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Advice needed

Discussion in 'Chastity and orgasm denial' started by headlovr, Dec 3, 2017.

  1. Hi all,

    I've started chastity a couple weeks ago, not too intense, but ive already managed to go through the day and even sleep with it (it feels absolutely amazing). I havent had any pain wearing it nor discoloration, ive tried quite a few devices but i found that i really love as small as possible (not that im too big flaccid anyway). I've found a good fit with the 45mm base ring (the 50mm ring slides up/downwards while im wearing, so the 45mm fits well). The only issue i've noticed is that, after sleeping caged and then i remove the cage, my penis head gets purple marks from the steel bars pressing against my skin. They disappear after a few hours or if i get hard. There is no pain whatsoever, but im concerned. I need some advice, has someone experienced something similar? ive also noticed that even without chastity, if i press anything hard against my penis head, it gets marked. Im thinking i have poor circulation, should i go to a doctor and explain that i use chastity?

  2. This is normal. There is nothing wrong with your penis or circulation.
  3. yeah no worries. That is perfectly normal. The only time I would be concerned is when things are purple colored for too long or the skin breaks down.
  4. how do you mean skin breaking down? and how long would be too long?
  5. some devices can cause a sore spot on the skin which will break open like a sore. You dont want that too happen so just keep an eye on things in the beginning. Some cheaper devices can rough spots, edges, or even burrs if its metal.
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  6. thanks. Would a closed cage be better to avoid those types of issues?
  7. Closed cages, tube like style require more cleaning. The open bar ones are much easier to keep clean and dry. You can have issues on any of them no matter the style. Most are ok but some do have issues. Its a quality control thing with cheap devices.
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  8. well.. i guess we cant ask too much from cheap devices. Is it worth to go and choose the really expensive cages?
  9. That’s a decision you need to make yourself. For me I love my mm jail bird but just wish I’d gotten measurements right. My advice is try a bunch of different ones, then when find one that’s a good fit(pun intended) get a better quality
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  10. yeah the cheap ones are fun to play with while starting out and helps you figure out the correct size. If the money is no big deal then yeah figure out a custom one and get it.
  11. I recently retired the very device you have as your avatar (picture) which slowly chewed on me. It went from perfectly comfortable to agonizingly painful to splitting the skin on my scrotum. MOST of the time, it was fine but I decided that after 4 cheap devices and 16 months, I knew my size... it was time to upgrade.

    My wife have me the go-ahead and now I have been caged in a Jail Bird from Mature Metal for the last two weeks. I cannot tell you the difference it makes in comfort having a custom made device. I had read that repeatedly but never understood it until I made the jump myself. It is so much better in a Jail Bird.

    I still have issues with some ball burn in the early morning when you get that morning wood that can't go anywhere, but a quick trip to the restroom relieves that problem. No idea what about their design is so much better than the cheap-o cages but it is absolutely better.

    It was educational for us to start with the cheap devices so we learned about fit and finish. We learned neither of us like an enclosed tube and how small is too small. All of those are good lessons much better learned with a cheaper device that you don't mind putting away and forgetting.
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  12. That is a very good feedback about custom devices @Doug Scibor@Doug Scibor , thanks! Unfortunately i dont have access to Mature Metal (without paying so much more), since im in Europe. I'll weigh in my options :)
  13. since your in europe you may consider steewlworxxs when and if you go custom. They make great devices.
  14. ebay can give u a real good inexpensive selection on a wide variety of cages... my last 3 have been steel, and they are definitely easyier to keep clean..
    also, hot/ boiling water for steel nd a vice or hammer can assist in minor adjustments :)
    if the cage is to tight on u, n ur pushing out of a cage,,, panty or underwear rub can be an issue..
    happy caging
  15. hey nice to see a new face... it sounds like you are looking for some helpful advice that addresses compression marks. being a woman who loves penile sex i wanted to make sure no damage was done to my puck. i notice the marks under two hours of wear. i took it off him immediately and watch them go away for hours. i was truly concerned and sought advice wherever i could find it. apparrently growers suffer these marks more than showers and the more you grow the worse they get. eventually i took my put to the doctor and then an oncologist. to be honest the doctor was a bad call and he lectured my husband on being the man of the family... the oncologist was far more helpful and considerate. he explained that any color change in the skin is reason for concern and the same for pain. these are the warning signs your body gives you so you can address them. he also acknowledged that lifestyle must be considered as well and if your mindful one could find a way to have both . to this end he gave this advice.
    1. blood can be cut off for 10 minutes with no harm. 15 is doable and over 20 becomes risky.
    2. never put yourself into a position where no one is there to ensure no harm is done. (sleep is one of those times.)
    3 only sterile things go up the urethra.
    4. 20 minute scenes then move to a new position. moving every 20 minutes dramatically reduces risk.
    5. be careful when getting new ideas from someone who has claimed to have done it. do a risk assessment before you try.

