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24/7 Dog Basket Muzzle

Discussion in 'The Veterinary Center' started by scob89, Mar 2, 2014.

  1. After the get service I had when having my custom punishment collar and locking shock collar made, I am having yet another fantasy turned into reality.

    A muzzle that does not need to be removed for anything, In theory it could be worn for weeks to month to years at a time.

    The base muzzle is a wire basket that is locked on with a strap that goes over the head and around the head just below the ears.

    Additions to the base muzzle are a pipe that goes through a "treat hole" in the front of the muzzle and into the wearer's mouth a couple of inches, 1/2" diameter so it can be used to drop some dry doggie food down the pipe and force feed dog food. Second is a cover that covers the entire basket and prevents any food intake and the only way to drink is to dunk the cover in a bowl of water and drink like a dog.

    Both of these options can be used together or independently and will be attached with Torx security screws. Both can be installed or removed without removing the base Muzzle.

    Both the Muzzle and addons will be made out of stainless steel for long life and because it will be getting wet repeatedly.

    I have attached pictures showing the leather and nylon pattern that I sent in, which was very effective by itself I might add, and the stainless steel prototype.

    It should be done within a couple weeks.
    image.jpeg image1.jpeg
  2. Sadly I can't update this thread like I did with the locking shock collar. The pictures above where send to me on Feb 26 and since then there has been no progress on it.

    It looks like this is a fantasy that I won't be able to turn into a reality.
  3. I have emailed the maker and canceled the build. There really wheren't any issues when I had the collars made, but with this things just don't add up. Was told at first that there was just one project in front of this one and once it was done it would only take a few days to make. A few days later was told a couple weeks because he had more orders. Then 9 days, but I waited 20 days. Now there are many orders in front of mine and it will take 4-6 weeks to get to mine.

    I am glad I didn't pre pay on this project. Was only given an estimante figure so I couldn't otherwise I would have awhile ago. I did pre pay on the collars, but that was mainly because one of them involved a expensive remote collar and invisible fence reciever.

    I have contacted a different person on making this muzzle system, but I'm not keeping my hopes up. I think this project it dead in the water for a few years and I'm really bummed about it.
  4. Just a short update, despite not wanting to continue on this project, the maker(bondsofsteel on etsy) is still working on it. It's long past the last time of completion I was given and the last thing I was told is he got some different stainless in and was going to work with it in the morning and let me know. That was just over 3 weeks ago. Haven't been able to contact him since. I had also requested that the prototype I made be sent back to me and was told it would be shipped out the next day, that was more then a month ago and I haven't got it yet. Will update again later on.
  5. As fate would have it, I was just emailed these photos. Not bad for 4 months of work/sarcasm.

    I was promised it would be done in two weeks, but without the cover or built in gag and at a very reduced price. Still 4 or 5 days to go until the two weeks are up. photo 1.JPG photo 3.JPG
  6. Just over a month now and it was supposedly done a week ago and he was going to send pictures in the morning, now back to no communication. Big surprise there. Been just about half a year since it was started, I think I could have bought some stainless wire for my MIG welder, converted it from a flux core to a gas shield welder, and thought myself how to bend and weld stainless by now.
  7. Yep .

    And you haven't got the bill yet !

    So always good plan to develop new skills never know when they might come in handy.

    Xx Wendy
  8. I'm just learning to use a MIG welder so I'm not ready for Stainless quite yet. I have an old Arc welder that is 15 years older then me and works great, but you can't do the finer detailed things with it.

    As for the bill, it has already been reduced by 83% since I was told it would be done 4 months ago, and it won't have any of the extras. The only reason I haven't forgot about it is because he already started on it and I said I would pay for it if he finished, but this no communication thing is not good, which I told him a couple times, nothing has changed.

    I'm lucky to have many skills that come to me naturally, computer repair and dog training I taught myself, figuring out what worked and what didn't. I specialize in training large aggressive dogs to become family pets again. Automotive repair, I went to collage for, literally slept through the first year and aced all the tests. Then there's the home made explosives, That was all great and fun until I lost half my left hand, but live and learn.
  9. Suposably it has been done and ready to ship the last couple weeks, yet I can't get ahold of him again. Why in the world would someone do all that work and then just ignore their customer? I just sent him a message saying I was just going to forget about it, so if the pattern repeats itself, he will email me first thing in the morning with some bullsh*t about machine breaking down or some other crap. If anyone wants to read our whole conversation on this I'd be happy to share. This guy really should not be in business if he treats all his customers this way.
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    The last I heard from him was on July 10th, nothing since, so I have forgotten about it, supposedly, the muzzle is done and just needs to be polished up. But I think he lied to me on that. Why else would he just stop all together?

    Here is our entire conversation on the muzzle, aside from a short phone call which I went into more detail on how I wanted the tube and cover to work.

    [Link removed by admin]
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    I understand your frustration, but please refrain from posting unnecessary screenshots of a conversation on another website, especially one that contains addresses, phone numbers, emails and credit card information. A simple eraser line through them is not enough to hide such details.

    This really needs to be something you and the other party resolve in private, regardless of how things may have turned out.

  12. It already has been resolved, he has probably given up on it and I have decided not to bother with it anymore. I was just trying to put as much info out as I could so people could avoid this seller in the future and so they could see both sides and make the descition for themslves.

    I understand not posting links to other websites, but I don't understand your statement on the email address and such, erasing them is one of the best ways to get rid of them, there is no possible way anyone could read them.

    I will gladly share the link with anyone that requests it(Through pm's of course)
  13. What a shame the project never got completely...It was a fantastic idea too.
  14. Thanks, I loved the idea of a long term muzzle too. Couldn't wait to be locked in it for a few days or couple weeks at a time.

    I did manage to get ahold of the person after many many attemps. Offered to buy it just as it was no matter how incomplete it was. He told me he didn't have it anymore. So he never really intended to finish it at all. A real shame. I'm working on having a different one made from a different person that it honest,but he is super busy and not taking any custom projects at this time, but I know he is worth the wait. :)
  15. I really hope this other person follows through with the commission, I would love to see some form of long term dog muzzle. The idea has been part of a fantasy of mine for a long time. I've seen some other people drawing designs on the net but never a real one. I look forward to seeing some pics if and when your project gets finished!! :)
  16. Well, so far he hasn't taken on the project because he is too busy with regular orders. When I had my collar made with a custom lock it was made clear that custom orders are only worked on once the regular orders are done. He was very upfront about that and it still got done within a month or less. I had to send my lock in as it was rare to find anymore. I still wear the collar daily and it has held up very well. I get many comments on it and enjoy telling people I am a dog born in a human body. Amazingly, the general people seem very interested in it and ask plenty of questions. I love it too! Oh and this person is Rick @ Dungeon Delights.
  17. Thought you would like one of my other muzzles with a chew bar. :)

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  18. I will look this Rich guy up, I like the sound of his work. Lol I think I must have been a dog born in a human body as well. I love your leather dog muzzle, that's awesome! I would love to have one of those. Currently I'm working on integrating a dog collar with my leather chastity belt so make it impossible to remove.