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3D Printed Chastity Device for Tether Spouts !

Discussion in 'Chastity Device Reviews' started by Catbond, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. Hey everyone, as some of you may already know, i've been having difficulties with piercings this past year and decided to pursue the tether spout route as it may seem to be a viable and not as painful and time consuming alternative to PA's

    I have been designing chastity device for the past few months and this is what i came up with for a ringless device that would incorporate the tether spout, let me know what you think and if you'd be interested in having one as i might commercialize these in the future ! :p

    New Glans Armor Tether version 1.PNG New Glans Armor Tether version 2.PNG New Glans Armor Tether version 3.PNG

    This product is what i would call the Glans Armor as it covers the entirety of the glans and a small portion of the shaft. The tether spout would be secured via the two holes attached to the tip of the cage, given that the tether spout's end hole is internally threaded, a security screw would have to be placed through both of the cage's holes as well as the tether's threaded hole to make it impossible to remove :)

    The cage could then be printed in titanium, stainless steel or even PLA for prototyping (to make sure you get the right measurements before we print in more costly materials)

    Let me know what you think, meow :p
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  2. Great idea! I hope it will spawn a whole new family of devices!
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  3. 3D printing is an excellent idea for chastity devices in general. Pity one would need a piercing to take advantage of this design, but I'm sure you will expand the idea to ringed devices as well. Good luck!
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  4. Yes a ringed device is in the works aswell, but i'm primarly focused on ringless devices . I'm fairly confident that this design can work in conjunction with a tether spout :p
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  5. For ease of cleaning and ventilation I suggest you add small holes or slots in the tube. You could get creative and make some sort of pattern (zebra stripes, leppard spots, fish scales). How about initials of a keyholder?
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  6. I'd be more concerned with the sharp point that's bound to puncture the skin of the shaft when an erection starts ;)
  7. You don't have to take anything said into the design. I was/am in brainstorming mode.

    How thick will the material be? Couldn't you ease the edges when printing. The holes and or slots could be made rather small.

    A simple hex pattern of say about 4mm holes could do the trick. This may also allow the head of a cotton swab to enter. Or you could make more the holes smaller.

    Another though, add a window screen lining. The mesh of a window screen would prevent penis tissue from extruding into the holes. The problem there would how to afix it inside the tube. You could make the tube in 3 (maybe 4) pieces. The inside later would be all one piece like you have now. The screen would lay on top of this surface. The outer hull would lay on top of the screen. You could then have larger holes/slots. If you went too far the structure may be impacted. But the layer would add to the strength of the structure, as layers of plywood.

    Water is bound to accumulate inside the tube against the skin. This will then form a rich environment for nasty critters. Your skin is almost certain to have edema. If you planned frequent (every few days) removal it may not be an issue.
  8. Yes you're absolutely right ! I was hesitant about adding it as I thought it'd be part of the customization process , every customer can add the pattern he chooses and his KH's name :)
  9. @hubsub@hubsub Good point, i'll round it :p
  10. Very inventive.

    But you should not call it the GlansArmor. Mark at MaleChastityNow already has a chastity device called a GlansArmor. It is a shaft-only device secured by a fixed hook through a PA piercing. It would cause confusion, at the very least.


    Good luck with your design.
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  11. Thanks for pointing that out ! it shouldn't be that hard to find another name at some point :p
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  12. Here's an updated version with side holes and a rounded edge on the top side of the shaft part :p

    New Glans Armor Tether version update.PNG
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