'd probably have to go with stainless steel as it's hypoallergenic, as she's allergic to some forms of metal. We'd probably cut the security key in half and re-drill it to reduce its size. Maybe add a few trinkets, etc.

    Anybody out there have an recommendations (links, vendors, trinkets, styles, ideas, custom makers) that would aesthetically match the stainless steel key, or had any luck with another form of anklet solution?
  2. Believe it or not Ebay is great for that kind of stuff.
    Rope style might be stronger than linked.

  3. I went with a Timeline Treasures Surgical Stainless Steel Starter Charm Bracelet Fits Pandora Jewelry Clasp Lobster Claw 10 Inch (about $20USD), with Timeline Trinketts Rhinestone Birthstone Charm Bracelet Beads Fits Pandora Jewelry - April (about $12USD) for decoration. My wife was bit skeptical at first glance but she changed her mind quickly after trying it on. The 10 inch is a good size for my athletically built wife. Smaller would not fit. I cut the Mature Metal security key to about 1/2 inch in length with a dremel and drilled a ~5/32 inch hole (with a cobalt drill bit, high-speed steel bits are too weak for stainless). I sanded the cut edge with 1200 grit sandpaper and used the dremel polishing wheel to polish it back to mint condition. The key is now about the length of 1 and 1/2 "beads". Probably a bit difficult to turn the key enough using the bracelet band alone, but I'm not sure convenience is the "key" here?

    The bracelet seems pretty well built and looks great on her. The key looks a bit different than the trinkets, but it is pretty close, as the trinkets are not true stainless steel. Stainless steel trinkets of interest were difficult to locate and were about $12 each. Probably could disguise it more by using some of the "jewels" from the other trinkets. I have to admit I was a bit terrified when she wore it to church, but it blended in with her sandals and necklace nicely without anyone but the good Lord knowing the truth.
  4. Does she have to wear it all the time?
  5. No, she wears it occasionally. It's too heavy to wear while she runs, and it won't go with every outfit. I think it's more of just a fun way to tease when she's got me corralled, which isn't a lot by any stretch. Or a subtle reminder of the potential.