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    My sexy wife is always working on ways to challenged me to work harder to earn the privilege of orgasm. Since I am now wearing a chastity belt, 24/7, and have been for 3 months, I�m "game" for anything. This time, she has me "puzzled." You see, she has found an interesting website that has a great variety of puzzles, both in terms of number of pieces, shapes, and levels of difficulty. The site has each puzzle timed.

    After cleaning the entire house spotless, she has me sit down at the computer (I can only get on the computer when she allows me to do so). She chains me to the chair, leaving one hand unchained to manipulate the mouse. She will then select a puzzle. Depending on the level of difficulty she selects, she will give me a certain time limit. If I successfully work a puzzle on time, she will take the remaining seconds and apply them to the next puzzle. If I don�t work the puzzle in time, she will deduct those seconds off the next, more difficult puzzle�s time. I must attempt to solve 10 increasing difficult puzzles. If I miss the time on three puzzles, then no orgasm. Losing on 4 or more puzzles takes represents an additional month of chastity for each puzzle for which I don�t make the time.

    One additional variable: She dresses in very sexy attire and does her best to distract my concentration. Anything goes. She makes all of the rules. It�s difficult to concentrate on solving a puzzle when she is giving me a blowjob, but what is more difficult is having to give her lover a blowjob for every puzzle I lose above 3 puzzles; that is, for every puzzle I lose after 3 loses, I have an added month of chastity and must give her lover or anyone she chooses a blowjob.

    This last round of games, I didn�t get an orgasm, and I ended up having to give 4 blowjobs. These games are very difficult, even with full concentration. The web is full of challenging games that she is exploring, and I must always cheerfully play whatever games she chooses. Damn this internet.

    I hate giving blowjobs. I am strictly heterosexual. When I have to give them, I am made to dress like a sexy French maid, in complete attire, including 5 inch locking pumps. After I finish, I have to go clean the lover�s apartment or house. How humiliating. To stay slim and sexy, I am required to follow a female diet and maintain a weight of 125 lbs. I�m six foot tall.

    Chastity has changed my life forever. My wife has me just where she wants me. It is her world, and I am just serving in it.
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