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3 days to go in Holy Trainer V2

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by innocent.in.574, Apr 27, 2015.

  1. Only three more days until I've completed my 30 day sentence locked in a small, pink holy trainer. I am amazed how comfortable this device is. I used to wear a cb-6000s and after a week my skin would be raw. With the holy trainer I truly forget that I'm wearing it. I haven't even had to remove it to clean.

    It's been a fun month. I've worn a bra and panties everyday. When our situation permits I am fully dressed as a maid and perform as such. My wife noticed a wet spot on the front of my panties on the first day. It was a from a few drops of pee that leaked out after I used the restroom. Her solution? Maxi pads. I've worn them 24/7 ever since and change them every time I use the restroom.

    Honestly, I'm not sure I want to be released in three days. From past experience I know that when I'm released and have an orgasm I feel disappointed. I feel like I could have gone much longer. The arousal and fun of being locked up for a month is spoiled and gone in just a few minutes. The hardest part of getting locked up is the first week of constant horniness. After the first week my behavior and moods change and I get into what I call the zone. My wife loves it when I'm in the zone because I am more attentive and productive. I hate to admit it, but I think I'm a better husband when she has me wear a chastity device.

    What do you think should I ask for another month? Should I ask her pick any length of time she desires? Or should I offer to remain locked up indefinitely without a specific release date? Maybe I should just complete my 30 days and have a mind blowing orgasm... I'd love to hear your thoughts.

    PS - If anyone is curious this device passes through a metal detector easily. I work in security and must pass through one daily and the lock has never set off the alarm.
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  2. I think if you are that comfortable,maybe three months would be about right.
  3. That's about what I was thinking. Maybe a July 4 release....
  4. I glad you like that device. I have been looking at it for awhile. I think another month would work. Have you mentioned it to your wife yet?
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  5. Last night I asked her how much she's liked the past month with me in chastity. Of course she said she's loved every minute of it. I then asked what the plans are for Friday (the day of my release) and she laughed and said "leave it on". I playfully asked for how long and she replied "oh, I don't know... maybe 120 days, or maybe a year". I stopped asking questions at that point. I don't know if she is serious or joking. I am both nervous and excited - maybe even a little scared about what will happen on Friday. I've really enjoyed this month of chastity and am having no comfort issues so I could go a while longer but I miss my orgasms.
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  6. Well whatever happens two words. Enjoy it :) there is no reason you can't reset the counter if you do have an orgasm :) go for longer, who knows, your dominant might make you go longer ;) hehehe.
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  7. I think that where you are meant to be, giving yourself three months lock up is nothing to your wife giving you three months lock up.
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  8. I tend to agree with other posts.......we all gave away the control of our orgasms the day we gave our partners the keys........let Friday come...if you cum....then that's your keyholders choice not yours. But enjoy whatever happens
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  9. Don't ask or offer. Talk honestly with her so you both get what you want from chastity and your relationship. It's ever evolving. Whatever either of you want now will change as time goes on so communication needs to stay open.

    If your wife is anything like my wife where she is getting all the sexual satisfaction she wants without intercourse, l would let her know that you are totally OK with that. Let her also know how comfortable your device is so she can feel comfortable in whatever she chooses to do in terms of locking and unlocking you. No complaints.

    If you are anything like me, you would let her know that the arousal you have for her that's built up in you from pleasing her everyday (not just in the bedroom) is way better than any orgasm you can have. You prefer to not to have an orgasm because you don't want your arousal level for her to drop off at all like it usually does after. You would rather be teased and denied to increase your arousal for her. It should be totally up to her whether she wants you to orgasm or not. You will be amazed by her once she really understands your feelings on this and she by you.

    It's not the length of lockup that matters as mush as the length of orgasm denial matters. Just because she unlocks you for play doesn't mean she should let you orgasm. In the beginning, my wife would set time limits sometimes up to 6 months without unlock. While I got horny, the intensity wasn't nearly as powerful as it is today. Now my wife plays with her cock whenever she is in the mood without any set time limits. I have been placed on permanent orgasm of any kind that has been going on for over a year now and there is no end in sight. The intensity from being teased, edged right to the point of almost no return over and over then denied, turns me into a babbling fool. She keeps pushing me on by telling me that one of these times she is going to make me cum like never before which keeps me guessing all the time even though I know that that wont happen for a long, long time since we both agreed it should be permanent.

