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3rd day in chastity

Discussion in 'The Play Room' started by handsome, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. hi peeps it's my third day now
    wow I'm so incredibly horny all the time but I know that should settle down a bit.... depending on how much Gorgeous edges me.
    so the chastity is still really comfortable wearing and I'm constantly aware that it's there, not sure if other people have noticed it lol
    so yesterday as I got home from work Gorgeous reminded me I was to put up some shelves a day that I should do it with no clothes... so there I am but naked drill in my hand and my chastity, I felt really humiliating but I really liked how vulnerable I felt to.
    I've definitely noticed that me and gorgeous are taking this seriously and embracing our new roles , I feeling like I'm become more amd more aware of her needs and pleasing her than I am pleasing myself and gorgeous is starting to be more dominant which I am liking. ordering me to do little things for her and how to do it.
    I was not allowed to cum again last night but was told to play with the medium sized dildo in the corner of the room out the way. Gorgeous told me that I should take as long as needed to try and satisfy myself because it the last bit of pleasure I'm going to receive for a while. I'm scared what that means but of do excited are the same time.
    Im not begging to be realised yet and it doesn't look like I will be getting out anytime soon which is great for Gorgeous, I get to make her happy
    so as I said last night I was allowed to play with a toy which gave me a feeling of slightly release from the sexual tension but also confirmed that I am not in control of this situation, I thought I was in control and if I asked for it to stop that Gorgeous wouldn't hesitate but now I feel more vulnerable and at her mercy and am loving it
  2. Maybe, just maybe, Gorgeous will feminize you and turn "Handsome" into "Pretty"!
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  3. Just as well you did not need to go to the hardware store.
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