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Amazing Milking Machine Video

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by wannabe slave d, Sep 4, 2015.

  1. I finally got around to watching this video, super hot and would love to experience something like that.
  2. I am quite uncharacteristically .................... speechless WOW
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  3. I was introduced to numbing cream years ago by replying to an ad by a 20's something couple. This guys wife just liked to play with guys cocks, strictly handjobs. I was forewarned about the numbing cream but never tried it. While he sat there next to us and watched tv, I was naked with his wife between my legs playing with my erection lubed up with numbing cream over and over. I was really nervous with her husband watching us, my cock hard as a rock but I could not cum! We must have been there for hours. She never got tired, I wanted to leave a couple times but he kept telling me it was the weekend, and she wasn't done yet, stick around, no, I couldn't leave!! 4 hours later she moved over and sucked him off while I tried in vain to masturbate myself. I couldn't cum until the next afternoon!
    The videos are GREAT.....I'd take any of those guys place in a second....especially the guy in part one and part two....DAMN....those are great when you're CAGED!!!
    THANX for sharing!!
  4. HAHA, I just found this on Tumblr.....not a video, but while we're on the subject..... tumblr_lrkz4kqawn1qix8zlo1_500.jpg
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  6. Maybe it's a one off, custom made item?

    I'd love to know more about the whole 'Brat Princess' crew and what they do. How serious it really is and on what basis the 'cows' are really involved.

    The Q and A clip especially makes it all sound very real and puts me in mind of stories that used to appear in the old 'Madame in a World of Fantasy' magazines, from the pre-internet, 'dark ages'.
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  7. A high quality provider you may be interested in researching is below:


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  8. I think my definition of "milking" must be off. Those mostly all seem like jerk-off machines.
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  9. I agree, seems indeed more like a masturbating machine.
    Still hot to see, but not to be used on me, no masturbating at all for me, even for teasing my penis is not touched.
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  10. I guess it depends on your definition of milking. To some it means draining the prostate with very little sexual element involved.

    I think the big turn on for me and others with these clips is that they show the slave repeatedly being edged, but prevented, by a small shock, from cumming.

    Part of me would love to experience it, but I don't know if I really could. It looks intense, to say the least.
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