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‘Performance’ problems after lock-up period

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by Chaste_creampielvr, Mar 28, 2017.

  1. Hi all,

    I thought I might share an experience with you I had after my last lock-up period. After spending 3 months in chastity my KH –after some teasing- released me and started to masturbate me so I could have a much desired release. It was the first time that I spend so much time in chastity and despite the fact that it was difficult I enjoyed being locked-up for my KH. Seconds after the cage was removed I became erect and my KH started masturbating me very hard, unfortunately this did not have the required result, after a very short time my penis went flaccid and remained so for about 10-15 minutes. It was only when my KH decided that I was to be locked again and started to apply the cage that my penis became erect again. I don’t know if my KH took pity on me but she allowed me to masturbate to relieve myself. It was a very nice orgasm but not as intense and rewarding as I expected it to be, I think that’s mainly to do with the fact that is found to whole experience to be quite humiliating.

    Any ideas/suggestions you might to avoid such a situation in future are most welcome, my KH and I are still in the experimental phase and are striving for a maximum of sexual frustration for me. Currently I am allowed 2 orgasms a year…

    Chaste regards,

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  2. My husband has a sort of similar problem after long lockups in a very small cage. After being unlocked he can orgasm before he even gets a little bit hard - I have to be very very careful even when cleaning him - like a hair trigger times 10. Anyone else experience this?
  3. I would have been super disappointed and definitely would NOT have let you masturbate by your own hand. If you couldn't get it up for your KH, why should you have the pleasure of getting it up by yourself. My man would have been locked back up with no release. You became erect when she put the cage on you because the cage turns you on. My guy is only locked 2 weeks at a time and last time i gave him a hand job he busted with me barely touching him. Maybe she was jerking you off too hard and you lost your erection because of that? I know if my guy gets something in his head about performance issues, it will be no orgasm for him because he will start to go soft anyway. So maybe you were thinking too much into it? Next time, have her go gentler, tease you more AFTER you are out of the cage and try to clear your mind.
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  4. They are funny lil critters. We don't even understand them!

    When we first dated, I had lost a few erections when she would say things like fuck me harder or deeper...uhhh I can't lol. That would immediately tell my cock it wasn't making her happy and it wasn't doing its job. Now, she can say all that type of stuff when I'm using the dildo on her cause...I can fuck her harder or deeper. I stay super hard and turned on cause I'm making her happy.

    As far as long periods of lock up and losing erection... that can be any number of physical issues. Tissue might need some time to adjust to being erect. It could be the body subconsciously try to protect itself, used to associating discomfort with erections. I agree with @Thatgirl@Thatgirl more lighter touching and more fore play without cage.
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  5. If I'm locked longer than two weeks and my KH gives me a rough hand job it is no good because the skin is somewhat delicate and very sensitive. She would yield better results if she were to touch you more gently and work her way up but definitely not a "rough" hand job.
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  6. Agreed. My wife just gave me an orgasm after 8 weeks locked-up and commented on the roughness of the skin. So she concentrated on the bottom of my shaft/balls and it worked well!
  7. When mistress allows me to cum its done with her rubber gloved hand, usually every six to eight weeks don't even get hard and blow the lot on her stocking clad leg in less than a minute sometimes two. just her touch on my cock is enough. I then have to lick up my mess and straight back in the cage
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  8. I'm in for life now without parole
  9. I have similar issues I am out very seldom and am allowed very few orgasms and over the years have the Same issue difficty in getting an erection and yep hair trigger would be an understatement but my wife finds great amusement in the situation ;-)
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  10. What you describe is common for me after a month or so of denial. It was for this reason that we started doing shorter denial periods of 3-6 weeks. We reach a law of diminishing returns where the orgasm is not worth the time denied and my wife does not get the response she wants from my penis. What I did was buy some generic Viagra at about $1 a pill for 10mg. I know that the FDA warns against it but try to find a single article of someone suffering harm. I used to buy them when I had my wife and our girlfriend to please so I once again went back to them when we did prolonged denial.

    Just last weekend my wife got the same results as your KH. Erect and then flaccid again. She got frustrated, had a second orgasm with her vibrator, told me to lock it up and left. This was after taking Viagra too. Right now I do not think my wife cares anymore. She is into her female only phase where she only is attracted to women. That can change at anytime if she sees a hot guy on TV though. I have hinted to my wife about just not even worrying about me sexual pleasure because she wants to go back to long term denial again as she likes me better that way. To tell the truth, my best orgasms are after two weeks of denial so after that I am OK with just focusing on my wife's pleasure. My Jailbird is very comfortable and I hard think about it anymore and I like the sexual energy I have. We will discuss it further this weekend but I am prepared to tell her not to even worry about getting me hard anymore and make sex just about her.
  11. I have exactly the same. I am so aroused and horny and when allowed to cum, i cum in seconds. My cock has no time to get hard. I cum complete small and flaccid.
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  12. That is how my wife and I prefer it, different tastes...we both find it an achievement to come without erection. She's not into PIV anyway.
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  13. After three months your body (and mind) are not going to react as they did pre-locking. You body and mind have got used to being locked and orgasm free. In my experience it takes time to readjust. If granted. Humans are not machines. We will adapt to circumstances over time and to change back also takes time.

