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And our story continues :)

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Wonderwomanssub, Sep 19, 2017.

  1. Glad to be back! My other username was @Lockedwithlove@Lockedwithlove if anyone was curious. For a while I stopped coming to the mansion because of the unnecessary drama and I found I was getting more caught with that versus communicating with others and learning how I could better serve my mistress. I would turn back up now and then to lurk for a while but wasn't participating. I started this new account because I have no access to my old account for email/password issues. I'm looking forward to being part of the community and being helpful for those who are just starting chastity or wanting to learn more. Of course I'm always learning too and that's why I enjoy coming to the mansion.

    So not much had really changed for me other than Mistress M bringing her level of bossiness to full circle. My hopes when we first started chastity was to bring my wife into my fetishes and desire (the ones she wasn't already a part of). Things have been steamy and kinky over the last 3 years but any sort of real kink has really been lacking in this last year. It's not my fault and it's not really her fault. What it is, is the reorganization of priorities in our lives. Before this September my mistress had been taking classes in a pre masters program in order to apply to the masters medical program. Well she applied and was accepted, she was 1 of 18 selected out of 600 applicants so needless to say I'm incredibly proud of her. We're now 3 weeks into the new semester and it's quite clear that my lockups are going to be longer. Not for actual chastity purposes but because there is no time. Our anniversary was yesterday and my poor mistress spent the entire time working on projects and homework. I still made that day as special as I could for her, I bought her some nice roses, wrote a really sweet note in her anniversary card and I made mistress her favorite dish. She was grateful and that made me feel good.

    I put our 3.5 year old down to bed around 9ish and then took down mistress and my bed. I was in there for about 30 min before she came in to join me. She let me finish my episode of the Grand Tour and then I put on an episode of her favorite show while I rubbed on her for a while. We both ended up just about asleep by the end of her show. We wanted to spend more time together but we were both so exhausted from parenting and homework there was just no way we were staying up. The truth is, my major goal is not to earn an orgasm, my goal is to make sure my mistress is happy and content. I've been locked for 9 days and it was at least 7 days before that that we had any real intimacy together. I admit I gave my self a ruined right before I went into the cage but I was still left plenty horny. So I'm a horny dripping mess that wants nothing more than to dote upon my mistress. This is the kind of behavior my mistress adores from me, our first two years of chastity consisted of me being my wife's servant and she loved that. Then the luster from that started to die off for me because I didn't feel like there was an end game for me, our sex wasn't getting any kinkier and I assumed her inner domme would come out and our sex lives would very much change.

    Well the truth is, is that her inner domme did come out, she is very much in charge but runs me exactly how she thinks I should behave. It's way to natural for her order me about. This isn't just the chores, it's things that you'd ask a butler to do I.e. Getting her a drink, preparing her meals then bringing them to her etc... I guess to keep this short she has me get everything for her and she has to get nothing for her self. It's even gone as far as if the remote control for the tv is next to her I'm required (most of the time) to get up and get it myself. This is just how life is for us now, its natural for for me to do it all. It started at first as kind of a game and for both of us to gain our bearings learning our new roles. Never did I think being her servant would ever feel so natural. In the last year many of her requests I carried a little more begrudgingly but only because I felt like my chastity was inconsistent. I was cuming often and left unlocked, it felt more like she didn't care as much so I slacked off quite a bit, I would even do things to try to prompt a response from her just to get a reaction. At this point I wasn't in my cage and I was very reluctant to put it back on and would wait until she asked me too and even then it was done somewhat begrudgingly.

    I felt a little lost without her firmness with my chastity, granted I did have to spend some time out of my cage because I have mild Peyronie's (as of now) and I wanted to be careful not to do any damage. The thing with Peyronie's though is that it will either get worse or not regardless of chastity. I'm hoping mine just stays as it is. I have the scar tissue that develops into hard lumps on the inside of the penis but they have not made my penis curve thank god. I used to get pain during erections but the pain has pretty much gone away. I have lost a bit of length because the scar tissue doesn't allow me to get as hard as I used to. Good thing is everything still works and my mistress is just as satisfied with my penis as before. She says she doesn't notice a difference visually or physically with my size. Anyway, she has returned to some of her firmness with me wearing the cage and I'm also just going to put it back on after any time she allows it come off for play. We've discussed me getting pierced and using a much more secure cage, that will probably happen next year around my birthday I hope. I'm actually pretty excited about it and have wanted to go this route for a long time as long as I'm allowed. Mistress has been more hesitant but has opened up considerably about me getting pierced the longer we've been at this. Also she realizes she'll truly have full control without the possibility of me pulling out. It's hard to do with the cage I'm wearing anyway but it's still a possibility especially in the shower or later in the day when the boys have drooped a bit.

