A Case for Cuckolding?

Discussion in 'Chastity and orgasm denial' started by MasterG63, Jun 5, 2008.

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    This was originally written by a Mistress Domme & I think it is a very inciteful viewpoint :angel:


    I think it's great when submissive men express their love, adoration, and worship to their dominant women by cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, and attending to us hand and foot with massages, grooming services, tongue service, sexual service, and submitting to our punishment, humiliation, controlled orgasms, etc. But in my opinion, one or two problems will eventually surface for most Dommes within such relationships. And even our vanilla sisters can have similar problems.

    I'm sure some women will want to burn me at the stake for publicly admitting this to a partially male audience, but the fact is: women need a challenge within their relationships with men. This is true for Dommes and vanilla women alike. However, submissive men are particularly at risk of no longer being a challenge to their Dommes after some time in the relationship has passed. The simple truth is, once we have you wrapped around our fingers, it's hard for us not to look elsewhere!

    But what should a sub do, start intentionally disobeying his Domme in order to become a challenge again? This would be considered topping from the bottom by most. At the very least, such a manoeuvre would be transparent to any Domme with her eye on the ball. I personally would not appreciate a sub, with which I've settled into a comfortable relationship with, regressing to such tactics after I've spent considerable time training him to my liking!

    Enter cuckolding, the perfect solution. Cuckolding gives us an endless stream of new challenges, and hopefully, our subs are driven into an even deeper state of submission in the process.

    Even if a sub somehow manages to forever remain a challenge to his Domme, deep down inside, most women need that occasional high-testosterone, dominant, swarthy, rapacious, well-hung, chiselled, hunter-type lover (often referred to as an alpha-male) to sate our need for a truly deep, satisfying fuck.

    I believe that there may be ions of genetic engineering at work here, and more than just a purely selfish, wanton sexual pursuit. I think these desires may be an attempt to satisfy our biochemical programming for survival by seeking the strongest gene pool for reproduction.

    One must ask why we are rewarded with such earth shattering, multiple orgasms when we succumb to such men! If your woman tells you that she's never had such desires, chances are excellent that she's lying to you to spare your feelings!

    However, the problem with the alpha-type lover I've described above is that most of them make lousy life partners! We really can't have both sets of qualities (submissive beta and alpha) in one man, can we? So women are forced to settle for what they think is best for them for the long haul, and usually end up desiring their mate's counterpart's qualities at some point in the future. Is there any wonder why relationships are so difficult? Sure, women can suppress their desires, but suppression will often manifest itself in other negative ways.

    Once again, enter cuckolding. I can have my submissive man with all of his caring, endearing qualities, but I can also scan my environment for Mr. Alpha when the need strikes me. And I can do this without guilt or fear of discovery!

    For all of the above reasons, I believe that cuckolding within soundly established F/m relationships will eventually become the norm, and not the exception.

    I know a sub may fear that his Domme will find someone better and subsequently abandon him. But let's be realistic here. Finding a suitable submissive man, and then training him to near perfection is no easy task!

    Contrary to popular belief, those 20 to 1, up to 100 to 1 ratios of male subs to Femdoms that you've read about are utter nonsense! Most self-described "male subs" are either clueless wannabes, lurking wankers, scared and unsure of themselves, outright phoneys, or already attached. Unattached, truly submissive, trainable men are far scarcer than men have been led to believe.

    So if a Domme can have her cake and eat it too, why would she walk away from her sub? Fall in love with Mr. Alpha, and leave a wonderful, loving, adoring, well-trained sub? You've got to be kidding!
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