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And our story continues :)

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Wonderwomanssub, Sep 19, 2017.

  1. It's been a really lucky week for me, not only was I allowed 2 O' and actual sex last Saturday, mistress and I had a wonderful day together yesterday. She decided to play hooky because she wasn't feeling well the day before. When she woke up yesterday morning she was feeling pretty good but still worn out from school so she took the day off. She deserves it, she works so hard and has phenomenal grades especially for being a graduate student.

    So after I dropped our son off at daycare in the morning I came back home. Mistress and I got in the shower together and I was allowed to bathe my beautiful goddess. I can't fully describe it but there is something so satisfying about lathering her up and massaging her gently everywhere with the luffa, cleansing her, kneeling in front and behind her to wash her legs and feet. It makes me feel very submissive towards her especially when I'm crouched low washing her feet, I love it.

    She exited the shower first to dry off and I followed a moment later. I was told to put on my leather shorts and to get mistress her riding crop because there were chores to be done. I opened my dresser drawer and found my leather short shorts hiding under my regular shorts. I put the short shorts on and a nice black collard shirt to go with. I also wore my leather belt even though the shorts are near skin tight fit, it really helped to keep them up when I bend over which mistress really liked because they hug my ass that much better.

    Mistress had me dust and vacuum the entire downstairs as well do the dishes and the laundry. Miss organized our sons toys, we were able to put a lot of it away and out of sight. We were also able to donate several toys, our living room and his bedroom were a little too cluttered so it was nice to have a lot of that cleared up and out of the house. Although I'm really good about cleaning the house it was a lot more fun having mistress order me around and tell me what to clean. Mistress started to tell me how I'd been dusting wrong and just spreading more dust around, I argued saying I knew what I was doing. She took a swipe at my ass with her crop for being sassy to her.

    Once my chores were completed I joined mistress in our bedroom, she was laying on the bed and was in need of a full body massage. She laid at the end of the bed while I sat next to her rubbing her sore muscles. I started at her neck and worked my way down to her feet. She hung her feet off the end of the bed while I got lotion and I sat down to massaged each of them. I worked on a few more spots after that and made mistress very happy. In fact mistress was so happy and feeling good she told me to get her pink vibrator and join her in the upstairs spare bedroom. I tend to think of the spare bedroom as our naughty room, we like to use that one during the day if we're alone so we don't mess up our bedroom. Plus our 3 dogs are a pain in the ass when it comes to us being intimate it's like they're trying stop us whenever we get close to each other so going upstairs seems to help with that.

    I took the vibrator out of my dresser and followed my Miss upstairs. She was already in the bed under the covers, I took my shirt off but left my shorts on assuming I wasn't going to be uncaged. I laid next to her and gave her a soft loving kiss, she reached over to the nightstand and presented me with her key. I couldn't believe it!! It was supposed to be two weeks plus until I was allowed out again! I didn't want to get to excited because maybe she wasn't going to allow me to cum but she's never denied me after I've been unlocked. I undid my belt and slid my leather shorts off and then quickly unlocked before I got too hard. We made out and our hands were all over each other, my hands and mouth found her breasts and nipples while hers found her possession below my waist. She really started teasing my head with her fingers and hands, I was ultra sensitive. I started writhing and moaning in pure ecstasy. Then she did what I'd been hoping she'd do for months. Mistress leaned over, opened her mouth and took her property in its entirety into her mouth. I thought I was going to scream it felt so good. I started moaning and jerking around involuntarily I could feel every little thing she was doing. I've never felt so good in my life I was seriously getting a high from it and it was like having sex for the first time. Everything she was doing was so good words really can't describe it.

