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Amazing Milking Machine Video

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by wannabe slave d, Sep 4, 2015.

  1. Hi all, glad to see the Mansion back.
    Had to post this, I was blown away when I found it a few days ago.
    Not normally my kind of thing, usually they tend to be of a 'forced multiple orgasms, with post orgasm torture, so I steer clear.
    As with many of you, I go for the whole edged and denied thing and this delivers big time.
    Just the fact that this software exists (complete with voiceover!) blows my mind, and the Domme is magnificent.
    Hope you enjoy-

  2. richard

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    yes amazing.
  3. richard

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    May 17, 2008
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  4. Great.
    Is ok to post others videos?
    I seen a fab unlocking with numbing cream video.

    Ok to post as my mine?
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  5. Sorry no edit -
    OK to post as NOT mine.
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  7. Anyone know how they make these milking machines, I'd love to have a go at making one?
  8. wow that has to be the ultimate turn on video. wouldn't i ever like to be treated like that - aroused but with no feling - must be wonderful.
  9. You even have condoms with numbing cream ... Durex Performax...
    They are evil .. ;-)
  10. Btw, If you love the Venus2000 in action,
    try the SeriousKit .. it has more options and even E-Stim suction caps ;-)
    Milking heaven :D
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  11. Ah yes. Lovely fantasy of being in chastity. Then tied down and cleaned and put into some SeriousKit products for a night of slow tease. Then back into chastity for another week. Then rinse and repeat.
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  12. Wow...you know you are a "goner" and irretrievably into "The Abyss" when you submit to such treatment...I think somewhere along the way a switch goes off in your head that unlocks all resolve and puts you in a place where you would do nearly anything sexually which your "top" would want you to do. I wish my Wife/Mistress/Keyholder was more diabolical, but I think I am lucky in the respect she is not because I think I have slipped to that mindset I just mentioned because I think it would be hot to be that guy! YIKES! ANYWAY, I do question whether it is all just acting on his part...is that even physically possible?!?! Somehow I doubt it, but unless you allow yourself into that position you never know! ...and it is scary to know inside that I would willingly lay down upon that bench and allow myself to be immobilized upon it and hooked up to that eqipment...I get butterflies just THINKING about it! Either way, a hot video indeed! I bet my pulse increases by 10% watching it!! LOL!

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  13. @EvetS@EvetS there is a video on x hamster of this kit in use, omg very omg and the guy has it all going on. Kinda think poor guy and in the second breath lucky man. .
    Lucy x
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  14. @philfred@philfred Since we're all into the topic; I once saw a video from TheEnglishMansion where the 2 mistresses were bragging on how they once bound a guy to a bench, blindfolded him and left him on the machine's lowest setting for 6 hours.. after the six hours the man was crying like a child and begging to come...That would be like 6 months of chastity and tease'n denial in 6 hours ...
    Fantasy is going wild here as you can imagine ;-)
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  15. I just watched this Milking Machine video.
    Its AWESOME!
    But I'm not if I really understand it.
    Is the guy hooked up to the milking maching cumming & cumming & cumming? Or is the machine getting him close to orgasm then stops sucking? I never saw the machine stop.
    I guess I'm wondering, did he have many orgasms or did he not have any?
    If he did cum many times by force, does it hurt?
    I do not think my balls could cum that many times if he was indeed cumming.
    Just when I thought I'd seen it all.
  16. It looks to me like the electric shocks are stopping him from cumming each time.
    In fact I'm fairly certain that's what's happening, the Domme says a couple of times that he won't be allowed. The recorded voice on the milking software also says 'orgasm denied' or 'you can't cum'.
    That's why it pushes my buttons so much, if he was forced to cum over and over, it wouldn't do anything for me, it's the whole thing of being taken to the edge but not over it that I find particularly exciting.
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  17. Well, both plans can work, either slow setting, putting you on the edge and leaving you there. Or relentless sucking and pumping. As you can see, the guy is tied up and has no choice then just undergo whatever they have planned for him. The machine goes on even after he came.
    After cumming, the machine keeps his penis( even in flacid state) in through suction and vacuum. That is the after cum torture . Believe me, you will squeel when that happens :)
  18. @Smalland tight@Smalland tight and @Rachael_@Rachael_

    Hi gurls

    I have had the numbing cream and two condoms and I can tell you it is the most frustrating feeling ever. Your cock is hard, but you can feel nothing. I was used by Mistress for well over 20 minutes like this full piv and although it was my cock it might as well have been a strap on. Even at the end it still took a further half an hour to get any feeling back. ...