    So for now our play times are fewer and there has been less kink but what I'm finding is that my desire to be chaste for my queen still grows. Although there hasn't been much sex my desire for my mistress and to obey her wishes grows and grows the longer I'm chaste. I'm riding the euphoric high of desire because I haven't had a real orgasm in more than a couple of weeks, I'm more willing and obedient and want to stay that way. This will probably make life easier over the next 2 years while mistress finishes up her masters degree. I'm hoping after the 2 years that with her freedom from school we can work on our FLR relationship and our intimate time. Maybe experiment and try some new things in the bedroom but of course that's up to her.

    For now I'm just going to listen to mistress and be a good boy and try to make her life as easy as possible through these next 2 years. At this point in our lives chastity is a part of us and I imagine this will probably be a life long journey for us. I look forward to the journey but I'm looking forward for my mistress and I to spend some time with each other.
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  2. I am at approximately day 18 since my last full O, I have to say I feel pretty good. I have more energy and am generally in a good mood. I see something that needs to be done around the house and I do it. Mistress now believes that 3 to 4 week lock up minimums are going to be best for me after a brief discussion. She seems much happier with my improved attitude. I just hope she still makes some time for me pleasure her, that's been my major issue since we've started chastity is that she really doesn't want a lot of sexual attention. She told me that every 10 days for her is the best for her. Her orgasms are much more explosive after 10 days after her last O. I'm fine with that, it's what I'm used to now but she's also gone approximately 18 days since her last O along with me only because she's been so busy with school and I mean really busy. All I'm really trying to do is make her life a lot easier over the next two years for school but I know a good orgasm fairly often can be healthy for women so I wish she'd take my advice and let me go down on her more often. Maybe things will change once we are a few cycles into my 3 + week lock ups.

    I just still can't believe how much better I feel plus how much more submissive I am. I'm looking forward to my next O but I'm also not really wanting it because I don't want to lose where I'm at right now. I know some guys here are in permanent chastity meaning no unlocking for O's and I don't think I could go that far, at least not yet. I do believe it's good to be "cleared" out every so often for a fresh start. I have a feeling regardless of post O blues that in the next coming weeks I'm going to be a lot more submissive to my mistress. This is going to be really good for both of us.
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  3. Last night was a real test for me, I wanted to pleasure my mistress because it had been far to long m and I knew she was very horny too. We started our late evening watching Robin Hood the 2010 movie while we cuddled. After the movie we started to kiss and make out just like when we first dated. I caressed her naked body with my fingertips while we kissed, she was so sensitive to my touch. I played with her erect nipples gently making them even harder and I softly slipped my hand into her pajamas paid and down between her legs. She was so wet and silky as I ran a finger over her pussy lips, her breathing changed as I started to massage her clit. I was already as hard as my cage would allow me to be and dripping too. She said I know I shouldn't but I want you to get the key. I just stayed quiet and kept massaging her and she started to moan softly. I knew I should have listened to my mistress and got the key like she told me but I didn't. I really wanted to cum too it was a difficult decision to disobey as well as for my own selfish reason but I had already gone this far, I feel great and more in love with my wife than ever. Mistress didn't utter another word and let me continue playing with her nipples and her clit. Being caged versus uncaged which I usually am uncaged when we're going to have play time it really helped me focus on being gentle and going slow. When I'm uncaged I think I speed things up and try to get my mistress to orgasm quickly knowing that I'll have my turn next. A lot of times she'll have to tell me to slow down and now I think she really understands how the cage makes me focus more on her and is beneficial during sex.

    She came really hard for a few minutes and then she said she couldn't take anymore. I stopped and we both laid starring into each other's eyes, I watched her as she took deeper breaths, she looked to be feeling pure bliss. I was feeling pretty good about myself too. A moment later she turned over and sat up on her side of the bed, mistress looked back at me and said "are you sure you don't want me to get the key?", in a coy voice. I probably had look of a man struggling with a decision on his face because I was. I told her that I wanted to cum very badly but that I was torn because I've been really enjoying how I am feeling and how attentive I have been to her. Then I told her that the decision was completely up to her. She got up and thought for a moment, went to the bathroom came back turned off the lamp and got back into bed. She kissed me and told me good night giggling to herself. I was mostly sure she'd unlock me and let me have sex with her but instead she totally denied me! I was a little sad but also really proud of her and I could tell she felt good about her decision too. Mistress laid her head on her pillow and told me that was really hot and that she felt like she came like a man (referring to the no reciprocation). I agreed and then asked her what she liked the best. She said "it was just hot but I really liked the power I had from not unlocking you", "I felt really wicked and I liked that feeling". My heart jumped a little as what she said really excited me. I laid in bed stroking mistress's back until she fell asleep. For the next hour I lay awake waiting for my cock to stop trying to get hard, it finally softened and dribbled a little cum and the I fell asleep.

