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2 Ruined Orgasms in One Day

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by 18andlocked, Mar 18, 2017.

  1. Yesterday was day 5 of 7 for me. In the afternoon Mistress ordered me edge myself after telling her how horny I was. Since I have my keys (we know each other online) I was able to unlock myself and start stroking my dick. I sent Mistress several videos (via snapchat) when she told me to insert my buttplug. I have two plugs but I knew she meant the larger one which is about 5 inches long and 2 inches at its widest. I've been using my plug more often since I started this 7 day challenge but I still had to fuck myself with the plug for a bit before my hole could take the widest part. Once it was in my asshole it wasn't going anywhere. I snapchatted my Mistress showing her that I was edging myself with the buttplug in. That wasn't enough for her and she told me to start bouncing on my plug while stroking myself. Bouncing sort of hurts my hole but at the same time I enjoy the pain so I went on with it. After bouncing on the 5 inches of plug inside of me and playing with my dick I could tell I was getting really close to cumming. I knew Mistress would not be happy if I came without her permission so right when I thought I was about to be over the edge I let go of my dick. And then a ton of what I thought was cum came pouring out of my dick. It splattered all over my stomach and large portion of it started trailing down my cock and balls. Fearing I had cum I showed Mistress the mess I made. I then scooped some of the cum, ate it and realized it was really watery and I had given myself a ruined orgasm. I told Mistress and she said she wished she had been there for that.

    Later in the evening Mistress wanted me to edge myself again. The problem was that I wasn't really in the mood because the ruined orgasm killed my libido. Not wanted to disappoint Mistress I took off my cage again but I left the base ring on to intensify my erection. I started to edge myself like before. Mistress was taking her time looking at the videos I was sending her so I decided to make it more intense for myself. I switched to a base ring that was a size smaller. The tightness around my balls felt incredible and I found I was really in the mood. Then Mistress told me to use the buttplug again. After what felt like an eternity I was getting close to cumming again. So I let go and I had another ruined orgasm. A lot less cum came out and my dick lost its erection almost immediately.

    This morning Mistress wanted me to fuck myself in the ass until there was precum coming out of my cage. The 2 ruined orgasms from yesterday took a lot of energy out of me and it took me a lot longer than usual to get the result Mistress desired. Has anyone felt like their libido was lost after having a ruined orgasm or intense edging session? I'm not even sure if I care about getting released tomorrow to have a real orgasm.
  2. Two ruined orgasms, one after the other are standard with us. The second one allows me to be horny enough to eat my cum. We have done 3 in one session a few times because we read that it takes 3 to drain your balls. Most times we just do two though. I have even experienced two full orgasms one after the other which shocked the heck out of me but all I can think of is that the first was a semi ruined one where I got some some pleasure but not all I could get. Only repeated that once. I never had any precum leak from prostate stimulation even in the old days when I used to be pegged. I only leak when two to three weeks have passed with no orgasm at all..
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  3. Yesterday, during a tease session, my wife asked me when I last had a ruined orgasm...I had an accident and went over the edge on July 24, and two days later you told me to have a full blown orgasm. She then instructed me to give myself a ruined orgasm. I was already on the edge, so all I had to do is rub little willy against her pussy and ass and wait for it to happen.

    She keeps me on the edge all the time, so all I want all day long is sex. I think she lets me have an orgasm to force me into down time so she can take a break from our daily tease sessions. I usually have one or two days down time after a ruined orgasm, and three or four days after a full blown orgasm.
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  4. I know that my wife allows me orgasms to give her some down time from my attention. It's a double edged sword.
    I am getting better at controlling my adorations thus less orgasms for me.
  5. Thanks, that"s good advise. A little more self control on my part would be a good thing for both of us.
  6. I know from my experiences of self ruined orgasms, both good and bad, that a loss in libido afterwards usually indicates more than a ruined orgasm. I've had ruined orgasms where I shoot cum but am still insatiably horny straight afterwards, to the extent that I will lick all the cum. Something I don't do if I have fully orgasmed. Then other times, I've had a ruined orgasm, say in cage with vibrator, and maybe little cum has come out but my feeling of tension and libido has completely subsided.
    I guess what I'm saying is, just because it's not a full orgasm, that's completely mind blowingly amazing, doesn't mean it's a ruined orgasm. It might have just been a shit one.
    Chances are, if you suffered from a loss in sexual activity, libido etc it wasn't really a ruined orgasm.

    That's just based on my experience though.