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    Taking Away More and More
    Submitted by: JDS

    After 5 years she was still finding ways to take more and more away from him. Remaining freedoms to take away. Remaining drops of power to drain from him. More money and property to have transferred into her name. She ensured that he had nothing. She liked keeping him that way. Not just because she liked owning things - and she certainly loved owning things - but because it kept him completely powerless. There was nothing he could ever do, no chance of leaving her, no possible way out, no escape, no future. She liked knowing that. And it served the larger purpose: controlling him more than anyone has ever been controlled. Physical and financial slavery wasn't enough for her. Nor was sexual control. After all, any submissive man would do anything she told him to. No, she wanted the kind of extreme, absolute control that permeated every cell in his body, every second of his life, every single solitary waking thought, every dream, for every single day of the rest of his life. His entire life would revolve around her, no, belong to her. Words like worship, control, obedience, and slavery would take on a whole new meaning...

    So too would words like service, humiliation, and yes, maybe even torture. She decided she would not only use "whatever means necessary" to bring him completely under her control, she would use every means, every method. Necessary or not! Because after all, she really enjoyed this. She enjoyed it immensely. Forcing him deeper... deeper under her spell. Seeing his body flinch. Seeing his face fill with fear, not knowing what she was planning to do next, trying to anticipate whatever whimsical desire she might be forming. And she was always forming new ideas. In the shower, driving in the car, daydreaming at work, even in her dreams, part of her mind was always thinking up new things to do to him. New ways to enforce her dominance and increase his submission to her. Like her ever-increasing control over him, her methods for ensuring his obedience were ever evolving as well. Some subtle and manipulative, others blunt and sadistic, but always creative and carefully contributing to his ultimate demise.

    When they first met, she made him use his mouth on her. He loved licking her pussy and she knew it. He had told her. Against his better judgment he had told her everything. Not as if he had a choice. She probably didn't need to use hypnosis to get him to divulge everything, but she did it anyway. And she would use it all against him. His secret fetishes, his kinkiest fantasies, every sexual weaknesses... she would use them all against him. Making him tongue her pussy was an obvious place to start. She had always loved queening, ever since she was a young girl there were few things she enjoyed more than sitting on a boy's face. Feeling him squirm and listening to his muffled cries as she just sat there, laughing at him. Something about pinning them down so they can't move and forcing them to endure the humiliating pressure just made her feel so powerful and excited. It was even more pleasurable now, standing over him, exposing her moist sex, slowly squatting down over his face, making him smell her damp crotch, taking in the smell of her musky sex with every breath, then slowly resting down on his mouth, wriggling back and forth, making sure his mouth and nose were in just the right places, making sure he couldn't breath. No, she would never grow tired of face sitting. He'd be smelling her crotch and licking her pussy until the day he died. But she was just getting started.

    After she had been teasing him for a couple months and had learned what turned him on the most, then she started denying him sex. She would continue to tease him constantly and make him lick her even more frequently, in every position, at all times of the day and during all times of the month. Slowly but steadily she was feeding his obsessions, while draining his power. His arousal was growing stronger and stronger the more she denied him, while he was growing weaker and weaker. Her claws were now dug in nice and deep, and he didn't even notice.

    But this wasn't enough for her. Nothing ever was. Teasing and denying him brought her great pleasure, but she came up with new procedures and new rules to make it even more intense. One new rule was that she made him kiss her ass whenever she pointed to it or whenever she pulled up her skirt in front of him. She liked making him kiss her ass. And it wasn't long before she told him to lick it. Lick her asshole. She had done it to humiliate him, but she had never had her ass licked before. She never realized it could be so incredibly pleasurable. Having a man on his knees, with his tongue pressing gently up against her dirtiest, smelliest of private parts. The feeling was exquisitely pleasurable, and that surprised her. This would definitely become a regular thing, she thought to herself. It was almost too good to be true. She could combine body worship, humiliation, dominance, and delightful sexual pleasure for herself by simply making him lick her ass! She decided right then and there that he was going to spend a considerable portion of the rest of his life licking and smelling her asshole. When he got home from work, before dinner, every night, every morning (that particular thought made her tingle, as she was always horny in the mornings while he was not). Before she took a shower. And yes... he would soon be licking her ass when she came back from the gym as well. Maybe she would even work out while sitting on his face. So many possibilities...

    "I want you to lie on your back slave. I have decided that you are going to be worshipping my ass a lot more from now on. Does that turn you on? Do you like the idea of licking my ass crack? Good, I'm sure you do. But you know I will find ways to make it a lot less pleasurable for you. Like when I'm really dirty, or sweaty and smelly. I know, you've probably fantasized about such nasty things, but trust me, the reality of having my sweaty, smelly ass pressing down on your face at 8:00AM when I just get back from running is a lot different than whatever you might have fantasized about the night before.

    Oh, and that reminds me! You are never going to jack off again! Once I started seeing the effects of denying you sex, I knew that it just had to continue. I can't allow your boyish habits to undo all the frustration and submission that I've painstakingly built up in you these last few weeks. No, you can't be allowed to touch yourself or achieve sexual release, not in any way. This is something I feel extremely strongly about, so I need to fit you with something... I'm thinking a cage for your cock that prevents you from having sex or masturbating, or piercings that make it impossible for you to get an erection, or maybe rows of spikes fastened tightly around your genitals to punish even the slightest sexual arousal! Maybe a combination of all three!

    Oh, come on, we both knew that you'd be wearing a chastity device eventually. You should consider yourself lucky that I've let you go this long without having your cock and balls squished into some intentionally uncomfortable, unnecessarily tight, metal contraption. Besides, you already told me about it. Your secret fantasy about having your sex under my lock and key, totally under my control? You told me all about it. Mmmmm... you really don't remember do you. Let's just say you were in a bit of a trance. But that seems to be happening to you a lot these days, doesn't it? You feel like you're in a fog, and all you can think about is serving me. Pleasuring me. Obeying me. Worshipping me. All you can think about is me.

    Lick my ass again. I want you to lay there on your back and lick my ass. That's good, just like that. Keep licking my ass while I reach down between your legs and wrap my hand around your balls. These are my balls now, do you understand? Hmm? They belong to me and I will do whatever I want to them. If I want to squeeze them, like this... then I will squeeze them. You belong to me now. I have total control over you. Think about that while you lick my asshole. I want you to think about how your entire life belongs to me now, and how I still want more. I will take literally everything from you. Maybe even these balls! But don't worry, I can control you better with them on. It's only if you fail to please me or if I get bored with you that you need to worry about me taking your balls from you. Although I must admit... the thought of castrating you is... actually starting to make me come. I can't explain it. Something about literally taking your manhood from you... I mean, having your balls removed against your will, permanently, cutting them off your body, or maybe just crushing them... I'm sorry, it's just so... .ungh!...oh!...oh god!...keep licking my ass... I'm gonna cum on your face... oh god... .mmmmmmmmmm YES, OH GOD, I'M GONNA MAKE SURE YOU NEVER COME AGAIN!"

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