    Out of nowhere I started thanking her profusely for this gift and she really liked that, she said it made her feel that much more powerful. She brought her face to mine and gave me a wet sloppy kiss, few things turn me on more than when she gives me a wet sloppy kiss while sucking me. To be honest I'm not even sure when the last time me she gave me a blowjob was. She made it something very special for me and I am so grateful to her for it. Blow jobs have become very rare but that makes sense, as she is my mistress it only makes sense to be given such a gift sparingly and done from a dominant perspective. She had me completely under her power and there was nothing submissive about how she was giving it to me. Mistress brought me to the edge with her mouth and then as soon as she knew I was there she finished me off with her hand. When I started cuming she didn't stop, she kept stroking me even after I was completely drained. My penis was so sensitive I was feeling a mixture of pleasure and agony from the over sensitivity. I don't know how some subs can handle that kind of pleasure/torture when they're tied to the bed and can't pull away after they've came, it's like lightening bolts of pain and pleasure through your body after you cum and you're continually given stimulation.

    There was cum all over her left hand and a little shot onto her right breast. I could hardly move but was told to quickly get her a towel. I brought her the towel and she dried off. We lay next to each other and kissed and I licked on her breasts nipples, I tasted some of my cum that I didn't quite dry up, I didn't mind it turned me on. Mistress guided my hand between her legs and gently slid my fingers over her pussy lips. I softly stoked her lips before spreading them slightly. She was so wet and so turned on, I love when her pussy feels this way, so smooth like silk. I teased her with my fingers before finding her engorged clit, again I just kept things soft and gentle. My mistress came almost instantly and had to tell me to stop because it was to much stimulation. I removed my hand and wrapped my arms around my queen and kissed her pretty face. We laid there together kissing and talking for another 10 minutes before getting up. I could have cuddled with her for the rest of the day in each other's arms, we were both quite content.

    Unfortunately we have responsibilities and we had to get up. We ran an errand after we were moving again and then picked up our boy from daycare. We came home and spent the rest of the evening together. I made a wonderful ham dinner for my family and we all enjoyed the rest of our night together. It was a really fantastic day and I'm glad I got to spend it with my favorite person.
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  2. IMG_1341.jpg IMG_1345.jpg IMG_1346.jpg Here's another charm to add to the domme charm bracelet lol. I flush set a diamond into the tip of the penis :)
  3. Damn this schedule of ours, I really need some one on one time with my mistress. I'm feeling less subby lately and much less motivated. I don't think my mistress and I have intimately touched each other in almost two weeks... very depressing...
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  4. It's so nice to hear about loving couples enjoying an exciting life together and chastity improve on their relationship. To just have your Mistresses take you into her mouth can be as exciting as having an Orgasm. As you already know. Great Post
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  5. Maybe she's building up for something? Being denied isn't always easy
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  6. You're right, she did have a plan, I'll post on that later :)
  7. I'm sure my mistress laughs at me often and wonders what goes on in my head. I can take things so seriously sometimes and over analyze a situation. Although chastity is our lifestyle it is also a game that can be played several ways. We all have a way we'd like the game played but sometimes we are only along for the ride in fact if you are caged then you are only along for the ride.

    I was feeling a little depressed over the last couple of weeks. I chalked it up to the fact that I was getting less attention from my mistress. She's been incredibly busy with school so I have no right to complain, her workload as I've stated in previous posts is ridiculous. Although she's managing it better than most and has found a tid bit more leisure time, most of the time she's still hidden away in her office trying to contend with endless assignments. I miss her and want to spend all of my time with her, living in chastity makes me more needy for her attention, I'm sure at times I get annoying. Sometimes I feel like she is deliberately depriving me of attention just to drive me that much more crazy for her. I have a love/hate for that treatment a constant internal battle.

    Since our last passionate encounter I felt as though mistress was really depriving me of attention. Seemed like even when I try to kiss her or be cuddly I would get the brush off. I couldn't help but dwell on it. Finally I had to ask if everything was okay or if she was just messing with me by depriving me of any intimacy, I was really starting to feel lonely. I guess that's the benefit of masturbation, it's a temporary fix to make you not care... at least for the moment. Taking masturbation away from me made me deal directly with those feelings of wanting but not being allowed to have, I could only be patient, do my chores, obey my mistress and wait for when she wanted passion and intimacy.

