A short story

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    A Holiday story


    So there they were as a couple arriving at their holiday villa. She was a small but beautiful person. Short hair, quite short in stature but everything was of the perfect shape and size. He a bit older, looking more as tough middle age had started to make its mark.

    They had flown for about 3 hours but the drive to the airport, the delay and the annoying questioning about not having the same name had become tiresome.

    The Maltese villa looked everything that they had hope. The taxi had brought them to what looked an impressive but slightly imposing building. Having entered the front gate she had stopped them both and turned to him.

    “We are inside, please strip” was all that had been said.

    Inside this Romanesque courtyard there was a beautiful pool. Shallow at one end with the expected roman steps the pool then shelved down to quite a deep area. The pool looked to be fully 10m long by maybe 5 m wide. The surround to the pool was a ave area maybe 3m wide. They came the walls that surrounded this courtyard. It was now just after midday and the sun had been beating in for some time. It was warm yet pleasant, airy but private, comfy but also had the potential for trouble.

    He knew he had no choice. He gently placed the two small suitcases down that contained their only clothing for the next 7 days and the “wash bag” that they both knew contained their personal requirements.

    He set the bags down and carefully, not overtly sexually but with care and compassion, removed his clothes. Soon he was there with only the small feminine thong straining to retain his manhood.

    She was watching but not with any overt sexual view. He knew what had to be done and removed the thong. His warm and previously constricted manhood sprung out of the confines and remained limpish and potential between his legs.

    She then moved towards the door oblivious to the naked male. The old farmhouse door required little effort to be opened and she entered the potential den of passion.

    This farmhouse had been rented for 7 days on the basis that it provided the privacy and comfort that was required. It had the privacy around the pool area and also the bedrooms had been well described in terms of the four posters and “alternate” wooden furniture.

    He had had to make some of the more blatant calls to ensure the villa met her requirements. The owners had been superb. The male was a definite similar role player to him and the lady was a definite experienced lady in the same and practising vein as she was.

    Upon entering the villa they were met by a fantastic kitchen and dining room space that is more typical of a Spanish villa. Wide and open, space aplenty and the classic dishes and utensils that are a basic requirement of a continental kitchen.

    They walked through the villa and soon located all the essential rooms. The living space was one definitely reminiscent of a special area where adult games could be played without making it too obvious. The master bedroom was in a décor that would allow almost any form of play to be entertained without the puritanicals being any the wiser.

    The second bedroom was without doubt the “play room” with all the possible adult orientated toys being openly installed and advertised.

    The bathroom was a paradise area to open minded adults. A huge shower and wet play area with no curtain dominated one corner. The toilet was raised on a platform area and was itself a glass bowl but constructed in such a way as to be clearly an area where play could occur. There was an alternate wet area where a lowish beam was available with some interesting looking hooks and toys.

    Further investigation revealed the sauna area and the very private corner of the patio. A shower, toilet and bench were stationed in a corner of the patio that was obviously going to get evening sun only.

    She turned to him and again quietly said “ unpack, make me a drink and join me by the pool”.

    He watched as she strolled off. She causally started to remove her clothes as she headed towards the pool area. Her short was peeled from herself revealing the small and pert breast containing bra. A lovely lace bra that revealed enough to excite him but not enough to overtly show her to the public. The bra was also removed but only the back was visible to him. She then releasde the cosmetic belt from around her ankle length trousers and then they too were peeled off to reveal the matching lace thong.

    He noticed the fantastic pert buttocks being stressed as she bent over slightly to allow the trousers to be completely removed.

    The thong was peeled down. The narrow material appearing from between those taught buttocks made his manhood rise up more degrees than he knew he was allowed to do without permission. She had a body that many men did not realise. It was not that she dressed in any way to deliberately conceal herself, it was more that she wore what she wanted but also wore what was required for her working position. He knew he was fortunate to know this person as the intimate and exceptional person she was.

