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    In a previous post in the Foyer, as way of introduction, I described how my wife and I found chastity quite by chance. I bought a CB 3000 for fun, I thought, and mostly hers, intending for it to spice up our sex life a bit. Like mostly on weekends, I presumed.

    Well she has really taken to it and now it seems she wants me in it all the time! I mean in the six weeks since we began this, I have been out of the thing maybe 4 days and I am now going on my second stretch of more than a week in it. I know that sounds like nothing to some of you, but I honestly dont know how you do it

    This is certainly not what I had in mind.

    She has totally embraced the control thing.

    For me, I notice that the first couple of days it is quite easy. The next couple of days I start to think about sex (which has been incredible, btw) and start to make overtures and this leads to nights where I service her, followed by her kissing me (or kissing me off) and then turning over and falling fast asleep. I dont mind that part, really. I get much enjoyment and satisfaction out of satisfying her. I mean I do love her after all. But by the end of the week though, I am busting to get laid. And I can see it is heading there and she is wanting it too, but twice now it got foiled and I was left holding, well nothing, really, because I cant get to it!

    Last weekend for example, I did everything I was told to do. Made the bed, did the dishes, went grocery shopping and prepared a fabulous Saturday nite dinner, with wine and candles!

    Afterwards I kissed her everywhere selflessly and with abandon. She came more times than either of us could count. Again, I got the kiss /kiss off goodnight. But Sunday I knew she wanted to have me. She woke up in a great mood, telling me the more she got it the more she wanted it! Well that lasted until afternoon, when a certain annoyance made me lose my temper and raise my voice for like 15 seconds. That was it! She was pissed and the mood changed and I knew I would go to bed frustrated.

    Monday she was still mad. And I was pissed which she sensed, but had no idea how much.

    And there is the issue. This does not feel like fun. I did not bargain to give up all control all the time. But still I want to give this to her if she wants it to continue like this.

    So my question is am I being a whiny baby or do I have legit concerns? If she wants this 24/7 do I accept that for her? If so, does the lack of control and denial of sex get easier to accept over time? And what if this goes on for a lot longer? How do you cope?

    Thanks for any advice.
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    Hello Property of Mrs C,:welcome:

    Read the Chastity Mansion Motto...."Be careful what you wish for:loveCM:

    As for coping you will either get fine tuned into your Mistress' desires and moods or you will get very angry and that will not work. You might want do some research on contracts, keyholding, and denial, then have a heart to heart talk, lay down some common ground, that way you will know how to proceed. :anim_25:

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