    The only other thing just as frustrating is the Penis extender I bought , that's blue and rubber and my cock sits a good three inches from the end so no head simulation. That does turn me into a human strap on.

    Lucy x
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  19. I think I would like to try this Milking Machine at least once or twice in my lifetime. I am open minded and will try anything once just for the experience. This machine has me intrigued.
  20. Would love to try it too, but Its a little out of my price range at over £900
  21. OUCH! That price is high! For that amount, the hot looking female Domme should come with it! LOL!!!
  22. The dom is Goddess Amadahy, if memory serves me correct she works with a bunch of folks down in the Flordia area (Orlando). Great video (fwiw).
  23. Both these sceanrios sound like absolute heaven and something that would have to be repeated :)
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  24. I'm not sure what the protocol is on this, so forgive me if I'm out of order and mods, feel free to remove this post, but I've just found the clip on er.. a well known 'sharing' site. I don't know what the original source is for this text, but it makes for fascinating (and horny) reading-

    Brat Princess proudly introduces the Male Milker version 1.34. The Male Milker allows for continuous monitoring of the male orgasm cycle during continuous teasing. The system will detect sexual arousal and when it senses an orgasm is close, it delivers a powerful yet safe shock to the base of its balls, prostrate, and brain stem. This has the effect of cutting off the male orgasm and preventing pleasure to it. It does allow the free flow of Pre-Ejaculate from the male. The Male Milker is currently only interested in collecting Pre-cum.
    The girls act as a “Teaser”. Their job is to tease the males to produce more Pre-Cum, and to monitor the system meters and lights. They wear different outfits, sit on their faces and do their best to tease the male to produce Pre-Cum. The girls like to get to know their cows and know their fetishes and fantasies to increase production. The goal is to “bounce” the male at the edge of orgasm. The shocks delivered should be just necessary to prevent orgasm but not enough to push him too far down in the cycle. In testing, a male was successfully bounced for around 5 and half minutes. We have been unable to reproduce this as of late.

    The Male could theoretically clear his mind and intentionally avoid orgasm. The Male Milker solves this with a Minimum Orgasm Time Limit. If the Male does not orgasm within 2 minutes it gets an audible warning. If the male does not cum within 15 seconds from this warning he will get a Penalty shock. This motivates the male to try and orgasm and penalizes males that try to avoid the milking. The shock he gets from an orgasm cutoff is less severe than a penalty shock so the male is motivated to focus on his Teaser and to try and cum fairly.

    The system also automatically detects Male Exhaustion. After several hours on the milking bench, a male may become physically unable to produce pre-ejaculate. The system will automatically give an audible warning and flashing lights to the Teaser Girl that male exhaustion has been reached and further penalty shocks will be needlessly cruel. At this point the male should have the milker removed, a chastity tube locked in place, untied, and returned to a cage for a rest period before future milking’s. The rest period shall be at least 5 hours but not more than 12. It is important for the Milking Slaves to be in Chasity ALL the time. After milking the male is placed into chastity and securely locked.

    In this clip, Amadahy violated procedure when she left the male downstairs by itself after exhaustion had been reached. The male suffered several penalty shocks after exhaustion. There were a couple other bugs that need to be worked out. The shocking for some reason kept increasing during the milking. The voltage is drifting upwards. As of now we are not sure why. The males were not significantly affected by the increase voltage.

    Brat Princess is very excited about the Male Milker Automated system. We have several more bells and whistles that we are testing right now. The machine has great potential as a gay trainer and a great place for used up financial slaves to be used. They can continue to contribute to their Princesses lifestyle by selling their Pre-Cum. The Pre-Cum from long term chastity slaves can be used in many commercial applications. Some of these include Lip Gloss and Boot Shiners depending on the additives. Check out this clip. It is very interesting.
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  25. I would love one of these for my man. Save my arm aching. Total control at the touch of a button.
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