    He headed for the bedroom and started to unpack the small collection of clothing. All of it was feminine bar one pair of jeans and a couple of shirts. Some of the clothing was without doubt very sexy. A few corsets, thongs, a couple of long sheer dresses. Not much underwear really. Then it was time to unpack the toy and wash bag. In here there were the expected playtime items that he had had to carry through customs and the photo checks. Some dildos, one being the strap-on and other playtime accessories. A simple washbag of soaps, razors, toothbrushes etc.

    He placed the items into suitable locations and made his way into the kitchen. Opening the fridge there was the expected welcome pack. The cold air from the fridge made his balls and penis twitch slightly.

    He knew the score. Two glasses of the chilled wine, one glass of ice. Some crisps were placed in the bowl and all was placed on a tray to take outside.

    “Mistress” he announced. She looked up at him standing beside her. She casually raised her arm and her hand wrapped itself around his member. She fondled it idly and asked for a cube of ice. He knew what this meant.

    She took the ice cube and without hesitation started to massage his now withering member with the cold and dripping ice. The continued play caused a return of blood but not to the point of an erection. A simple tease was being performed whilst he stood there holding the tray.

    After a few minutes the ice was melting away and he was instructed to place the tray down. She took up her glass and had a drink. “Come and sit down” she offered. He duly sat and spread out on the sun-lounger.

    “This is going to be a fantastic break” she said, then added “for me at least”. This was followed by “Please rub some cream on me” she asked, handing him the sub-lotion.

    He took the cream and started to get some onto his hands. She laid out on her front presenting him with her smooth body. Her pert cheeks staring at him in an almost dare to touch them.

    He started the massage at her shoulders, working the protective lotion into her skin. It was not long however before his hands were nearing her bottom. He was sure she deliberately moved her legs slightly further apart as his hands roamed closer. He was determine to do this right but a part of him also knew how to misbehave. He tried to rub the cream into her bum in a way that would not be taken as an overt act of “sex please” but his penis was going to give him away if she looked up.

    He managed to cover her bottom in the required cream and caught the dribble from elsewhere before it landed on her. He continued to cover her legs without her apparently noticing his mistake.

    She then told him that she would do her front and he could sit down. “Cover yourself as well – we don’t want you burnt”. She also assisted him by rubbing cream on his shoulders but no further down. He stood and covered the other parts as she rubbed cream over her chest and midriff. The movement of her breasts as she covered them again caused a gentle stirring.

    Time was spent idly by the pool, both sipping at drinks and idle chat. When he looked up he saw her with her legs spread very slightly. Her beautiful shaven vagina not more than 18 inches from his face. How many times had he been fortunate to be very close to that place of paradise. The taste of heaven from oral and the other taste when she used him as a cleaning slave. The thoughts were taking their toll on him and he knew he was getting erect. Idly she moved her hand down her body. Maybe moving some cream about, maybe having an idle touch and play.

    He felt like having a swim and stood up. “Bring me another drink would you” she asked. He duly went into the kitchen and topped her glass up. Upon returning he said he was going to have a swim and headed across to the outdoor shower to rinse off the cream. It started cold but then the pipe-heated water came through. A quick rinse and his not wet naked body was ready for a dip

    The pool water was very nice. Not too cold to make you shiver but again not so warm as to discourage some swimming. He set about doing some lengths and found the whole idea of the days to come very exciting.

    She too decided it was a good time for a swim and also headed for the shower. She called him over just before she entered the shower. “Join me ??” she asked.

    He was out of the pool rapidly and joined her. She started to wash the cream off her body and then moved her legs into a well known to him position. This was the “I am going to stand and you are going to place your mouth at my vagina” stance. With the water cascading down her body and over his face, he just knew that she was going to let go of some of her feminine liquid. He could barely taste or sense the small stream that was released but he knew it was there. An early taster, an appetiser, a ‘remember you are my slave’ message.

    More washing occurred and then a rinse off. They both made their way to the water, this time holding hands and a smile on both faces. They plunged into the pool and played for a few minutes. She wrapped her legs around him, in effect in a lovemaking position and they kissed. This was not going to be a love session, just a caress and cuddle of two people happy. Cheekily happy.

    They separated and both decided to swim for a while.

    Some time later, he left the pool and stood there for a few moments to drip dry. She was still gently completing more and more lengths of the pool. “What would you like to do tonight about food” he asked. “We could eat here or head off down the road”.

