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    Hello folks,

    I've spoken to Mistress Watchful, and with her permission, wish to let you know the following: -

    We've just recently setup an online Adult Store called www.bigsexshop.co.uk. We've only got just under half of all the products that we will eventually stock due to warehouse space. Hopefully as new warehouse is completed, we'll soon be stocking all 3500 items.

    All genuine members of Chastity Mansion will receive a 10% discount on any purchases made until 1st February 2008. (Hopefully we'll be able to extend this offer to be a permanent one - Credit Crunch depending!)

    Simply email chastitymansion@bigsexshop.co.uk putting your username fromt his website in the subject line for verification, and we'll email you a Coupon Code to use at the checkout process of the Online Store.

    Coming soon will be a High Heels Store catering for all widths and sizes of feet, and a lingerie store too. Thank you for your time, and please note, if there is anything that you can't find, then just ask.
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