A One-sided Marriage part 3

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    "Mistress, I'm just a sissy. Please make me a cuckold again. I
    know it would please you to feel a real man. I know that I am just
    a sissy and will never be able to please you. He is handsome and
    strong. Please make me a cuckold with him."

    "Greg, do you think she sounds sincere? "

    "Oh yes she's sincere. She doesn't want her ass smacked any more."

    "Tell me sissy, would you be willing to make him hard with your
    mouth for me? Would you get him ready to fuck me in front of you?
    Do you want to show Sara and Julie just what a real sissy you've

    "Please Mistress, anything. It hurts so much. Please!"

    Greg walked over to where the sissy was strapped to the pummel. He
    took off his pants and shirt, and then his underwear and sox so he
    was standing there naked.

    "Open wide sissy." Greg said. And then he placed his soft cock at
    my lips. I opened up and he worked it in. As I started to work it
    in my mouth I was feeling very humiliated but at the same time I
    also started to feel it grow. And in a way I was proud of being
    able to make him hard. I looked over to where Mistress Shirley was
    waiting. I saw that she had taken off her panties and was playing
    with the lips of her pussy.

    Smack! I felt the tip of a riding crop on my ass.

    "Don't be looking at that pussy, sissy, the only way your going to
    get any of that is to lick some cum out of it." Stated Julie as she
    gave me another stroke with the crop.

    "Yes sissy that's the way make me real hard for your woman."

    Crack! I felt the paddle on my ass.

    "Sissy you'd better do a good job on that cock. I don't think your
    really trying hard enough to make it hard."

    I looked at the skin in front of me. I saw the manly hair. I felt
    the cock in my mouth and started sucking on it like it belonged to
    a real man. I wasn't queer. I just was forced to have this cock
    in my mouth, but it did taste good. It wasn't really as bad as it
    should have been to my heterosexual self. What I do for love.

    For the love of this woman playing with her pussy in front of me I
    was tied down, taking the worst spanking of my life (at least up
    till this time) and now I was sucking cock.

    "Ok sissy I like what you're doing to my cock." With that being
    said Greg placed his hands on my face to hold it still and he
    started to fuck my mouth with his fully engorged cock. "Take it
    cuckold! Take my cock and feel it feel what your woman is going to
    feel in her cunt real soon." He pushed it in and out again and
    again and I started to gag as it hit the back of my throat.

    Smack! Wack! I felt both the crop and paddle land.

    "Don't choke on that cock, suck it in like a real sissy would."
    Said Sara.

    I felt the prick exit my mouth and I kind of missed it being there.

    "That's enough cuckold. You do that real well just like a girl. I
    would give you my cum, but its reserved for someone else. Oh
    you'll get it all right but not strait from my cock. You'll get
    second hand cum. You'll lick it from your woman's cunt. A cunt
    you'll never get to fuck I might add. She's told me how you'll be
    a virgin forever. But I won't. I'm going to fuck your woman right
    now and here in front of you, cuckold."

    With that he went over to where Mistress Shirley was waiting. She
    opened her legs and I could see the wetness. I could see she was
    ready for sex. He was ready too and he got next to her. He moved
    in between her legs and placed his cock at her pussy lips.

    "See cuckold, see where my cock is, its at your woman's pussy watch
    as I enter the place you'll never go." And he did. With one
    mighty stroke he drove his cock in all the way. And she was
    ready. She thrust her hips to except his cock. She held it there
    as he started to fuck that beautiful pussy. Then she lowered her
    self and started to fuck him back.

    I felt a hand cup my balls. The hand belonged to Sara. She worked
    her fingers around each ball and around the sack. I started to get
    hard. I felt another hand around my cock. The hand belonged to
    Julie. As I watched "my woman" getting fucked in front of my eyes
    I was being jerked off and had my balls fondled by her
    girlfriends. For a few minuets, I was in heaven. Then the hand on
    my cock let go and I felt a sting of the crop from Julie. And at
    the same time I felt a squeeze on my balls that made me cry out.

    Laughing Sara said, "These balls are really useless on a sissy like
    you. Why do you have them?"

    Giggling at Sara's remark Julie said, "Maybe she doesn't need balls
    any more? She's going to remain a virgin."

    Greg said, "See cuckold, see how your woman is responding to a real
    man? See how se fucks a real cock?"

    And Greg did fuck her. He stroked her deeply and thrust into her
    like it was the best thing in the world. And she fucked him back.
    Her head was going back and forth. I could see her nostrils
    flaring as she sucked in air. I could see the sweat on her as she
    responded to his insistent fucking.

    "I'm going to cum!" She said. "Oh yes fuck me harder, make me cum
    and cum and cum."

    She started bucking on his cock. I heard a throaty moan and then a
    scream of pleasure.

    "Take it bitch." He said. "Take my cock and feel it. Feel what a
    real man can do to your cunt! Cum on me bitch cum on my cock."

    And she did. And as she started Cumming on him he returned the

    "Yes, Cum in my pussy cum in me so my sissy can clean all your man
    spunk from it."

    He thrust into her one last time and I could see as he kept it
    deeply buried in her cunt that it was spasiming. He was Cumming
    deep in my woman's cunt as she was Cumming herself.

    As they slowed down I felt the hand at my balls again. It rubbed
    them and I got real hard again. And then the squeeze, I yelled

    "See sissy. See Mistress Shirley. See how she's so fulfilled.
    She's been fucked by a real man, not a small cocked sissy like
    you. These balls are useless."

    "Now my sissy cuckold, your going to lick this cum off of me and
    out of me. Stick out your tongue."

    As I did she placed her pussy on my tongue. I started to work her
    outer lips and tasted his cum. As I worked my tongue to her inner
    lips I was greeted with more cum. I licked and sucked the cum.
    And when my tongue entered her deepest part I felt a large glob of
    cum on my tongue. I was sickened at the thought. I was turned on
    at the thought. Although very humiliated I wanted to do a good
    job. I didn't want my ass to be beet anymore so I worked all that
    cum out of her. And he had another mini orgasm.

    "You do that so well sissy." She said panting. "You have one more
    task. Clean off his cock."

    He came close to me and placed his cock at my lips and I licked it

    He got dressed and as he walked over to the stairs to leave he
    said, "You're the best cuckold! I've never seen a sissy watch his
    woman get fucked like that and still be able to clean off the cock
    of the man after." And he walked up the stairs laughing.

    "Well sissy you did good, but not good enough to earn you're cum
    tonight. Maybe tomorrow. "

    And she reached under me and attached my chastity belt and they all
    went up stairs, turned off the lights and left me.
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