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9 years ago

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by Lucy, Dec 21, 2016.

  1. Hello all..

    Happy Holidays or for us brits Merry Christmas..

    9 years ago today I went to a morning breakfast meeting at 630 am dressed like this... 20161221_073916.png

    Now belive or not I was not with Mistress .. I did like female underwear and bits but was not really a TV or a sissy...I know my wife at the time would have gone a bit mental if I had tried to come out this way.. she did know about this..

    But I had a ball that morning got told I had good legs by some girls and asked how I could walk in these..

    Have a great one!
    Lucy x
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  2. I think that's a great idea ,we should all dressup on our last day before Christmas at work .
    Happy holidays and merry Christmas
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    Hi Lucy

    Great to have that look back in time and I hope you and the wonderful Mistress Deborah have an amazing Christmas :)

    Best wishes to all :)
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  4. @Lucy@Lucy
    Wow that is one amazing image and the back story and the balls to do that .


    XX Wendy xx
  5. I had a friend like you. Halloween was the best day of the year for him. Only his closest friends knew that he liked to dress as a woman. His wife knew too and was fine with it. He only dressed up for those few of us that he told when we visited them socially. He was not a pretty girl though. Maybe it was his beard. :) Good for you. Do what you want as my wife and I have always done.
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  6. Hi lucy i have seen you up very close and very personal and for me it was all about the fact you and Mistress Deborah were comfortable in the skins you were in and as long as you have that together nothing else matters! Merry Christmas to you both and the family.
  7. Hello Lucy
    great pic so what happened ... from simple beginnings to the Lucy you are now ??
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  8. @Northirishlocked@Northirishlocked what a question. I met my Mistress and the love of my life :) Lucy is there but quiet dormant although I have worn painted nails to work for the last week now and offered some new high heels.
    Lucy x
  9. It must have been so liberating.Wish I had the guts to do it