    then he said everyone on the internet has their own ax to grind and often misinforming others so here are some very real facts that you might want to consider
    the penis is an organ that will atrophy without use. though the penis is not used as often as one might like the body is programmed to exercise it regularly. standing tall 30 to 50 times a day.
    transgenders who wish to be female take chemicals to kill their male sexuality so they can feel more feminine. in the usa we use the penis turned inside out for the vagina and the scrotum to make the vulva. we tell them to exercise them so we have enough material to work with, atrophy can and has claim up to 75 % though 50% is more common. the reason is lack of use and lack of erections. often the testicles are removed small balloons are put in place. expanding them over time the skin stretches to get enough to work with though it makes a rather shallow vagina.
    chastity devices can be dangerous or they could be a great source of pleasure. taking care not to do any real harm is worth the effort.
    people do suffer severe injuries from chastity device but soda machines kill 8 people a year. you just have to be careful.... in my personal experience most of the injuries occurred while sleeping with them on. so it was his advice not to sleep with it on. maybe find another way to limit access.
    still i lock my puck up every day. i measured him when we started 17 years ago and every month there after. he still the same size and works just fine, but he never sleeps in a cage and i make him present every hour so i can inspect for damage...tease...torture motivate the penis cage struggle....
    as a side note if i intend to do damage, like welts, brands, tattoos or piercings i do them. then i watch for complication. it works out real well
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  16. @Ma'at Rebekah@Ma'at Rebekah that was very insightful, thanks!! to be honest, the main reason i started with chastity is to prevent masturbations (which occurs mostly at nights). I'm very aware with blood circulation and any discoloration it might occur if the blood is cut off. So i always have that in mind and im always checking it as well. Before starting ive read many things about chastity including the risks of not using the penis. If i had any pain/discoloration/numbness i wouldnt use for sure. But so far it has been a very pleasurable experience. And now im more at ease that growers have more of those marks.

    Its good to see a level headed person like you, thanks!

    One thing i noticed while wearing chastity to sleep is that the cage dont really prevent the attempts to get erected or the muscle contraction, so, beginner question, arent the muscles being exercised anyway even though there is no stretching?
  17. Im guessing thats iffy..
    I will get up at nite and relieve myself right away so as not to prolong any discomfort or stress
  18. one way I have heard this explained that made sense, not sure if its true, is that the penis is like a balloon that fills with blood when erections happens. Obviously in a chastity device the balloon cannot fill to its maximum. so over time it may appear smaller but the balloon doesn't change in size. It will quickly go back to normal after being out of the cage. I dont think there is many muscles in the penis if any.
  19. it makes sense, but there are definitely muscles in the penis, there may not have any in the body (shaft) but in the root there are :) (to help maintain erections)
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  20. if only wishing it were true would make it so..... but then we are told penis will shrink over time but noses always get bigger.... i would not like to help either one speed up.
  21. oh god! thanks, that ruined my day lol
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  22. hmmmm.......... only a day? ....... i must be slipping!
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  23. very true the penis is smooth muscle atrophy it will not
  24. smooth muscle is just as capable as quick twitch muscle of atrophying though when it comes to penises we are talking about a very complex organ that can fail for a whole array of reasons. what i tell my children is you have to weigh the benefit against the risk. if your willing to pay the piper his due then go for it. just make sure you know the complete price tag.