    Even though we've been practicing chastity for a while, last night felt the most real to me since we've started this whole thing. Mistress had never pushed me this long before and didn't think she needed to but now that she's seen the results I know her mind has changed. It will be longer lockups for me from now on and I have no idea when she plans to uncage me. She prefers random in the moment times versus anything set on a calendar. I'm excited to see how things transpire over the next few months. Mistress will be extremely busy with school so I'm not expecting her to go above and beyond but I do know that if she keeps me like this, things will get even more passionate than they already are.
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  4. Another day chaste and another day of feeling good. This new plan mistress and I are on almost makes it feel like we just started chastity again for the first time, at least for me it does. Mistress is happy to have her obedient servant back that's all too ready for any of her needs and desires. We were going to play again last night but Aunt Flo had to show up and she has terrible timing. Normally it's not such a bad thing in terms of her horniness because she wants action that much more but by the time we had any alone time she was ready to pass out. So I just gave her a good neck and back massage which she was just as pleased with.

    I love the head over heals beginning of new relationship type infatuation that being chaste gives you. Many couples who have been together for a while tend not to try as hard for one another or they become far to comfortable and let things like appearance and healthy living go by the wayside. I was guilty of this too, she has always been a radiant goddess but I had slacked off for a while. I got fairly fat at one point in our relationship, too many late night snacks. I lost a ton of weight a couple of years ago and I've gained back just a little bit, I still look great but I want to get back to the skinny I was at my peak. I'd actually lost a little over 50 pounds and my mistress was loving it, she's still loving it but I want to try to get my 6 pack back for her. She deserves everything great that I can give her.
  5. I woke up to a lovely treat this morning, my mistress got out of bed which woke me up. When she came back from the bathroom she slipped back into bed next to me. We laid there for a minute and the she spoke "I just woke up from a naughty dream and I'm so horny". I asked her to tell me about it and I started softly kissing her neck and ears. She said she "I'm sorry but it wasn't you in my dream". That really turned me on and I said "tell me how good he fucked you" while I continued to gently kiss her, mistress just smiled and said it didn't go that far. I reach under the covers and went into her panties where her soaking wet pussy was waiting. I found her clit and started to toy with it. "Did it turn you on thinking you were going to have sex with another man" I asked and she nodded her head. Mistress reached down between my legs and started rubbing the very tip of my caged cock literally the only place where it's exposed. It felt so good, she hadn't touched me in quite some time, I'm sure in another week she could make cum by toying with me that way. I played with her clit and kissed her until she was moaning.

    She was so close to cuming but I couldn't get her over the edge, mistress told me to get her pink wand. I quickly got her toy and plugged it in to the wall and handed it to her. She placed it over her vagina and I saw the expression on her face change from happiness to pure joy. I leaned closer to kiss her more, she kissed me back and said I don't want you too touch me you can only watch. I was incredibly turned on by that. I watched her beautiful face and stared at her gorgeous big breasts while she brought herself to a mind numbing orgasm. I could feel myself drip a little while I watched my beautiful mistress. She relaxed, took a breath and handed me the vibrator and told me put it away for her. I love being her slave!

    After I put her toy away I made her coffee and brought it to her in bed so she could lay back and enjoy herself for the moment before getting ready for the day. I love serving her she is such a special woman and it makes my day to make her happy. I think she's really embracing me staying in my cage for weeks at a time. We have both noticed a big difference in my devotion to her and we are both loving it.
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  6. IMG_1252.jpg Today mistress gave me some additional tasks. Most of the time I get cleaning and grocery chores but today she allowed me to switch out her summer and winter shoes. She told me to make sure they were well organized and she would be inspecting my work when she got home. God I love her :)
  7. It's nice to have you back and sharing your story. No matter what name you use.

    When your in love with a beautiful woman and you realize that pleasing her gives you more pleasure than having an Orgasm yourself your life takes on a whole different meaning and purpose. Since my Lovely wife has locked me up and hasn't been allowing me very many Orgasms I've become more content and happy just serving her and seeing the pleasure in her eyes just as you have. I believe that more men should stop thinking about when their next Orgasm will be and start thinking about how to please thei spouses. If they did this I'm sure they would have better marriages and happier lives and maybe this twisted up world we live in would be a better place. Thank you for becoming apart of the Mansion again.
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  8. I now understand how a dog feels when they've been teased with a treat or a walk and then don't get it. I have been a "very good boy" is how mistress has described my behavior in the last few weeks. Earlier in the day yesterday after she'd seen my hard work mistress said that I'd earned a blowjob. I was very excited, it'll be the first time my penis has been touched since it's been caged for a couple of weeks and the first real attention its got since the end of August. I've been doing a really good job of keeping up on my chores, for certain things I've found if I just keep at it a little at a time I can keep things like laundry and dishes at bay. Yesterday I did a fairly thorough cleaning of the house while she was at school and studying afterwards. Mistress also left me a list of things she specifically wanted done and by a little after lunch time I got everything done.

