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A New Life

Discussion in 'The Foyer' started by cuckoldalice, May 29, 2017.

  1. My name is Alice. I'm here looking for community surrounding chastity, denial, and cuckolding. I found this site via a link on Mature Metal. I would like to apologize in advance for such a long first post. There is so much to share!

    My wife and I are a late-50's couple, married for 15 years. We have been into swinging since before we were married. For the last five years my wife has maintained a relationship with a BBC Bull 17 years younger than Her.

    We have had our ups and downs trying to make this work. Over the last few months we have begun moving into a FLR. My wife used to regularly bottom for me, but that is over. She is now a Domme and I am her sissy cuckold husband. We spent many years playing on the fantasy of every time we had PIV sex it would be my last time. I think I had PIV sex with Her for the last time, just over a month ago.

    It was my idea to introduce chastity. Partly as a way to demonstrate my devotion to Her, and partly to fulfill my desire to be teased and denied. I had a CB-2000 we would dust off once in a while. I have been wearing it for most of the last 5 or 6 weeks. My cage time is limited because of the nature of my work, but I am currently trying to cage within 15 minutes of getting home and stay locked until time for work. So averaging 12-14 hours per weekday locked up depending on schedule, and nearly all weekend hours. I ordered a MM Jailbird a couple weeks ago and am really looking forward to being locked up as much as possible.

    My wife has laid down 5 essential rules:

    1. My penis is banned from any contact with her body.

    2. I am required to be locked in chastity at all times when not at work.

    3. No masturbating.

    4. No viewing of porn.

    5. Ejaculation limited to one time every 7 days.

    We have established a punishment and reward regime. I am punished with impact play once a week until I utter "yellow" twice or "red" once. Then I am allowed to rim my Mistress while I masturbate. The last couple sessions have included a kitchen timer. I came after about 8 minutes both times. Ma'am said I had 7 minutes leftover tonight.

    I know I have been driving Her crazy with all this chastity and T&D stuff. Her therapist is a former Domme and is telling her to ignore me and ban me from talking to her for 24 hours when I get too pushy. That would be the worst punishment of all!

    On May 1 we had been playing at this for a few weeks and of course things weren't progressing as quickly as I thought they should. I suggested that we could try this until June 1 and see how we feel about it then and decide if we want to continue.

    But things slipped into high gear this week, with my wife meeting a new potential BBC Bull and even sucking him off in public, something that is still blowing my mind. She has told me we aren't going back to the way it was before, and that she is done having anything to do with my sissy chastised penis.

    If someone had suggested to us even 5 years ago that this is where our relationship was headed I am sure that neither one of us would have believed it. So far I can't get enough of it and I am excited to see where this path leads.
  2. I'm in a similar position to you. I became a cuckold in December last year and in January my wife let me enter her for the last time in my life and touched my clitty for the last time in my life. I'm now locked for life in a jailbird. The jailbird is amazing but I had to send it back to be adjusted. I started off at 2 1/4 inches in length and am now down to 1 3/8, smaller is definitely better. I maid for my wife and do all the housework and am regularly chained up. We have just purchased a dog cage and I spent Friday night locked in it in a nappy and plastic pants. My life has changed massively in quite a short time and my wife has said she would never go back. She has had a couple of lovers since then but is still searching for a regular. She had me tattooed in January to show my status.
  3. You receive an Orgasm every 7 days. Your Mistress needs to control you and not alow you an Orgasm for at least a month.
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  4. Up to 7 years ago, my wife shared me with her best friend who I knew longer than my wife did. That lasted for 30 years and we found ourselves as a monogamous couple after a long time. None of us can remember when I was not allowed to have intercourse with either of the two women. We are guessing at 15-20 years. I do not even remember what it feels like. I turn 66 in two weeks. I was in BDSM with an emphasis on S&M for my entire adult life. As fate would have it, I married the women whose best friend was the woman who slapped me in the face for grabbing her boobs when we were young teens. She started me down the road of S&M. She still is the only face in my masturbation fantasies. She sexually dominated me during sex about 70% of the time. Sometimes my wife joined her and sometimes not.

    When we became just a couple again our sex life went down the tubes. My wife's idea of good sex is to be in bed with both a man and a woman and we were missing the other woman. It is only natural for my wife to prefer sex with women since there is no intercourse involved or guilt feelings for withholding it. I did what I always did and looked for a fetish we had not yet tried that we both could enjoy. That was not easy. The only thing left for us was chastity which went against my orgasm seeking behavior.

