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Discussion in 'Chastity and orgasm denial' started by subcuckold, Sep 19, 2021.

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    this summer was the 15th anniversary of my last penetration.
    That day, my wife come close to me naked and ask to get naked to; then she started to tell me that she’s very proud of me, that we’ve come a long way together and that my renounce, which she understands has been hard, has certainly greatly increased the solidity of our couple (all true things!!)
    Also, she remembered some intimate situations between us (in which I certainly did not shine ans lover LOL) and to ask me what I remembered about sex, I admitted that I have far memories, pleasant but very vague, especially about the physical sensation.SHe then told me that for the 15 years of abstinence she had a present for me, took the key, took away my cage told me that after 15 years I deserved a prize ad she is totally at my disposition, rally complete.
    My expression must have been funny, because she laughed at me, indeed I did not know what to do, I had my wife there, naked, beautiful, and I next to her for the first time after a long time without a cage...
    I was contemplating her for an endless time, for a moment I thought about how to enjoy her body, how I could fuck her but, in that moment i realized definitely something was already inside me: I realized how I see her as a "goddess" as something to venerate but not dirty with sexual needs, that definitely are no for me! probably you think i am crazy, but i really felt that have sex with her, use her body for sexual pleasure is something wrong, a lack of respect to her. So I approached her and I started to kiss her deeply and very sweetly, starting from mouth, then I slowly went down to the feet.
    In the meantime my little pea had miraculously moved and hinted at an erection (very limited); so I started to rub the pea on the feet (the only part of her i can venerate every day) and in every short time I had the orgasm.
    She smiled at me and asked me if everything was fine, I replied all is amazing.
    After a few minutes I went back to the cage, and she asked me if I cum got too fast and had with other plans or if I voluntarily did not try to penetrate her.
    so i explain her my feeling and my tought, she almost touched hugged me and whispered to me that she imagined I would not penetrate her, and that as I behaved she gave her a further confirmation of my love

    i know is something crazy, something that who not live can't understand. but i love her so much :)
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