    Mistress told me to clean all the mirrors in the house, clean our nightstands and then bring her winter shoes and boots downstairs and organize them. Then take her summer sandals and shoes, organize them and put them away upstairs. On top of that I vacuumed, mopped, all the dishes, all the laundry, dusted, cleaned the bathrooms, made the bed and then to top it all off I did a grocery run as well. Mistress was impressed but I'm worried I set the bar too high after yesterday lol. Anyway, last night after we put our toddler to bed (oh yeah, he was with me all day yesterday too) we got into our bed and turned on Game Of Thrones. Mistress voiced that she's was feeling like she had a bit of a scratchy throat and was pretty tired. I knew at that point I wasn't going to be getting anything. I was okay with that, I did want to be played with but wasn't disappointed that it didn't happen especially if she wasn't feeling well. I ended up giving her a massage and making her feel better. I took my underwear off and mistress was inspecting my swollen balls, she joked with me (I hope) that she may not let cum for a while because she wants to see how much bigger my balls will get. Then she looked closer and had a look of glee on her face. My balls were covered in dry cum from all the leaking I'd done all day. I swear it made her evening to see my cum covered balls. Mistress likes me when I sexually frustrated, I know she gets off on it and gets power from it.

    I imagine it'll probably be another week before mistress gives me another chance. Hopefully she'll allow me to pleasure her in that time.
  9. I'll be 3 weeks locked this Monday and that's the longest I've ever been locked without the cage coming off. Actually I'm already past the point of my longest 24/7 lockup but id like to mark the occasion at the 3 week mark. I've also gone over a month without my mistress allowing me a full orgasm, I did play with myself a little on the 11th of this month which resulted in an unauthorized ruined orgasm. If mistress knew, she wouldn't be happy about that, she might read this and I'll suffer the consequences if she does but either way at this point this is the longest I've ever gone without an O. I haven't struggled at all which is surprising, I thought It'd be way harder but it's not. One thing that probably hasn't made it that hard is that my mistress doesn't have time/want as much attention as I'm willing to give her. At the same time this has always been a struggle in our chastity relationship.

    Mistress's sex drive has been fairly low for the past 3 1/2 years. She's had plenty of reasons for it to be low and we've finally discussed the why this last year. Before my wife was pregnant with our baby we were having sex at least twice a week, before that it was like 5 times a week and while she was pregnant omg was the sex crazy! The last 3.5 years it's dropped off to nothing. However in the that time frame my wife lost her job 2 months before our baby was born, she used to manage a clothing store in our outlet mall but business was extremely slow for several years so corporate pulled the plug. A couple of months after that our baby was born, it was a rough birth and my wife stayed in the hospital for about a week afterwards healing. Even after we got home she was still very weak and incredibly sore, we maybe had actual intercourse only a few times in that year after because it wasn't pleasant for her. I'm pretty sure she suffered a little postpartum depression as well. She went to work 6 months after she gave birth to our baby and that brought on another round of difficult times for her. The first two jobs she took she practically walked out of in a matter of a few months. Horrible bosses, bad scheduling, typical bullshit that you run into in retail jobs, it was hard for her after all of that to gain her normalcy back. She decided to follow a desire she had for several years to work in the medical field but she needed a Masters degree for the particular field she wanted to be in. So once she found her career path that was going to be rewarding and something she really wanted to do she went for it. Two years later after taking difficult prerequisite classes she was accepted to the very competitive masters program.

    She is now a month into the program and things are going well, if you've ready my previous posts you'll know we stepped up my chastity from 1 week lockups to 3 to 4 week lockups or longer. As I stated this has been good for me because the change has tapped into my submissive willingness and I have become her perfect servant. This is absolutely fine with me, I love serving mistress and making her feel like the queen that she is. The ever going issue I have is my mistress's lack of sex drive which has been caused by 3.5 years of change and stress. She was prescribed antidepressants, she had to start taking them when she was taking her pre-requisite classes because the stress was bad enough it sent her over the edge with anxiety. The antidepressant is also another thing that kills sex drive and we are both aware of this. So my struggle isn't that I'm caged and going into longer lockups it's that my mistress's sex drive is really lacking and their is nothing I can do about it. Not only is there not enough time for us in the day she's also on a pill that makes it that much tougher.

    My hope is that once she's done with school and settles into a new job things will change. Hopefully she won't need the antidepressant after that and perhaps things will go back to how they were before everything unfolded in the last 3.5 years. I want our FLR to progress and go further but I want our intimacy to also grow, I miss how passionate my mistress used to be. I never expect to be allowed to have sex with her 5 times a week again but I hope to be pleasuring her at least that many times a week in the future versus once every 10 days.
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  10. Today is 3 weeks locked 24/7! I surpassed my old record by a week. I am rather proud of myself although I guess it's not really like I had a choice. I exclaimed my proudness to my mistress and her response to me was "yeah, and it's going to be much longer" :0
  11. Yesterday was my 3 week locked 24/7 milestone. Mistress and I woke up around 7 in the morning and things started as usual. She had to leave early so I started preparing her things. I made her coffee just the way she likes it and brought it to her as she started getting ready. I casually mentioned that today was my 3 week mark, her reply was "I know, it's so awesome... slut" I smiled and walked back out to the kitchen. She left for school 10 minutes later.

