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    Ok, one word of advice is be careful when cleaning your cage and locks.
    My key holder had all power taken from her a few days ago when I was due for (what we call) my triannual deep clean and shave. I clean everything on a daily basis so don't get me wrong, but as I have a mature metal jailbird I can clean all areas with ease, however every four months the cage comes off and I do everything all at once. This is a clean and sterilise of all components and a shave of my genital areas. The components are left in Milton sterilising fluid and are then left to dry and I oil the lock with a quick squirt of WD40. I'm left to shave and dry naturally also, which we found helps to prevent irritation from being shaved and locked straight back up again. I'm never allowed out of sight of my key holder throughout the whole process. But.... The last time I cleaned it I forgot to blast the lock with WD40. This caused the locking mechanisms to literally be destroyed and jam up.
    We tried to release me for a couple of days with the keys but I ended up having to soak the lock with WD40 as often as possible over a 24 hour period before eventually being able to remove the lock. I'm now locked with a new padlock and a punishment pin until further notice for my laziness of not squirting oil in the padlock. And I've been told the next time the lock stays on regardless, as I'm only unlocked purely to shave and that's a luxury permitted by my key holder. I've done over a year with no unlock at all, but ended up with the most strangest of styles down below lol.
    Anyway to get to the point. If you use cleaning or sterilising products on your locks make sure to oil them or use it regularly to prevent ceasing. Unless you want permanent chastity, in which case go for it. It's as good as superglue hahaha.
    I am now clean shaven and suffering with my pin which will amuse other key holders.
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    I just use soap and water. I do not see a need for anything else since that is all I use on my underwear and there are not cooties on my penis. :) At most you can drop it in boiling water if you have a metal cage like I do. I had a scare myself; my wife lost the keys and we had to look all over the house before we found them on the floor partly under the couch.
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    My wife could care less if the lock rusted shut and has recently expressed an interest in gluing the lock in the possible future.
    Personally I know this would only be temporary but a long time anyway.
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