    After about two to three weeks I start to get less interested in sex or release. That is because I am adjusting to being without orgasm. I wouldn't expect to get it back within minutes of being unlocked.
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  14. I think I have the opposite problem. Everything works, but it just doesn't want to squirt. Well, not without some persuasion...
  15. I had the same problem once. I think it was also around the 3 month mark. My wife had an unusual desire for intercourse, and she unlocked me. We had the lights off, and I was trying desperately to get in her. I thought I felt super hard and ready to go, but she reached down to guide me in and said I was completely limp.

    I kept pushing against her vagina trying get myself hard enough to penetrate her, but I felt myself start to orgasm and I stopped. After I leaked a bit, she told me to lock back up. Kind of an unintentional ruined orgasm I guess.

    After I locked back up, we kept playing and I started getting hard in my cage about 15 minutes later. Alas, she said my opportunity had come and gone, so I wasn't allowed to try again.

    That was one of the most frustrating experiences of my life, and psychologically strange. Feeling very aroused and hard but being unaware that your are totally limp is weird.

    My wife actually enjoyed the experience quite a bit. Of the times that she got really wet during sex, that was definitely in the top 3. Something about knowing I wanted in her so bad but was completely powerless to do so got her really horny. But now she prefers me locked up all the time, so there won't be any repeat of that experience.
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  16. We e never discussed it, but I believe she has two different feelings on the subject.

    When she is actually in the mood for me being inside her, I believe she is frustrated and a little disappointed I do not last very long now. I doubt she wants to work all that much to get me hard if I've been locked up for awhile.

    On the other hand I think she gets a strange kick out of seeing it take a very short time to get me to the brink.
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  17. Yes, I have the same problem. I can't let my wife clean me down there if it's been more than a few weeks. Even when I'm cleaning myself, I have to be careful. It's one of the reasons I am looking at an Evotion Wearables device, enough access to allow for good hygiene, but enough coverage to prevent stimulation. Right now I have a Holy Trainer and I have to remove it daily for cleaning. I'm hoping to eliminate that problem.
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  18. Hon, what you did is wrong and you broke trust with your KH, what ever form of punishment, caning, humiliation, enforced chastity is completely warranted! Miss said you should publically apologies at the very least! As your posts do not seem to strike a note of regret!
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  19. We've had similar experiences after longer lock ups, and now I know it's just what happens sometimes I use it to tease him 'Aww, he doesn't want to be let out, should I just put him back in the cage till he wants this?' kind of thing, which is pretty hot, and ironically usually gets him hard again lol
    We find that after about a day of being unlocked everything is back to normal though, size, erection, endurance etc.
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  20. I've totally done this. During a T&D session my wife had me so worked up I was on the verge of cumming even when I wasn't hard.
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  21. No doubt, after being locked up at least a week or two, I can orgasm while still almost limp or hard as a rock. It doesn't have to be much, as if the wind just needs to blow the right way. I've only had a problem recently on one occasion with getting good and hard when she needed it after being locked up. It was simply a matter of taking a little more time, a little more foreplay with my face worshiping her vagina, and whamo, I'm properly ready for her. She did try using her hand for a few moments, but as others here have already stated, she was just going at it to hard and fast, and I wasn't responding accordingly.
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  22. Happened last night after 10 day lock up. Couldn't stay hard enough for penetration. I could only bury my face in her pussy and groan. Locked back up today.
  23. If Im allowed to cum (rarely) Wife prefers me to stay soft. She has another, bigger cock to enjoy PIV.
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  24. That happens to me sometimes even after short lock ups, say 3 days or more. My guess is that my mind has become use to the pressure of being locked up/not getting a full erection and it just goes soft again. I go back to focusing on my wife pleasure and it comes back to life.
  25. I usually have two different responses after a long denial. The most common is that I cum in one or two strokes and I'm all done in less than 10 seconds. The other is that I start to lose my erection as I'm entering her, and it won't come back no matter what we do. Since we average less than one penetration a year, it isn't something we have to worry about very often.
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