    I met up with a friend a little later and we took my son up to the mountains and spent the day hiking, fishing and taking in the beautiful scenery. The trees are mostly yellow now up there I wish I would've taken some pictures. This got us out of the house for most of the day so mistress could study.

    We ended up coming back home around 6:30. Mistress was actually asleep in our spare bedroom upstairs, I gently woke her up to let her know I was home, she turned to me, smiled and said "you woke me from a naughty dream". I told her I'd make her some coffee if she'd like and then make us dinner. 10 minutes later I was bringing my queen her coffee and I set off to make mashed potatoes, baked chicken and Brussel sprouts. An hour later mistress came down stairs and joined us for dinner. We were able to eat together but she had to get back to her work right after. So I gave our son a bath and got him to bed. I then picked up the kitchen and cleaned the dishes.

    Once that was put away I headed to mistress's and my bedroom to turn down the bed and get our room ready for the night. I noticed miss had left some of her clothing and shoes for me to put away. I put her shoes in their spot, I hung up her top, folded her legging and put them in their proper place. Once those nightly tasks were complete I got into bed and turned on Game of Thrones and waited for my mistress.

    We watched an episode while I rubbed on miss to relieve her stress. She loves her nightly massages while we watch a show. I love them too because it's one of the few times that we actually get to be alone together. I love running my hand over my beautiful queens body, caressing and touching her. Our episode was over and I was hopeful that our night wasn't over but I didn't want to push things because miss gets very worn out by the end of the night and who can blame her after working beyond 12 hours almost every day. I drew myself closer to give her a passionate kiss, we kissed and then she gently but firmly moved me between her legs and pressed my head down. So fucking hot! I love when she does things like that, it's subtle but she's displaying that she in charge and it makes me feel so good. I didn't go for the gold right away, she had denied me going down on her for well over a month and I wanted to savor every moment. I've been reading a book titled "She comes first", it has to do with enhancing oral pleasure for your partner. I always felt I was orally talented but this book has some excellent tips and is quite informative and educational. I decided to put my new knowledge to work. I started kissing her tummy, then I moved to her inner thighs then up her thighs until I was gently kissing her between her legs. I took my time and kissed all around her clit until I thought miss was read. I took two long slow licks from bottom to top, avoiding direct contact with her clit both times. Then the third lick I stopped right on top of miss' clit and started toying with it. Apparently that was the right thing to do because mistress was very responsive to everything I was doing. I too was in heaven, I love going down on my queen it's my favorite thing to do sexually. She gets a little self conscious when she knows I'm going to go down on her. I want her to know that I love it any way she'll allow me to have it. Her scent and taste was so delicious and addicting all I ever want is more of her. As things got hotter I slipped my two fingers in and slowly fucked her with them while tonguing her clit. Then I stopped licking and toyed her clit with my thumb with my two fingers still inside her. She told me to not stop what I was doing and a few minutes later she came very hard.

    The whole time I was wondering if she was going to let me out of my cage. After she caught her breath she told me to get my key, I was so excited but at the same time afraid I was going to lose my submissiveness if I came but the choice wasn't mine to make. I found the key and unlocked, I laid on top of mistress and she let me in, oh my god she felt so good! I couldn't believe I didn't cum right away. I only lasted a few minutes and I unleashed such a huge load of cum all over her body. It went from her neck to down to between her legs and there was a lot in between, It felt so good. Surprisingly I didn't lose much of my submissiveness only a little but I imagine I'll be back to where I was in no time. I'm sure even after last night I'm still full of cum and ready to serve my mistress. God I want to lick her so bad right now!
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  12. IMG_1268.jpg These are the femdom charms and earrings I made for my mistress. From left to right... female mistress symbol, riding crop, corset with femdom symbol, and the her custom key charm that opens.
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  13. IMG_1269.jpg Here's what the key looks like when open.
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  14. IMG_1270.jpg These are the spanking paddle earrings i also fabricated.
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  15. Very cool jewelry!
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  16. It's been a little rougher these last two weeks not having any time with my mistress. I'm getting needy to give attention and I've been unable to. I got a little whiny about it last night but I snapped myself out of it much quicker, the longer lockups have helped my amiability that way, I'm way less grumpy. I sent mistress a nice little note that was basically saying that even subtle reminders that you're in charge mean a lot to me. Little things that don't really take time or effort but lets me know she's thinking of me. I'm so horny for her, I've never been locked for this many days without some sort of few day break. I've literally only been out of my cage for 7 hours while I was asleep in the past 31 days. I was really surprised when I was allowed to orgasm that I wasn't as sensitive as I thought I would be. The orgasm felt great but it was more relief than pleasure. I have heard some people experience that and if their allowed an additional orgasm then that one is even better and you're much more sensitive.