    “It depends really. We should check out the local places. What do you think you are going to wear tonight ?” she replied.

    ”Whatever Mistress wants. Was his reply.

    “Agreed. We will shower and dress soon and walk down the road?” she suggested.

    They had decided to shower together. The warm water getting them both wet was followed by exploring hands covering each other in soap. They had done this a few times before together and knew each other very well. Hands and fingers roamed everywhere. Sometimes a gently touch and at other times a real washing rub. Nowhere was not explored and soon they were heading towards the warm but firm caress of two people who knew what they both wanted. She had ensured every inch of his penis had been cleaned and rinsed. He had knelt and washed her anus and vagina with gentle but firm fingers. When the water was stopped they wrapped a towel around themselves and headed outside. She was gently laid down on the sun lounger and he took little time to position himself between her still damp legs. His hands moved to either side of her hips as he lowered his head and outstretched tongue towards her awaiting sex.

    Even having just been washed the feminine scent was soon being breathed and she was starting that combination of relaxation and sexual tension. He started by running his tongue up and down the very edge of her vaginal lips. This always caused her this mixture of feelings which usually resulted in her opening her legs wider and pressing her sex upwards towards him. At this point he usually moved slightly away from her sex and started to tongue inwards from her thighs. This caused more tensions until the point where she usually pulled his head into the position she wanted it.

    Then her hands would start to play with her own body. She lover to play quite firmly with her own nipples, caressing them and tugging them. After some time she would alter her breathing and there would almost be the sensation that she would break out into laughter. Sure enough after more careful and gentle tongue work he could hear her start the marvellous climb up the pathway to orgasm. She would laugh, she would squirm and her body would begin to buck. After more focussed attention he would be presented with an amazing increase in vaginal liquid and heat until the point where she completely exploded. A veritable ejaculation must occur inside her and she was now riding the rollercoaster of pleasure. The correct amount of attention and pause would maintain this ride of moisture and pleasure.

    He managed to keep his tongue close to the required pleasure point for some time as she writhed around. Open air sex was always something they had dreamed of and now this was a reality. She was not holding back on the vocal side of pleasure and he was certainly getting to experience her full body sensation. She begged for no more after what seemed like an age and certainly was a large number of massive body shudders. He moved back, her love juice dripping off his chin. They kissed a passionate kiss where she did not mind for one second the full taste of herself being returned. After seconds she pushed him further back and focussed on his erection. Dripping wet it looked ready to explode at any second. No time was wasted as she engulfed him in her mouth and pressed two fingers further down between balls and anus.

    He knew this was not going to take long and was likely to be a massive outpouting from him. He knew that she loved this performance and she knew him well. He therefore tried to relax and make it last but there was the inevitable feelings building up deep inside him. The pressure from the fingers was also taking its toll on his resistance but it was the mouth, tongue and teeth workout that was going to leave him with no escape. She built up the pressure and he knew there were seconds of resistance left. He started to pant and just knew the seed inside him was accelerating towards her teeth tongue and throat.

    A massive grunt from him announced that his resistance had completely gone and he was now in the full flow of massive ejaculation. She had clamped her mouth around him in an almost air-tight suck. He must have squirted six or seven times with ball pumping ferocity. She had not allowed one drop to be exposed to the air.

    He gasped and started to sense the end of the outpouring of sperm. She too realised this and lifted her head from his lap. Her face said it all. This really was a cat with the cream and she loved it. Again they met in a passionate and uncaring kiss where the proceeds from both oral sessions were again mixed.

    It took time but they did eventually head back to the shower to wash and this time dry off so that they could begin to get dressed for going out for dinner.


    By the time they made it out of the villa, it was a bit cooler than it had been. It was still a warm night and there certainly was the prospect for an even warmer time to come. They were both dressed in casuals, except for the underwear. He was wearing the small lace thong that she liked. It was one they had bought together and she knew it was a tight fit for him. She had decided not to wear any underwear as another tease for him. The tease was certainly working as his manhood was stretching the lace.

    To be continued…..
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