    I texted mistress while I was at work and asked if she "liked denying me attention between my lockups". Her response was "sometimes I do! Sometimes I think you over analyze things and should just play the damn game". I felt stupid after messaging her because I do take chastity so seriously but it's hard not to when you're cock is locked into a tiny cage 24/7. You want to know your partner is thinking about you and you want some kind of attention from them. I wanted her to know the kind of power she wields with me.

    I don't think she realizes how powerful she is to me even before we started living chastity. We got together when she was 19 and I was 20, she took my virginity and she already had several sexual partners at this point in her life. That intimidated me and I've just realized it still intimidates me even though we've been together for 13 years. My mistress has given me a lot of the confidence I have in myself, she makes me feel like a man she makes me feel attractive, strong, confident and sexually confident. With mistress holding the key I feel like she can take all those things away from me if chose too, she can make me feel like a schoolboy. I feel like her locked up virgin when I'm in my cage, I'm only to willing to do whatever she wants to be with her. I also love feeling like her caged virgin, I love how she's the one that makes me feel like a man and gives me my confidence. There is a fine emotional line that I'm constantly teetering that can sometimes give me that lonely feeling I get when we don't have time for each other and I just flat out miss her but that's how important she is to my soul and being.

    I messaged mistress again explaining my feelings and why I asked her the question in the first place. Her response to me was to not get depressed because it's all just part of the game and not to worry and that she loves me. I felt much better after reading her message, I knew I'd been over analyzing but I just can't help myself.

    I took my lunch break a little later and met her at home. She was eyeballing me suspiciously and said "don't get depressed, just listen to your mistress", I liked her talking to me like that. She had made me lunch and while I ate she finished up with a few things around the house. I ate quickly and put the dishes away and did a quick cleanup in the kitchen. Mistress came out from another room, she told me to go upstairs to our spare bedroom and to make up the bed. I listened like a good slave and moved quickly because I was hoping some playtime was coming.

    I carried the sheets and comforter upstairs and made the bed. Mistress came in a moment later, I wrapped her in my arms and kissed her very passionately, we let go of each other and then she presented me with the key. We hugged again, Mistress's arms were so warm and soft just like her kiss, her floral feminine scent was intoxicating as usual and I felt like I was getting inebriated just being in her arms. I was bulging in my cage and wanted to make my queen a happy woman. She reached down and felt the restrained erection which increased her excitement. I took the key, unlocked and pulled the tube portion off of my cage. I left the base ring on as it would have been near impossible to get off at that point. It turned out to be an advantage because it made me as hard as I could possibly get and the sensitivity was so intense, my mistress was loving the way my cock looked and felt. I played with her nipples as we continued to kiss and grind on each other. Since I was on my lunch break I was trying to be quick but sensual and loving, I found her clit and started playing with my mistress. My hormones and emotions were going wild, I was like a ravenous animal enjoying a rare special delicacy. Mistress could tell how I felt, she has a certain smile on her face that she gets when she knows I'm desperate for her. She was right I was desperate, I wanted my mistress so bad it hurt. I kicked the sheets down to the end of the bed and placed myself between my mistress's legs. I stared at her beautiful warm, soft, wet pussy for a moment before lovingly licking my queen. It has been a little while since mistress has allowed me the privilege of giving her oral, I enjoyed every moment of it thoroughly. Mistress was enjoying herself as well but she wanted more. "I want your cock in me" she said. I lifted my face from her lap, she rolled her butt back and I lifted her legs slightly. I slid forward up to her and rested my bulging cock on her pretty pink lips, enjoying the moment of our skin making contact and then I pressed myself into her. I got a bit of a head rush from the intense feeling of being inside my mistress. I was so sensitive I knew I wasn't going to last long at all. I thrusted slowly trying to stave off my orgasm, I only had 15 minutes but I wanted our time together to last.