    I have no idea when my next O will be but I'm looking forward to it lol. I'm sure I can pretty much expect 12 to 15 O's per year from now on. I really burnt myself by proving to my mistress that I'm a much better submissive when I'm locked beyond 3 weeks. It's not a bad thing I know it's better for me and for us but it's really crazy to me to think how I used to be able to give myself a release whenever I wanted. I probably racked up 10 to 15 O's per week from the time I hit puberty till before chastity. It's really disgusting when I think back on it and the further away I'm forced from that behavior.

    I ordered an anti pullout attachment for my gold Kinger device, I hope it fits my cage since they weren't purchased together. It's probably not a bad idea now that I'm going to be caged for longer. I never attempt to pull out of my device when it's on but this extra security is exciting and I'm sure my mistress will like the idea of it as well. We've discussed me getting pierced on and off, she's still on the fence about it but I have a feeling that she'll change her mind at some point. She likes to have me secure and locked away for her use only, I wouldn't be surprised the further along we go down this path she'll make the decision for the piercing because it'll be what she wants.
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  17. I got home from work last night after 8:30, mistress was laying on the couch and our child was watching some cartoons. She waited for me to come home so I could cook her dinner, she loves when I cook and serve mistress her meal which is most nights of the week, she's a happy girl. Mistress was pretty obvious about how horny she was, she'd hide in a doorway where only I could see her and she'd flash me her big tits and her shaven pussy. She was making me hard the whole time I was cooking for her, I loved it! After we ate and got our kiddo settled into bed we settled into our room and started watching the pelican brief. Mistress has been casually reading the book and wanted to see the movie, I have to say it's pretty good movie.

    I asked mistress if she would like a neck and back rub and of course she did. I began to give her a good long deep rub down from her neck to her lower back. My cock kept trying to get hard in its cage while I touched my beautiful wife making her melt. I pulled her back to lay on me while I gently stroked my fingertips up and down her arms. She could tell how badly I wanted her because I kept brushing over her nipples. She just firmly said "arms please" meaning to keep my hands off her breasts. I obeyed my mistress and continued to rub her arms. A little further into the movie I asked her if she would let me feel her smooth pussy, she just smiled and softly told me to be patient.

    We lay there cuddling a bit longer when she took my hand and placed my fingers over her erect nipple. I softly danced my fingers over her nipples making them harder while mistress's breathing deepened. I just held her and played with her nipples and she laid back enjoying the sensations she was feeling. I moved so I could kiss her soft pouty lips and gently protruded my tongue into her mouth and our tongues met, we made out and I played with her nipples licking them, kissing them. She slid her hand over my cage squeezing and rubbing my bulging caged cock, teasing me holding the steel tube while asking me if I wanted my penis sucked and licked. Then she slid her hand under my ass pressing into my anus gyrating her fingers. I wanted mistress to suck me so bad I could feel the tip of her tongue on me just thinking about it, I also desperately wanted her to slide a finger into me too.

    In a still playful but with seriousness mistress told me she didn't know where my key was. I told her I wasn't worried about it and I just wanted to focus on her. She looked at me and said "Oh you're not getting unlocked, I'm just telling you I don't know where I hid the key". Knowing that she didn't know where the key was was pretty hot, it's like she was telling me that she'll get around to finding it whenever. Solidifying to me that the focus was going to be about her. I grazed my fingertips down her stomach while kissing her lips until my fingers found their home grazing her smooth mound. She pressed my hand into her mound and she was soaking wet, I teased and played before finding her clit and making love to it. I must've been doing something right because within a minute she was arching and thrusting pushing my hand hard onto her vagina. It happened so quickly I hadn't realized she was having a drawn out orgasm, that she was cumming the entire time I was touching her. She told me to stop that she couldn't handle anymore. I was first a little distraught because I didn't think I made her cum and I didn't want to be done playing. Then mistress explained that I had her cumming the entire times, after hearing that I felt pretty good about myself. I was a dripping mess and cum had leaked all over my cage. I could've pleasured her for hours but mistress had had her fill and was quite satisfied.

    She asked me if I hated her for not letting me cum. I asked her if she was worried that I felt that way because she denied me. She just smiled and said "not really" and rolled over to go to sleep. She is such my hot goddess, domme wife, making me fall more in love with her every day. I wish I would've figured out this chastity thing sooner and matured a bit more too lol. I'm lucky to belong to such a strong intelligent amazing woman.
  18. Totally Hot, Lucky Guy!
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  19. IMG_1295.jpg IMG_1294.jpg Just had these panties made for my mistress, I was able to give them to her on my lunch break today. She seemed like she really liked them :)
  20. Not too much excitement happening lately, there has been so little time for mistress and we barely see each other except for nighttime but we're both usually about to pass out by then. We were able to go to lunch yesterday which was a nice treat, mistress took me out for Thai. We hoped to have a little more of our evening together last night but as soon as we put our son down to bed the power went out and it was pitch black. That scared our son pretty bad as he had no light in his room whatsoever, he ended up staying up with us for another 45 min until the power came back on. After he went back down to bed we put on a show I rubbed on mistress and she fell asleep. That's been most of our nights lately but right now I'm glad I get that time with her. I know our time will free up it's just a matter of waiting and patience.

