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A Girl And Her Boy

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by PuellaPurpurea, Jun 1, 2017.

  1. First journal entry since the start of our three-month experiment (May 20)! After a hiatus from chastity devices, I put him away in his Holy Trainer last night. I have left him locked until now, as per our schedule to slowly get him comfortable wearing it outside of sessions. He has reported no problems. I'm sure he'll be grateful for the slightly more comfortable sleep tonight, although I'm almost certain he'll start humping me. XD If that happens, he knows the rule/backup plan: he gets his hands chained to the side of the bed!
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  2. He's lucky he gets to sleep with you. I rarely get to sleep with my Wife. She decided a long time ago that she needed sleep more than she needed me in her bed! It's one of the reasons I felt she was in charge anyway. When I discovered the idea of a FLR it just gave a name to what we were already doing.
  3. @Jasmic68@Jasmic68 I too am no longer allowed to sleep with my wife. It started by me sleeping at her feet on the bed for a while, then I was told to sleep on the floor beside the bed. Recently I was sick for a few days and slept in the guest room while I got better. Once I was well again I told her I was ready to sleep on the floor again beside her bed. She said I was to now sleep in the guest room and she wanted the bed and the bedroom to herself. Even though she has taken full ownership of the bedroom it is still my duty to keep it clean, pick up her dirty clothes and make her bed daily. When this started a a few weeks ago she said I'm to wear a bra every day now and she refers to me as her sissymaid. Our traditional marriage seems to have ended and we are now in a femdom type and full FLR. What an amazing wife/ KH I have!
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  4. I consider him lucky. I have not been allowed to sleep and have intercourse with my wife for longer than we can remember. She thinks penises are not attractive and men are disgusting with their farting and shooting semen all over the sheets, etc. :) She prefers women for sex and aesthetics, but enjoys having sex that is only about her, with me. Having her girlfriend join us in a poly triad for 30 years of our 44 year marriage turned her to the dark side. I mean a vagina. :)

    I enjoy having my own manly decorated bedroom and having the whole bed to myself. The only evidence of my wife are the various whips, canes, paddles, straps and crops hanging next to my dresser. You are doing it the right way by taking baby steps. So many guys get their device and want to wear it 24/7 right away ending up in pain and disliking wearing it. Most chastity devices are sitting in dresser drawers after the initial excitement wears off. So baby steps is the way to go. Even more punishing than handcuffs is the only threat my wife gives me. If I am not locked all the time unless she says so, or I try to masturbate, she will threaten to give me the keys back and refuse to play chastity anymore. That keeps me in line more than any painful discipline she has inflicted on me.

    Have fun with it and good luck.
  5. Ha, could be us too. With me lockedup she knows I stay frustrated. She sometimes joins me in the morning to read together or chat but I need a definite sign before I can give pussy worship. A draped leg or a pause where she puts down her book and looks bored with a "come on then" attitude.
  6. The one thing I get more jealous about more than anything else I read about are the people who get to pussy worship on a regular basis. I am lucky if I get the chance once a week at the moment. My Wife loves it when I am allowed to lick her pussy but for the majority of the week she just isn't in the right frame of mind to want it. If she ever asked me if there was anything I wanted to change about our arrangement it would be this. I would ask for at least one other chance in the week.
  7. @Vinny@Vinny, I just discovered that the guy who created Wonder Woman in the 1940s lived in a Poly Triad. It's funny how something that once upon a time would have created a huge scandal was announced during a documentary about the new film with no emphasis at all, a sort of 'yeah, and?' Sort of attitude.