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a rule he made but found I like it

Discussion in 'Chastity journals and blogs' started by Dogchasecats, Aug 6, 2017.


good rule?

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  1. He wrote about one of my now favorite rules in our agreement.

    Good rule?

    This is in our agreement, I keep licking even after she climaxes- she says when to stop - I love this rule. After she climaxes if I am very slow I can keep licking, sometimes up to one or two more orgasms for her. In our written out agreement I am to keep going until she has had enough. I love it when she cums quickly for the first time because I am no longer being bothered with thinking about making her orgasm. I can then focus just on enjoying her and what I am doing with no specific place to get to. This is a true joy.

    Lately she has kept me locked up while I give myself up for her. She makes me massage her beautiful back for an hour or more- then lick her after sometimes for more than an hour as well. She sometimes has several orgasms. I do all of this locked in my cock cage. In our agreement every time we have any sort of sex I am always to 100% literally expect no sex for myself. It’s really important that I will have absolutely positively 100% not even the slightest expectation of any sort of sex for myself. I am never allowed to ask to cum or be let be unlocked. There is a lock on my cock, but expecting nothing for myself is a lock on my mind. I can’t get hurt if I go into service mode with zero expectations. Its really wonderful for me. Before I was always torn between my own pressing desire for my own pleasure and at the same time being expected to have my mind on her pleasure. Now that I know for sure I will get no pleasure (I cant even ask!) my mind is fully focused on her. This is really very good for both of us. I then start to get pleasure from serving her. There is a lot of pleasure in serving her too. I missed a lot of that pleasure since I was focused on getting pleasure and giving it at the same time. Now I know there will be zero pleasure, every single time. Now she does give me some sexual pleasure but its voluntary. She gives only what she wants to and without obligation. She can just skip doing anything for me. She discovered my secret, I get a kinky thrill when she is selfish and just uses me for sex. So she often just falls asleep after sex while she holds my gently throbbing cage. Sexual pleasure without obligation. She does not have to pay me for it or trade me sexual favors. It’s free. Being completly free from having to reciprocate is something I can give her. I get off on it anyway. Sometimes she is tired and just wants to have a orgasm and go to sleep. She can. She usually starts with “ok here is whats going to happen”. Then might say something like “your going to lick me until I cum and then I will fall asleep and your staying locked up the whole time like a good boy. Then your going to take a shower because I know how this makes you drip all over.” She makes me watch where I drip. She has made me lick it off her if I do drip, really she has. It’s fun for me and it seems to amuse her. She thinks shes sexually plain vanilla but she likes kinky stuff like this, I have a list. A really fun memory was when she insisted I cum in her mouth and then quickly grabbed me, french kissed me forcing me to share my own cum. I don’t know why but its one of my top 10 sexual experiences ever with anyone and thats saying something. Imagine having someone gladly giving you sexual service or a long deep massage (with happy ending)without having to do anything in return unless you just felt like it. How great a gift would that be. I have enthusiastically given my wife that gift and she can have that any time she wants. Like I said I get off on serving her and being used for sex so it’s fun for me too. It’s fun being caged while she is cumming and won’t allow me to even be unlocked. It may take a special mindset to enjoy that but I do enjoy it. Is there anyone else out there like that?

  2. Didn't know you were supposed to stop after she climaxed. I knew women could have multiple orgasms and so I always tried to see how many I could give them since I was 14. I even performed oral after intercourse to give them more orgasms. Maybe that is why I was so popular with the girls.
  3. OK. I just don't get it and hard to tell the difference who is writing since both of your styles of writing are similar. You should replace the banner picture on your tumblr site and include some of your thoughts and ideas in addition to captioned pictures. Make is more of a blog and not just another tumblr page with captioned pictures. Those other ones get a lot of traffic because they arouse horny guys and present the fantasy version of chastity. There are some very good chastity blogs that are reality based and you can follow the couple over the years. I love those blogs since they do view chastity as real people do and not from as a lifestyle or BDSM relationship.

    FYI, your picture is quoting the hot girl from the movie The Fifth Element, Leeloominaï Lekatariba Lamina-Tchaï Ekbat De Sebat, AKA LeeLoo. You should correct the typo in the word Fifth. You left off the T. This movie is very popular with the guys I know. She is hot looking and a supreme being. Someone many guys would like to worship. :) My wife liked it too because she is bi and likes hot women as much as I do.
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  4. I'm with Vinny I'll keep good no until told to stop and take pleasure in giving as many orgasms as a woman can stand.
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  5. Although I'm occasionally unlocked for skin maintenance and shaving, I was last unlocked for sex about three years ago. My wife really enjoys pussy worship and expects me to keep going until she closes her legs. This can be after one orgasm or six depending on her mood and what she is thinking about. Before I was caged she rarely had more than one orgasm because she started worrying about getting me off, now I don't think it even enters her mind.
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  6. @Dogchasecats@Dogchasecats great rule! :D. Obviously he enjoys it but I would love to hear how you feel about it. I always enjoy the woman perspective on these types of things.
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  7. @Dogchasecats@Dogchasecats Yes, that rule should be in all Agreements. BTW: any chance we can see a copy of your Agreement -- redacted of course -- as I suspect it is filled with other wonderful rules for the weaker sex to abide by?
  8. Vinny- can you PM me with your best real tumblr's?