    I have noticed some changes in myself over the last 6 weeks particularly in the last 2 weeks. I've never felt so submissive since the beginning of my chastity. Big things I've noticed are things like my general attitude, willingness to comply and a real desire to please my mistress through activities such as laundry, cleaning and cooking. Although I'd been doing the cooking and some of the cleaning from the start of chastity, mistress has done a fair portion her self and she mostly took care of the laundry so at that point I'd say things were split pretty evenly between us. Now as I'm sure I've stated before I do all the chores and I mean everything. I do all our grocery shopping and meals, I make our sons lunch everyday for daycare, some days I'll have to make mistress a lunch to go to. I do all the cleaning (vacuuming, mopping, dusting, bathrooms, toilets, making bed) I do all the laundry from start to finish and I pick up our yard too. Oh yeah I work a 40hr work week to top that all off :). Mistress does minimal household work now, usually consisting of folding clothes to put away if I didn't have enough time to get to all of it. She knows she can leave it for me and I'll get it done but she's nice like that.

    When I first started taking over all the work it was a little overwhelming, the longer I've been doing it the more efficient I've become and the less there is to do because I'm keeping on top of it. Oddly enough I'm really enjoying myself doing all of this. It means a lot to me when I see the appreciation on my mistress's face. The other side of this is that I don't know if I could've kept up with all of this, had the motivation if I wasn't caged for 3 weeks at a time minimum. When mistress was allowing me weekly O's a while back I don't know that I would have had the ambition to work as hard as I am now. Yes the house would have been clean but now it almost always immaculate. Mistress even said I am doing a better job then when she was taking care of those chores. It was nice to hear and nice to know she is proud of me.

    When she graduates and gets a job in her field we should technically be sitting pretty good financially other than student loans which won't be to awful. I'm going to see, depending on if we move or not that I might go to part time hours or if we move find a part time job and just be mistress's housebitch if she's okay with that. I could really step up my pampering of her if I had more time at home not to mention it would be nice for our son to have one mostly stay at home parent.

    The other thing that longer time in chastity has helped me with is being more understanding and calm when something negative comes up. I had/have a short fuse when it comes to my temper. In the past I would get mad about things or at my mistress and stew on it only making things
    worse, not thinking problems through or de-escalating myself. With these longer lockups I'm finding that if I do get mad I let it roll off of my back like it's nothing waaayyyy easier, I don't understand the science behind it. I can think through a situation much clearer to have a better outcome especially for myself. I feel torn sometimes because I think about 3 week + lockups as well as the minimal playtime I have with mistress and I struggle with the thought of only being allowed 12 to 15 O's a year at most. But I also know how much better of a person I am when my mistress keeps me caged with no O's, so I will persevere for her and myself.

    I believe that when time allows my mistress and I to be together for much longer periods than we our now, my hard work will come to fruition and our intimacy and passion can resume like when we were dating and we can hopefully take chastity further. That being said even though our chastity hasn't been highly sexual lately it's been absolutely worth while in terms of what I've learned about myself and what I'm capable of. Chastity also helped me reiterate how true my love is for my mistress and that our relationship is much more and has always been more than just sex. Thank you for allowing us to embark on this journey together mistress. Chastity took us a different direction than I thought it would and I've learned so much about both of us along the way. Thank you for being patient with me and guiding me along. I know I was a lot of times a major pain along the way but you made me a better man for it.
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  21. IMG_1307.jpg I love when she speaks to me like this ❤️
  22. My Miss gave me a wonderful night Saturday evening. Everything fell into place for us, I got off of work a little earlier, came home to an amazing meal miss cooked for us and then we were able to get our son to bed early. We ended up having nearly the whole evening to ourselves and it's about time too, it's hard when you live with someone and hardly get to see or be with them.

    Miss had been verbally teasing me since I had gotten home which was driving me crazy especially since it was a couple of days before my 3 weeks were up. I took care of a couple things around the house and Miss took down our bed. I came into the bedroom and I placed a glass of water on Miss's nightstand, she presented me with the key and told me to get her riding crop. I must have had a smile that reached ear to ear as I freed myself from my cage. It felt good to be free but odd at the same time to have it off. I'd had it on for 6 weeks other than it off for one night, I got semi hard and it just kind stayed like that.

    I handed Miss her crop, she told me I wasn't moving quick enough for her and she had me turn away from her. I received 3 hard smacks on my butt before I was allowed to get into the bed with her. I went around to the other side of the bed, my ass was stinging. We both laid back against our pillows and I started our show.

