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Discussion in 'Chastity and orgasm denial' started by portia, Jan 15, 2009.

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    I met my Mistress / Wife over 15 years ago when I was one of her
    regular slaves, over the years we also became friends and due to
    circumstances married neary 4 years ago. Although ours is a legal
    wedding it is strictly a scene marraige which enables my wife to
    obtain all of my possessions and funds which we had a pre numptual
    agreement over to protect me for the future. I am now and as per our
    fetish marraige contract her personal slave and maid. I am kept in chastity
    24/7/365 and have been for more years than I can rmember and my chastity
    device changes between a Tollyboy and a CB2K, and I have recently
    been measured for a steelwerks device to which we are waiting delviery and
    the neccessary piercings to heal. I have 4 opportunities per year to have
    sexual relief however this does not always happen due to the dice game
    played in fact the last time I had any relief was 2nd February 2008. the
    dice game is devised that on the 1st of January, the 1st of May and the 1st of
    September I am given a dice to throw if I throw between 1 and 4 that governs
    the day and month I am given a further opportunity for relief however if I throw
    a 5 or 6 I loose an opportunity until the next fixed date. on the appointed date ie
    this can only be1st of Jan , 2nd Feb , 3rd March , 4th April and then starts again
    I have to throw the same number i.e. on the 3rd March I have to throw a 3, if I do
    I am allowed out of my chastity device for 30 minutes to do whatever I wish before
    being locked back up again , just to say on the 1st of Jan this year I threw a 5 and
    will not now have another opportunity until 1st May which will be a minimum of 16
    months since the last relief.I have not had intercourse with a female for over 14 years
    I love my Wife / Mistress dearly and would not change my lifestyle for anything
    if you would like more details on my / our lifestyle please let me know
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