    I started pulling myself out and going down on her whenever I felt like I was going to orgasm. It got to the point I was having to pull out after every other thrust. Mistress was incredibly aroused and ready to have an orgasm. Every time I would slide back into her she would moan and ejaculate a little and every time I would go down on her and lick it off her lips. I came up from licking her and pressed myself back in, again I went two pumps and had to take it out for fear of cuming in mistress. Mistress was frustrated with me because she just wanted me to fuck her good and my sensitive cock just couldn't last. I had my cock out resting on top of her pussy waiting for it desensitize, mistress had had it with my inadvertent teasing. She grabbed my ultra sensitive dick that was covered in her ejaculate and stroked me fast and hard, I came all over her tummy and tits almost instantly. It came spurt after spurt, I got light headed and hadn't experienced an orgasm like that in quite some time. I had my eyes closed and all I hear my mistress say is "woah baby", I opened my eyes and observed and lavished in the amount of cum that was covering my mistress. She was quite pleased with the amount that I had expelled, she loves when I cum heavily. That's one of her favorite things and partially what makes up my lockup times.

    I was still in a daze when mistress snapped at me to get a towel and clean my cum off of her. I hopped to attention and as I was on my way out the bedroom she snapped at me again to bring her pink vibrator too. I ran down stairs and snagged her wand out of her panties drawer, I grabbed a towel off the rack and ran back upstairs to my waiting goddess. Mistress looked so hot laying there covered in cum, waiting for her bitch to cleanse her and pamper her. I gently laid the towel over the largest pool of cum and wiped it up, then to the other spots. There was still a glistening of cum on her tummy where the hand towel got too soaked with cum to completely dry mistress. I tossed the towel aside, plugged in her vibrator and pushed the fat round head of her vibrator right over her clit. I pressed on it to make sure there was plenty of pressure and stimulation. Then I started to kiss her breasts and her tummy, mistress said "um you just came there are you sure you want to be kissing me there". I drug my tongue across her entire tummy to show her I didn't care and truth be told I'd love it if she made me lick up my own cum. I don't know if she was slightly turned on or not when I licked her tummy but she had a very strong orgasm while I was kissing and licking her where I came.

    Then the dash to get back to work, I had gone over my lunch break! Mistress told me to be sure I washed my hands before I go. I went in the bathroom and washed them, then I said "I washed my hand but not my face and I'm not going to, I want your scent on me for the rest of the day". Mistress really liked that because her nipples got rock hard.

    Later that night at work I realized I still hadn't really addressed my concerns about the attention deprivation that is part of her/our game, I had to know her intentions. I wanted to talk to mistress later in the night about my concern but she can always tell when I have a thought or something to say. She wouldn't allow my silence on the matter and I was threatened with a 3 month lockup if I didn't tell her right then and there what my problem was. So I told her I'd been thinking about how she admitted to completely denying me any physical attention even some kissing and how that bothered me. She looked at me softly and said "it doesn't have to be like that forever, I like it and I thought you liked it too because when we do have sex it's like we're both exploding". I felt much more at ease when she said that. She explained to me that she really likes the build up of sexual tension when I'm not allowed to touch her and she hides her body away from me so it's that much more exciting. I could understand that but I'm torn because I want her so bad and I want her to touch me and to tease me and give me affection but there's a sick side of me that slightly enjoys the cruelty of only being able to look at my beautiful wife in her boots and leggings and super cute tops. Her big tits bouncing in my face and I'm not allowed to touch her. In the end my need for her affection won out and I started to feel a little insecure and needy and that's why I had to ask if she intended to completely deny me all the time. Chastity would become too much of an emotional roller coaster for me if I was only allowed touch and affection every few weeks and only during sex.

    Because mistress said "we don't have to do it like this forever" I was put at ease. Then I felt stupid for over analyzing things and thinking that our lifestyle wouldn't evolve and change. Obviously we're going to try some different things along this path to keep things fun and interesting. It just goes back to me putting 100% trust in my mistress, I do trust her and when she has time she makes things very fun for us. She's also very skilled at fucking with my head as this entire post shows.