    Good luck on your venture.
  10. On April 15th I celebrated 6 months locked in my (pink) HT MkII. I honestly don't think I could have accomplished this in either of my CB's since they both pinch & are v. uncomfy at night, but as you say, the HT is really comfy & looks attractive too plus it tucks a little so I can wear tighter skirts outdoors (unlike my steelworxx which is like wearing the kitchen tap).
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  11. Thank you for all your responses. I'm keeping quiet with my wife now and not mentioning my upcoming release date. I've decided that I'll wait for her to initiate the conversation and see what happens. I'm so aroused all the time that without thinking I start to top from the bottom. I've always fantasized about taking the 90 day challenge, but never thought I could do it. Now that I have the HT comfort is no longer an issue so 90 days it very doable. I wonder if she chooses for me to do 90 days whether she will count the time I have already spent locked up or start at day 1 this Friday. This means I could end up doing 90 days total or finish my 30 days, not get released, then start my 90 day challenge. Then I would end up locked in it for 120 days total.

    Honestly I'm hoping she is in a good mood and decides to keep me locked up. She's devious enough that she would probably have me spend 120 days in the holy trainer. I may ask for more feminization if I stay locked up. Maybe even but together some sort of rule book and dress code.
  12. if I was you id stop thinking bout the days cos it only makes it worser. just do what She wants and then She might be nicer to you.

  13. I totally agree. The HT is leaps and bounds above anything else I've worn. Don't tell my wife, but I think it could be worn for an entire year. I'm at 29 days and I don't even know it's there. There's not even any pinching when sitting or standing. By now if I were in the CB6Ks I would have worn my skin so raw that it would have to be removed for two or three weeks to heal.

  14. To be honest... The first time I tried it on, before my wife even knew I bought it, my first thought was "uh oh, this could be bad". But depending on your point of view bad could be very, very good.
  15. I agree with you that the HT (mine's a steel knock off) is acomfortable as many others and more than most.
    There is sufficient writing by respected authors to back up the idea that your first long denial period ought to be at least three months. There woul dbe no harm in making your wife aware of this.. Elisie Sutton advocates a year I think but she is really into the the FLR Femdom thing. Sarah Jameson I know for sure says 3 months first time.

    It can be too easy to start topping from the bottom if you are not careful. Before mentioning anything you need to establish how your wife feels about it all and what her thought are. You asked her to both lock and deny you... your price is compliance to her thoughts and feelings.

    Chastity in your lifestyle is a possible lifelong journey there is plenty of time to see what your wife wants now and might tend towards later before you start trying to instigate changes. The trying on your part may even have the wrong effect.

    Wait and see is my best advice.. Not easy I know but probably best.
  16. Looks like for me this time will be 90 days plus locked. We went on vacation in August and where we flew my KH decided that it would be a good time for me to be free. 14 days of tease and denial and ruined orgasms, and I was locked back up on August 25th. Toward the end of Sept I inquired as to the length of time remaining and she whispered "Locktober is almost here. This morning when I got up there was a note on my desk that said "NOvember starts tomorrow. I figure it maybe be the December holidays before I am freed again.
    When we started we had kiddingly (so I thought) discussed this more then a few times. She brought it up. After watching a few movies together she read up on it and decided that the benefits were in her favor. She sent me an email with photos of many devices and said pick three. I sent her my choices and for a few weeks nothing was said. One night after showering we went to bed and I reached for her to cuddle. She grabbed my hand and said "wait". Rummaging thru her nightstand drawer she laid three devices on the bed and chose one.
    She has always be the dominated one and as she was fixing a ring behind my balls she said "this is the only time you have to change your mind after this I own these". Not saying anything to her she nodded and slid the cage on and clicked the lock home. She must have known how I would chose as she had the keys on a necklace around her neck all ready. She then laid out some panties and said I toss all of your male under clothes out. As time goes on you will become my little bitch.
    This has progressed to wigs, dressing around the house and pegging as well as her teaching me to deep throat her strap on. All the pleasure is hers now as it should be. It will be interesting to see where this journey will go from here. She now refers to me as her little whore and her ass slut.
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