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Discussion in 'Lori Devices' started by emsprisoner, Feb 23, 2017.

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    Does anyone else experience issues with their 18a? I've been slowly adjusting mine myself but can't quite get it right for long term wear.

    I'm still having minor issues with swelling from the skin poking out of the gaps. I'm slowly opening the inside out but it takes ages and the smallest rough edges causes problems.

    I'm also have problems around the piercing. Not the the piercing itself though as it's well healed. IT's the skin just behind, it seems to catch between the pin and hole that it goes in.

    I'm feeling a bit negative about the device at the moment and winder if I'll ever get these little catching points ironed out for more than a couple of days wear at a time. It's a shame as 95% of my manhood is really cosy in there!
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