4th day in chastity

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    so it's my 4th day now and sexual frustration is at a high likes it's never been before, loving it.
    still not been allowed to cum and no relief. I'm loving kissing Gorgeous more than ever now as it's my only source of physical contact, it turns me on so much having her lips pushed against mine.
    I've noticed that my sexual imagining is literally off the chart!! and that saying something I'm super imaginative anyway. so I thought I might share some of the naughty thoughts that are pulsing through my mind.

    So it's the beginning of February and me and Gorgeous have had the best Christmas and new year together. it's been nearly 4 months locked in my chastity but things have never been so good, evening moving in to our new home.
    I had been redecorated every night for a week to put our own stamp down.
    'finally the last touches' I said, and Gorgeous walks in to inspect. 'wow, you really have impressed me handsome face, and all done naked so I can see what I own' she smiled and looked longingly with her big blue eye's 'it's your birthday in a few days and I think you deserve an early present.' I had the biggest grin on my face and my cock was trying to get so hard it was bright red and my balls so big the look like they was ready to pop.
    'get in the bedroom my handsome prince, tonight's is going to be all for you' u run to the bedroom so fast I tripped over the last step, typical me.
    'Right lay down and put your hands up, you will be tied up when I give you the ride of your life' my opens opened wider, 4 months and I was ready to cum there and then I told Gorgeous.
    I there a am, my hands tied above and my head, my heart thumping so hard you could see it through my chest. Gorgeous knees between my legs and looks me straight in the eyes, a firm but loving look and says 'now do you promise to stay hard all night for me?' yes I responded eagerly 'good because I turns me on seeing you there so hard, and I own you handsome face' she said as she unlocked me and my cock sprung to attention. taking my balls firmly in one hand and grasping even tighter with the other hand, her breather so hot on the tip of my cock I could nearly feel it she looks up at me 'mmmmm, I have been waiting to fuck a cock so bad lately, my pussy is wet all the time, but do you know what?' no I replied. 'I going to be having cock tonight my prince.'
    'yes, yes, yes' I replied throbbing and the thought, her pussy was so wet I could feel it as she lent on my legs.
    'but do you know what turns me on even more, having you all for me, knowing I am the only one who can give you want you want' gorgeous said while still holding my cock tight
    'now remember what you promised me, you'll stay hard all night for me do I know you are enjoying it, and if you don't' she laughs 'well I might have to lock you up and loss the key forever.' 'yes gorgeous, any thing for you, your my world and I love making you happy' I said breathing deeply
    'good, I was hoping you'd say that' climbing off me and getting her phone 'I'm just getting a drink' she said while blowing a kiss at me

    She returned shortly with a big glass of her favourite drink and loads of ice. 'you still hard for me? i need cock so badly, but...' she stopped
    'but?' I asked, she took hold of me and kissed me hard 'I love having you serve me anyway I want, your mine and the fact you wanted this to begin with turns me on even more, you love me teasing you don't you?'
    'yes of course I do, your happiness is my everything' I exclaimed
    'good because I need some really hard cock tonight, Mike come in' in walks this man I have never seen before, skinhead broad shoulders and wearing really nice clothes. 'this is Mike, he came into the shop the other day and now he is going to fuck me, fuck me hard till I can't walk, and you are going to watch all night and stay hard for me aren't you?' i murmured a yes back knowing if I didn't I'd be locked away forever
    Gorgeous took a big gulp of her drink and blew me another kiss before taking Mikes top off..wow he did have a great looking body, I could tell She was loving it her hands up and down his chest and she kissed him. she kneeled down and unbuttoned his jeans before Mikes hard cock came crashing out, it was far bigger than mine and a lot thicker to, gorgeous looked at me and said 'I hope you enjoy watching I know you have wanted to see this, this huge cock making me wet' I was strangely harded than I had ever been before, knowing that she would get to feel a real cock in her for the 1st time in months, I could see her thong was soaking wet and she wanted him inside her, it didn't take long till Gorgeous was up against the wall, Mike standing behind her with his huge cock pushing against her pussy, she glanced at me with lustre in her eyes, but almost wanting my approval. I nodded and she pushed back hard onto Mikes cock, I could hear her juices pouring out as she moaned with delight, it was like a beast had been woken inside her and she was giving it everything she worth. Gorgeous then pushed Mike on the bed next to me and climbed on top of his cock, wow it looked even bigger as he lay there next to me, she continued riding him harder and harder moaning and groaning. I could tell she was close and so was Mike but his sounds too. and just then he let's out a massive deep manly groan and he filled her up, there was so much it was pouring out of her pussy. she definitely came to and jump of his cock and straight onto my face. 'I love you so much my handsome prince, I told you I had any early present for you, now enjoy' she lowered her pussy dripping with Mikes cum and her juices to my mouth and told me to not waste a drop. I did as I was told as she took another big gulp of her drink. before putting my cock in her mouth, mmmm it feels so.... hang on wait... cold. 'you didn't think I'd actually let you cum did you?' haha she laughs
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