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Discussion in 'The Vault' started by For69, May 16, 2017.

  1. Was out for a couple of months after plastic cage broke. Decided to put on my steel cage with urethral tube on my own. Started carrying the key and wearing to work for short stays. The tube has taken some adjustment but i like the way it reminded me it was there every time i moved. Soon i was wearing it all day and removing it when i got home.
    I didnt think my wife was into it until i snapped a picture and sent it to her one day and got a positive response. I am still a self locker. I carry a key. And come and go on my own.
    Last night i stripped down to my cage and layed down to watch some television. She took all commercial breaks to play with me and make me throb against the bars and wince to the pressure. When i saw her smile and her look, i automatically startec calling her mistress.
    I played with her nipple and when it got hard in my fingers i throbbed bigtime and groanef makeng her look intensify and i was given a "good boy' she was pleasured immensely and i remained caged for my first night locked.
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  2. Cant sleep in. But had cage on before shower which is my usual personal platground. Groaned with throbbing duribg Inserted tube after.
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  3. Sounds like she is really excited and enjoys some control of you after all. You might not be so self locking in the future. lol....
  4. Good for you. Locking up your penis does automatically make you submissive nor your wife a mistress. If I was you I would take it easy on the D/s stuff. The mistake I made the first two times was thinking that merely locking my penis up made me a submissive and my wife a dominant. We are the opposite of that. My wife hates to be called anything but what I normally call her. She does not want me to be a slave. She said she married a strong dominant man who makes her feel safe and protected. She wants to keep it that way.

    It was only when we just focused on the chastity part, that it clicked for us and clicked well. My wife no longer had to take on the dual role of Mistress and key holder. That can be a lot of work. Most women do not want to dominate a man, especially their husband so you may be overloading her with too much as I did with my wife. Get her used to chastity first. That is what I did. I even started teasing and denial before I even bought a chastity cage. Only when my wife wanted me to go 3 weeks without masturbation did I tell her that I did not think I could promise her that but there is a solution. I showed her the CB6000 and by then she was used to T&D, so she told me to buy it.

    The second hurdle was once again thinking that my wife should do all the things in the chastity stories and fantasy posts. Problem was that she did not want to turn into a Mistress overnight nor do all the things a KH does in the stories and videos online. She found being a KH to be work. So we once again just stripped it down to me being locked up and her teasing and denying me for months at a time. Our rules were simple; she makes all the rules and can change or drop them anytime she wants without notice. That essentially gave her as much control as she wanted. I promised to stay locked up unless she said otherwise and no masturbation, locked or not. Although I am locked almost all of the time since I work from home, we are very practical about my chastity cage. I do not need to wear it when I do certain things outside or our home. I never saw the sense in that. I know that my wife has control over all aspects of our sex life and cage or not, nothing changes.

    The only thing missing from our normal sex life is the 10 seconds a week that is my missed orgasm. That has not made much of a difference in our marriage and certainly did not make me submissive or my wife dominant. We still each do what we do best in our marriage and no one makes any decisions that the other disagrees with. Worked for us over our 44 years of marriage. As I advise everyone with a wife that does not jump into her role of a KH, take baby steps. Do not try to change your entire marriage around. Get chastity going first and then you can introduce D/s play. She will be much more receptive to that after feeling the control she has over your penis and orgasms. Good luck and sounds like you are on the right path.
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  5. Thanks for the reinforcement, and feedbacl
  6. Omg mistress in having her down time. Got home from work into about three hours of t&d in my straight jacket then wore jacket to bed since i dont sleep in my cage.
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  7. I was uncertain my wife/kh was ever gonna get it. I hadd decidef to be a self locker. After a couple of weeks of coming home and undressing down to the cage, one day she said it was sexy. Fast forward, yesterday i was allowed to penetrate her and orgasm this time after a full locked week with her gone for two days. And the cage went back on. I was so proud and happy, And then she handed me her dildo and told me to put on a show for her while she played. This was a first I was not to lose eye contact.

    What have i created here.

    I fell in love with the kinkiest girl i ever met.
  8. Don't you just LOVE a kinky wife,mistress,kh. I know i do and mine is
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  9. Last nite teasing through cage was intense, uncaged edging made me beg for my cage back.
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  10. Sounds like things are going well. Hope you have a nice weekend.
  11. Got relief the other night, teased heavily last night. Going nuts today.
  12. Just shared frustrated mindset with mistress. Said better get used to it. So very happy.......and a little lot frightened
  13. Six dollar cage arrived. More comfy and much more secure than any others i tried