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Amazing Milking Machine Video

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by wannabe slave d, Sep 4, 2015.

  1. I had to create an account just to respond to this. I've been searching odd fetishes for years... and chastity has been one of them. But, this video turned me on more than any porn I've seen. I'm currently caged in a steel device, with no access to the key. I found this video yesterday, and I had to stop it halfway through, as I was so hard that it was painful in my cage. Today, I watched it twice, and was more turned on then ever... still, no access.

    I would pay a lot of money to be that guy. That scenario is absolutely amazing, and I think I have a new fetish as a result. I wanted to masturbate so many times during that vid, and I still have 6 days b4 that will be possible. Thanks for posting it.
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  2. I've actually spent hours in a devious device my wifes FWB set up that used a venus 2000, and incorporated a video screen flashing images in front of me, and electrical connections on my feet. And I can testify that cumming in one of these things is both heaven and hell. The device can be controlled to keep you on edge for hours, but when you finally do cum the machine just keeps on going despite how sensitive your cockhead becomes aftter cumming. That is true torture. Unfortunaly, he has sold the device recently, but it was always a trip to be locked in and taken for a ride.
  3. That video sure does get the blood flowing to all the right places! How I'd love to experience that milking machine just once!
  4. I will definitely have to try that setup with my Fucking Machine. Keeps it nice in place and if my KH ties me down then I will not be able to stop the machine from continuing after I have had an orgasm.
  5. Oh my. (fanning myself). Is there a link where one can acquire such a system?
  6. Wow, that previous movie has a cool setup. Looks like electro-induced milking machine..the moment you get close, it shocks pretty hard..
    And that last one..2 hour tease to find yourself locked for a new 6 weeks...
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  8. Being fixed somewhere and your cock is creamed and in condoms is devlish. I can feel the action but only lightly. If at all I should come near a critical point, someone will slow down the machine or find another way to bring the level down, like shocking my balls or nipples with the attached electro. My owners think it's funny to have me like this at a party. My mouth can be used as I'm on my back and the rest is humiliation and punishment.
  9. Wow nice party obviously no one's too worried about the temperature of the port then :)

    X x Wendy
  10. And there's another!
    The ball busting isn't really my thing (how do people DO that?) but the two Dommes are very much in control and enjoying themselves. Sounds like the shocks are more severe too, from the slave's reactions.
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  11. i want to be him so bad!!!!!
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  12. Poor man but LOL :D


    OMG....this is so incredibly hot. There is just something so sexy about this. To be reduced to such a pathetic, desperate state by your woman and forced to seek a nearly unattainable orgasm while being verbally taunted and pressured...this concept is much worse than plain NOT being able to climax...under these conditions the pressure alone to get off in the alotted time must be excruciating. I would love to be in this situation but I used to say that about long term chsstity too!

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  13. Thanks, @allaboutHer@allaboutHer , I am now feeling decidedly uncomfortable in my HTv2! All of a sudden it feels much more full...
  14. So does anybody know the technology behind these milking machines?
    I wondered if somebody who had experience of them could post some details of how they work, I would love to have a go at making a home made one and would post how I did it and instructions on how I made it to all
  15. Ive always wanted to try one.