A One-sided Marriage

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    "Well that was real fun." Stated Shirley. "Still want to cum
    tonight? If so you still have some things to do to earn it."

    "Please? It's been so long and after seeing you I am so horny.
    Please Ma'am, May I cum for your pleasure?"

    "We'll see cuckold." She grinned. "There is much to do yet."

    "Sara, why don't you untie his ankles but tie a leash on him and
    lets go downstairs."

    Sara did so. I stood. She took a long oblong scarf and rolled it
    into a silken rope. She tied one end to my cock and balls and
    started to lead me from the room. We went downstairs to the den.
    It wasn't easy walking with my hands tied behind my back and the
    skirt of my apron up because of the scarf leash.

    They all sat at the table in the den, but I was told to kneel at
    Shirley's feet.

    "Now if you want to cum, and also if you really want to be married,
    there are some things we must get out of the way first. There are
    some legal papers you must sign. While Sara is a nurse, Julie is a
    legal aid. She has taken some time getting these papers just
    right. I will ask you only this once. Do you want to marry me?
    If so there are some conditions that you must adhere to and each
    will be spelled out on one of the papers. If you want to marry me
    you must sigh each of them. I will explain what each is as we get
    to it. Do you want to be my cuckold, sissy husband? Knowing what
    happened tonight will happen again and again. Knowing that I will
    have power over you. Knowing that you will only have me to plead
    to for your orgasm. Knowing that I will not only wear the pants in
    this family, while you wear the panties, but I will also hold the
    purse strings. You will have nothing with out me. You will be
    allowed nothing with out me. You will be subservient to any that I
    choose. You will be subservient to all women, but especially to
    my best friends Sara and Julie who are here to witness your
    answer. Do you want to be my cuckold, sissy, slave husband?"

    "Yes, Ma'am." The things I will do for love. How could I kneel
    here in front of these women and swear to be cuckold, swear to be a
    sissy slut, swear to be a slave to all who Mistress Shirley
    designates. I do it for love.

    "Sara untie his hands he will need them to sign."

    "This first paper gives me the Power of Attorney. It means that
    after this night I will have the power to sign your name. Sign it!"

    I signed the paper where my name was printed.

    "I really don't need you to sign anymore, but I want you to
    acknowledge each term of our coming marriage. The next is my Power
    to sign for all your medical decisions. What doctor you go to,
    what procedures you will have done, what prescriptions you take and
    things like that. Sign it!"

    I signed the paper where my name was printed.

    "The next is a statement that you understand that I am free to bed
    and have sex with anyone of my choosing. It also has a sub
    paragraph stating that you will remain faithful to me. And I have
    to power to grant you orgasm or not, that I have the power to
    designate whom you will service sexually. It also states that you
    are bisexual. That you are attracted to both men and women. It
    also states that you are a transvestite."

    I signed the paper where my name was printed.

    "The next paper is a statement of discipline. It states that you
    will not hold me responsible for any assaults during disciplines.
    It states that I am the final judge of your offences and will
    determine what punishments are due to include spankings, strapping,
    minor whippings, and other disciplines that I might designate.
    Sign it!"

    I signed the paper where my name was printed.
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