    The way mistress makes me feel proves that our power exchange is real. I'm finding I'm looking to her for permission and approval on many things in our lives. I'm much more afraid of disappointing her now than in the past. I've never wanted to disappoint her in any regard but now it matters that much more to me now. I like that my decisions and choices are judged and sometimes changed by mistress, I find comfort in being told what to do. Even if she tells me I can't do something whatever it may be I find I get a little annoyed at first but then get a sense of appreciation and respect for her choice for me, which makes me adore her even more.

    I never expected to experience the multitude of emotions that I have over the last few years in regards to living this lifestyle. I really believe we're both comfortable in our roles and actually look at each other as the domme and the submissive, at least I do. My mistress told me today how therapeutic bossing me around is. I can't disagree with that because I feel like being ordered around by her is also very therapeutic for me. Sure there are times that I just don't feel like it, especially after an orgasm but that's what makes it more real to both of us. I am caged 24/7 and her servant 24/7 and we're both still loving it and more in love with each other as ever.
  8. Okay I found a new top ten favorite for me, my mistress let me shave her pussy in the shower. It was pretty damn hot, I hope she lets me do that again and paint her nails too :)
  9. It would appear that for the moment we're not adhering to my three week lock ups lol. That's totally cool I missed having O's once a week! But I'm not nearly as submissive as I was back in September and October but I do have an underlying submissiveness that is constantly part of me now. As I mentioned in my previous post we're fairly comfortable in our defined roles and think of each other and ourselves in those roles maybe that's why mistress is more comfortable allowing me more O's. I'd guess if better keep up with my chores if I want this to continue! On the other hand I do enjoy the low level high I get from feeling constantly horny for my mistress so there are pros and cons but either way it's nice to have the variety.

    Another reason I've been allowed more O's recently is that my mistress can't stand getting me going and not seeing the end result, she loves to make me cum and has a really hard time denying me. Last night was proof of that, I've never had cage on teasing like what she was doing. It started with us taking a very rare nap, mistress was done with her school work for the day, I took the day off and our child was at daycare.

    We fell asleep for about a half hour, I woke up to the feeling of my mistress gently thrusting her butt into my cage. I got hard instantly, I told her and she laughed that that's all it took. Then she took things a little more serious and we started grinding harder and started kissing. Mistress pulled my underwear down and started rubbing the minimally exposed parts of my cock as we kissed. She was driving me insane, I was thrusting around like crazy desperate to feel more. I felt this welling up inside my entire body that just wanted me to explode in every direction. It was like I really had to focus on making myself orgasm if it was going to happen. I think I can relate to how women feel when it comes to achieving an O. The she did something that launched me through the roof, she started to lick me and suck me through my cage, sooo fucking hot! My feeling intensified by 10 and I was sure I was going to be able to cum but I just teetered on the edge. Mistress then slid her fingers in my butt (upon my request) I thought that would push me over but no such luck. Mistress told me I'd better hurry and cum because we had to leave soon. Now I was really desperate because everything she'd been doing was so amazing, I started to panic and wanted it to happen. I thought she was going to just say too bad and better luck next time but instead she unexpectedly got the key and unlocked me. She started to suck and lick me and I came in about 2 seconds. I came all over her boobs and stomach and good god was there a lot. I laid on the bed in a daze, my mind was numb and I couldn't even think straight. I watched the tip of my cock as more cum dripped out onto me just below my stomach.

    That didn't last long before I was snapped at by mistress to hurry and make the bed. We had to get going out to an early dinner. I felt guilty that mistress didn't get an O but she didn't care, she just wanted to watch me to go crazy with what she was doing to me. I said to her that I was surprised that she let me out to cum, I thought if it didn't happen that it was too bad for me. That's when mistress told me that she could help but finish what she started and that's why she struggles with tease and denial, she likes to see results.

    I messaged her from work today and promised I'd make up for her missed orgasm tonight. She sent me a smiley face back so hopefully I'll be making mistress moan later.
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  10. Damnit just got kicked out of the bedroom to make coffe and breakfast for mistress while she plays with her vibrator! So jealous of that damn vibrator! ;)