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Discussion in 'Chastity and orgasm denial' started by Obsequious, Feb 28, 2019.

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    I want to share a little about my experience in the world of chastity, what effects it had and now has over me. How I NEEDED help...without realizing just how broken I was! How the KINDNESS, GENEROSITY, PATIENCE and PURE PERSEVERANCE of an unknown Lady has taken this once broken chastity dreaming male to new places...pushing boundaries and MAKING SURE I see things differently.

    FIRST AND FOREMOST for any Ladies that may read this..."I AM TRULY, SINCERELY SORRY for being an absolute male pig!" YES...I was one of those creepy guys walking through the store or driving down the street basically breaking my next to ogle at some attractive lady or ladies walking, minding their own business or just driving to work. I was the guy undressing each one of you with my eyes with insane thoughts that I could possibly have even the slightest chance of any one of you even speaking to me! YET, it didn't stop me from basically raping you all with my eyes! I HATE THE WORD too, but needed to put it out there to explain what a mess I was. FIRST OFF, I would NEVER EVER EVER harm a hair on any Lady...just would never happen. Truth of the matter is, if one of them...or any lady reading this ever stared me in the eyes calling me out and instructing me to do something I would instantly follow the order. I am NOT a womanizer, just a bit of a perv I guess. Hopefully the past ("ME") is now clear to everyone.

    10/31/2017...I start an Emlalock session, using my Steel HT 2 S, wanting a strict lock down I set up my session to be VERY aggressive. Within a very short period of time...(the same day) I was bombarded with multiple votes, multiple additions of time from the Pillory. Before I knew it I was in for almost a year locked up. Now totally floored and NOT wanting to quit I did not know what to do. So, I reached out to a lady who once held me for a short period of time back in 2016, Madame "E". After she was done laughing at me for the mess I had myself in she asked for my key ID and some other number she could use to take control over my session. Which she did quickly. She reduced my time, leaving quite a lot of time still on my sentence. She told me she now owned me, she was going to get some fun out of this since she saved my ass. WHICH she did, PLUS its not like I could argue with her. Madame "E" is QUITE intelligent and very cunning! She slowly played away with me...little teasing phrases and such. Had me prove my devotion to her in various ways. Pictures taken in way I would not advertise to the world...she now had in her possession. Plus a TON of messages and emails of me begging her to take me deeper and make her hold on me stronger and Stronger and STRONGER! She kindly and gently played with me...(her toy) as I was then called. I could NOT beg her enough...I COULD NOT get her to take enough control over me! Before I knew what I was doing she had ALL of my personal information! YES...ALL of it! I gave her SOOO much on me that she just casually collected and accepted what I offered her. I wrote a slave agreement, making proclamations that after sending the contract scared myself! I think you have the point now...

    THEN things just kept going along. One day into the next into the next...week by week passed. NOW, 16 months later...I am locked in a custom device of her choosing. She DID allow me some input...but being as submissive to her as I am...she could have had me locked in anything she wished! I even went as far as getting a PA piercing for the new cage. Then needed to go up two sizes for the cage to work...went back and go repierced to an 8 ga from what I believe was an 11 or 12 gauge. THAT WAS PAIN!!!! I almost passed out! UGH! ANYWAY...I ramble, I apologize.

    My point to this posting is...DEAREST MADAME "E", THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I am so much happier and SO MUCH better off now than the day you took control over me! Your limitations, rules and requirements have help reshape my mind so that I now see women as a treasure! I see women as an absolute gift from God. A gift that I WILL BOW DOWN TO EVERYDAY OF MY LIFE if allowed! I have ALWAYS loved women...always seen women as THE SUPERIOR gender! I CANNOT give enough of myself to the ladies in and around me! I CRAVE and DESIRE to give of myself continuously without hesitation. I WOULD wear a chastity device for Madame "E" for the rest of my life IF she would allow me to! SHE has made me a much better version of myself. I know FULLY respect women, I do NOT look at their bodies...I look into their eyes and then quickly away. IF they welcome my look at them, I will smile then look down and away as to NOT present myself to aggressively. I am in sales...I sit with clients and potential customers everyday. I CAN AND WILL FULLY ADMIT, when I sit down with a Lady I am MUCH more giving, much more attentive to what she wants and desires. I find myself bending over backwards so she can see that I am NOT the aggressive male...quite the opposite. BETA male is what I hear would be a term for me! I CANNOT do enough for ladies...I CRAVE to help them, to do whatever they ask of me just in hopes that they will see I am a well behaved male. THANKS TO MADAME "E"!

    I am hoping for MANY MANY MANY years of servitude to her! I AM HOPING she will allow me to exist in her world for a long time to come. Of course...this is her decision and HERS ALONE!
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