    About 15 minutes into our show Miss picked up her crop, she kept whipping it around in a menacing, threatening way I started to wonder if she was getting me amped up for a major ass whipping, I was getting a little tense with excitement and fear. Instead she started teasing my cock with the leather end of the crop. She was gently dragging it back and forth over the shaft and head, Miss was playing with me soft enough I could feel it and it felt good but light enough I wouldn't get fully hard. Then she focused just teasing my head with it and I got hard instantly with my cock twitching and straining to feel the slightest touch from her crop. I could feel precum starting to ooz from the tip.

    This went on for the next 30 minutes driving me insane, Miss kept repeating to me that she was going to lock me back up after teasing and that's all I would be allowed. She had me pretty convinced that this was her plan, I really thought she was going to cage me and just allow me to pleasure her for the rest of the evening. My mind was racing with excitement and anxiety wondering what she was going to do to me. I will obey any of her wishes and had she told me to lock back up I would have said "yes miss" and done it immediately. This is the first time she's really physically teased me like this. She played with me leaving me in limbo of what was going to happen if anything, taunting that I was to be caged after the tease. I was loving every second of it and her doing that to me made me see my mistress in a different light. I've gained a new respect for her in regards to screwing with my mind and making me feel like her submissive, she was in complete control.

    When she was done teasing me and had enough entertainment from watching me strain to be touched by the end of her crop she told me turn the bedroom lights off in a very mistressy tone. I did what she asked and got back into the bed with her. Miss was very aggressive pulling my face to hers and kissing me deeply. I wrapped my arms around my goddess and embraced her tightly, kissing, feeling her tongue penetrate my mouth and press against mine. We rolled around kissing passionately like it was the first time we'd ever kissed.

    Things simmered down and we lay facing each other still kissing. Miss teased the tip of my now rock hard cock giving me the lightest touches with her finger nails sending me over the top. I played with her nipples going down to kiss her chest and lick her breasts. Miss was getting very excited I could hear it in her breathing her movements. She took her fingers off of my cock and just in time because another second and I would've exploded.

    She pulled her panties off and told me to get between her legs. I had real feelings of elation that Miss was allowing me to have sex with her because I wanted her so bad. She split her legs for me and I moved between them. Miss grabbed my cock and guided me into her warm wet pussy, she felt so amazing. I paused to savor Miss and the moment. I slowly pressed into Miss, she was clenching very tight it actually hurt a little until I slowly got into motion. I gently made love to her and it felt like we were both in blissful states. Miss told me she wanted me to cum in her and on her, that got me very excited because that meant I would get to cum twice and I knew I was more than capable of that!

    Moments later I couldn't hold it anymore and I exploded 3 weeks worth of lusting for my queen inside of her. She ejaculated at the same time and there was a huge wet sticky mess between us. I just kept going until I went soft. When I orgasmed I felt a huge rush of relief and pleasure that was a most incredible feeling. I just melted on top of her and made me appreciate my mistress that much more for allowing me to feel so good. We kissed and the I was instructed to get a towel and her pink vibrator. I was such a happy boy it was like walking on air, I quickly obeyed my goddess and wiped her dry and got her wand ready. I got back into bed with her and turned on the vibrations, I slipped it between her legs and pressed into her clit. She instantly started moaning and moving her hips I knew she was feeling good. She was having trouble getting over the edge of orgasm so she took over the wand and I kissed and played with her nipples again. She kept getting so close but just couldn't climax so I did what I knew would push her over the edge. I got on my knees and started stroking myself, I asked her for permission to cum on her and said yes. I was watching my beautiful woman with her pink toy and I was already so turned on, it took me no time at all until I exploded another torrential amount of cum all over her big tits, again my orgasm was so incredibly amazing. Yet my mistress still didn't cum, I dried her breasts and lay next to her wanting her to cum so bad. I took the vibrator back and started kissing her breasts again to bring up her sensitivity. I was really turned on again licking her breasts that I just came all over even though I had dried them. I focused on her breasts touching a licking them as gently as possible and then miss passed the threshold and came very very hard.

    I wish I would've been allowed again, I wanted to be inside of her after hearing her cum so hard I was still so turned on. It was so strong and powerful, such an incredible night.
  23. IMG_1315.JPG Just received my anti pullout device for my Gold Kinger. I'm interested to try it out, sounds pretty secure from what I've read from others. I headed home for lunch like I normally do and got the mail on my way in and to my surprise there was a package for me. I took it out of the package to look at it, I stupidly called my mistress asking if she would let me know where the key was so I could try it in my cage. She laughed out loud at me in saracastic kinda laughter that says you're joking right? I had to laugh at myself even thinking she'd let me unlock without her there with me. Lol, shit just got a little more real :)
  24. IMG_1317.jpg I had to cut the anti pullout pins down a bit, they were to tall in my cage. If I got any semblance of an erection it instantly hurt. I suppose it would be good for erection training but we're not really doing that right now and it's more about maximizing security. I'll try it out today at some point and see if that will work or if I have to make them even shorter. I imagine I can probably cut them down quite a bit and they'll still be very effective.