26 male in MA looking to be reformed

Discussion in 'Personal ads - Looking for a keyholder or sub?' started by perdemption, Jul 14, 2010.

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm a 26 yr old male submissive. I've been submissive as long as I can remember. This has helped make dating a little difficult. I'm a good looking gent that women expect to be on the prowl. But I'm not the aggressor and have been proud to not have give into my desirees.

    But I know that chastity and discipline can help make me the best partner to a dominant woman I can be. I feel that chastity can help the male tap into his emotional desire to please his woman, which would be a constant if we were all in chastity ;-). So if anyone is in the MA area and would like to give it a go it would be great to hear from you.
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