    We started out with teasing and denial on the honor system before we jumped in with both feet and my wallet. We had a few stops and starts because I got greedy and threw in a FLR and domestic discipline to my submissive people pleasing wife. It was only when we just did the T&D that it worked for us, sort of. My wife gradually got used to sex without my orgasm for at least 2 weeks. She called it fake sex before Trump stole the "fake" part. My wife started to like it too much and wanted to see what would happen if she denied me for a month or so. That is when I told her that I could not promise her that I would not masturbate for that length of time. That is when I explained the CB6000 to her and she told me to get it.

    It took a few weeks for me to get it sized right and become used to wearing it during the daytime. I had the keys because I was constantly taking it off and trying new ring sizes and spacers. Finally when I had the right fit, I gave the keys to my wife. All she did was hold the keys. I set up all these rules which read like a user manual. If I do this, you do that kind of thing. We eventually got to only one rule. My wife makes the rules and she does not have to tell me what they are. All those chastity games took the control away from my wife who was getting very used to her vibrator and my attention. At first they were good because it took the guilt out of denying me. In the end though, the game had control of my orgasms and not my wife so we remedied it.

    This is getting to be too long so I will wrap it up. What we did for the first few years was to agree on a minimum number of orgasms. Only this year, I lost all say in the number of orgasms I get to have each year. So far I get an orgasm every two months but this time my wife wants to take me to our anniversary in October. That would be a total of four months of denial. I have only gone 3 months before but I guess I can endure one more month, especially since my wife is really good at teasing and edging me. It is funny that I can start to get hard just by smelling her. I am very sensitive to a woman's natural scent.

    So here we are in our mid sixties practicing chastity. We did try the Domestic Discipline, feminization and FLR stuff, but my wife does not want a submissive husband. According to her one of the reasons she fell in love with me was that I was a very alpha male just like all the males in her family. I was only 6 months back from Vietnam when I met her. So we kept the status quo for the most part. I have told her that I controlled our marriage for 44 years and she shared me with her friend. It was only fair that she take charge and as she said, catch up with all the orgasms I had more than her due to sex with her girlfriends and mine. She is a little less submissive but she still wants to please me all the time.

    As long as our health allows it, chastity is our sex life. My wife really does not need my penis, a point she reminds me of. If she had her way I would never have an orgasm again and she would have a girlfriend that she did not share with me, only teased me. I once thought chastity play was stupid but not anymore. I found that it appeals to my sexual masochistic side without all the physical punishment I can no longer endure. My wife is still working on no more orgasms for me but knows that without hope of an orgasm, she would lose her only control over me so she has to keep my denial periods limited to months and not years. I do sometimes reach a point where I lose interest in sex and revert to my old self which she does not like. She says my personality is too forceful and chastity mellows it out. No matter what she says, she rarely sticks to her orgasm schedule. She mostly goes by what she feels in the moment so most of the time she catches me by surprise. She also will ruin an orgasm when I was expecting a full one so I go into sex without expecting anything.
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  5. Why is that?

    I have gone from masturbating 15-20 times per week to once or twice per week in a little over a month. For me that feels like an accomplishment. I'm not spending hours per day looking at porn. I'm still horny as a four-peckered goat, and I am trying to channel that energy in other directions.

    It wasn't an easy sell to get Her to agree to any of this. She feels that I will resent Her control, even though I have made these same arguments to Her and she agrees that I was masturbating too much. She has also commented to me that there are few if any men out there that would accept chastity if their wives suggested it. I know that if my ex had suggested chastity my answer would have been "hell no!"

    Also, I doubt She wants to put in the amount of effort it would take to "control" me anyway. This operates a lot on the honor system at this point. Yes, I fantasize about Her taking 100% control but neither of us is convinced that we would want to live our lives that way.

    I know for sure at this point that I want Her to cuckold me, and to do it to me the way that She wants to do it, not according to my fantasies of what cuckolding should be. She is still trying to figure that part out. We have discussed how She feels empowered by this play. The dynamic of our relationship has changed about 180-degrees since the beginning of the year. She has the power now, and honestly I think She is a little intimidated by it.
  6. She has the power now. Interesting comment. Allow her to take the power over you and follow what ever she wants you to do for "1" month no matter what. If she says no orgasms for a month than agree to follow it. Than you will start to understand what giving control to your Mistress really is.
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  7. As for The Beatles: "When I'm sixty four".
    Everything changes then, greetings for your new sex life, a great journey with your loving wife.
    Thanks for dividing your througts and impressions with us.
    Learning s lot from CM.
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