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a rare orgasm...and fem feelings

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by Ginanhanes, Sep 6, 2017.

  1. All,

    I had my first orgasm in about 3 weeks yesterday. Needed stress relief from hurricane Harvey aftermath. The intensity of the OH was amazing. Then a let down, but slept well.

    Submissive and feminine feelings rise and then plateau at a very high level with chastity. That is one of my key goals as I am gender fluid, and very much enjoy being Gina.

    It is definitely interesting. I would think about one orgasm/month would be perfect. That is my goal.
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  2. Welcome to womanhood, a much better way to live life to the fullest.
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  3. its the let down i never like and i just get milk every month and i don't get that let downy feeling no more.
  4. jemima,

    How to self milk? I may try for ruined orgasms...back into chastity for at least 3 weeks for me...
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  5. I agree that getting milked regularly is much easier to deal with and, somehow, more feminine feeling, too! Also, the act of being so controlled by just Her single gloved finger is so very submissive for me!
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  6. some of them does that on here
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  7. To be controlled by a single finger. My Mistress has yet to milk me with just her finger. She uses different items designed for that purpose. I understand your feelings towards the submissiveness of being controlled so easy. After having my own orgasms and pleasures under the control of my Mistress I also have become a lot more submissive. A Single Finger?
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  8. I love submitting completely to my wife. Makes her feminizing me so much easier and more pleasant.
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  9. Being just milked and allowed no orgasms leaves me feeling more submissive and more fem. Limiting it to one orgasm a month has been pretty good, although I've been allowed a little extra lately.
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  10. Agree completely with JiL. Milking makes me as docile as a lamb and very femmy indeed. A man is never quite so vulnerable as when he has something thrust into his bare bottom with his legs akimbo.
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    @demale@demale I think we would all feel a little vulnerable in that situation. :)
  12. I must confess, it is enjoyable.