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1st day in chastity

Discussion in 'The Foyer' started by handsome, Oct 9, 2017.

  1. hi people I'm new here and new to this sort of thing

    so today is my first full day in my cb6000, I have owned it for a few months now but not worn it for very long, but my gorgeous girlfriend and I decided I should wear it till she decides she needs me lol

    I love the feeling that Gorgeous has total control over me now as she holds the keys
  2. Enjoy your journey and don't be begging! You wished for it, now just enjoy it!
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  3. heloo @handsome@handsome and welcome to here and don't forget to wash cos the plastic ones am a bit smelly after a bit.
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  4. Hi!

    Thats awesome! My wife and i have just started playing with our new device and i've been locked up since the 23rd of September, total bliss!!!
  5. Hey. Welcome and enjoy the ride.......
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  6. Congrats...
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  7. Congratulations on taking the First step and maybe the second. Your Journey can be exciting and life changing it all depends on you and the Person holding the Key. Enjoy Your Journey and do t be scared to share your experiences
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  8. Today is the first day that I’ve held the keys to my Jailbird. The feeling has been surreal so far. It has not been 24 hours yet, and I am anxious to see and experience the beginning of some kind of change.... Am I expecting too much too soon? I am definitely willing to wait, and I believe my perseverance will be worth it.
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  9. Hello @ABITNUTTY@ABITNUTTY Firstly welcome to chastity mansion , I think your wait will definitely be worth it , although I think you may have to wait at least a few days to see the start of any real changes , different people react in different ways , so its hard to put a time to this , but for sure you will see and enjoy the results
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  10. Hello @handsome@handsome welcome to chastity mansion enjoy
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  11. Congratulations to you and to your girlfriend. Hope to hear more about your experience in the future.
  12. I am so jealous!
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  13. Welcome,

    We are all behind you. If you have questions just ask. There will always be someone here to help.:)
  14. Welcome @handsome@handsome and your KH Gorgeous to this awesome group & forum hope you keep enjoying your journey into submissive bliss
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