3rd Time a charm; fitting a new Looker 1

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    TLDR: No sex here, no great revelations, no huge insights. Just a description of fitting a new device.

    As the title suggests, it took me three tries to get the sizing right, but I just finished a test run with my new titanium Looker 1 from Steelworxx and it fits perfectly. It is always amazing to me how sensitive something as “squishy” as a man’s penis and testicles can be to small changes.

    I thought I’d document my size journey primarily so that newer member just jumping into custom cages can learn from my experience and save themselves some time or money. And maybe this will save some from getting discouraged when it doesn’t seem to be working out.

    For the last few years I have worn and been very happy with both my Mature Metal Pet Trap and Jailbird devices. But with a nice work bonus last spring I decided to get a titanium Looker for three reasons: lighter weight, elimination of the base ring post on the MM devices, and to make minor cage size adjustments.

    And since I had two well fitting devices, I figured the measurements would be easy to get right. And that is where I was wrong.

    Initial order: I measured my existing MM base rings carefully, and asked Steelworxx if they could make an oval to match instead of the default circle if ordered online. They were very accommodating, so I placed my order and had the base ring made 57mm x 50mm to match what I had. I can (and do) wear my MM devices for weeks in comfort and without any slip-throughs, so I knew the size was good. But when the device was delivered several weeks later (but within the expected timeframe) I realized that it was too tight. Uncomfortably so, and definitely not for extended wear. I then realized that the Looker cage was slightly wider than my JB and I had not accommodated that. Plus, the Steelworxx round stock is slightly thicker than MMs, so with the testicles pushed out more and against a wider cage, it was much too tight.

    Mod 1: I got out the measuring tape and carefully measured the gaps between cage and ring on old devices; traced outlines to get the gap right; and did some math on the stock sizes, and decided I needed a 60x54mm base ring. This meant a new ring, so off went my payment to SW for a new titanium ring and off I went to the post office to spend $50 on international postage to Germany. This was getting to be an expensive decision!

    Several weeks later, but again on time, the Mod 1 version is returned. The ring measures out exactly as ordered, so on goes the device. It seems like a very good fit, and I’m happy. For about 4 hours when one testicle slips through. Aarrrgh! THAT will simply not work! As some of you recall from my other posts, I do not keep a backup key, my wife keeps them all when I am locked. And while we are usually together, we do spend weekends apart sometimes when she visits our place in VT, and I do commute to Manhattan when not WFH, so I need a cage we both know will stay on.

    I had measured so carefully, and because it was an uncomfortable slip-through, I knew I was close to getting it right. But man, was I disappointed I was now purchasing yet a THIRD expensive ring.

    MOD 2: I was determined to make this one right, and knew I was close. I now had bracketed measurements, too big and too small. So I remeasured everything on old and new cages. I even calculated the area inside the ovals of the various rings and my planned one to give me a feel for the impact of size changes. In the end, I decided that a flat ring without the “anatomical curve” SW usually makes and a ring size of 58 x 52mm was the best choice. So off to Germany went my device and my money and the post office got another $50.

    FINALE: The new ring arrived exactly to specs just before Christmas, but I was only able to test drive it this weekend. It would seem that my persistence paid off, and it is finally right. I have exercised in it, gone outside in the cold, slept in it, etc and have been perfectly comfortable and never felt an impending slip-through. What still amazes me though is how big the differences were between such small changes. The final perfect fit ring was only 1 x2 mm larger than the initial one, yet went from unwearable to perfect. 1 or 2 mm larger and it was too large. So if you are contemplating a custom device, I guess the lesson here is measure carefully, but accept it might take an adjustment or two to get right. Be prepared for the time and the expense of modifications. It took me 9 months back and forth to Germany from the US to get it right, although I’ll note that 5 weeks of that was in customs hold in Germany somewhere. I expect to get many years of use of this device so I guess 9 months is a minor inconvenience in the long run.
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    Hope to see photos soon!
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