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İn doubt about pinching with jailbird please help

Discussion in 'The Foyer' started by Quandar, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. Hi
    İ am using a jailbird chastity device. İ have some problems with the base ring which is 1 5/8". İt is in the exact measurement i think because i can not put more than one finger (index) inside it and the tube is at the measurement of my flaccid size. When on daily use i have not any problems, it is mostly comfortable but at night when i came erect in my sleep i awake with a pain like someone nipping my under scrotum and than two or three nights after i have pinching and purple line spots where the base ring passes under my scrotum.
    İ have tried slicone lube,baby oil, peeing before sleep,not drinking much water and such things and they dont solve the problem.
    İ am a new one in chastity and want to be in it for long term and my wife wants so but i cant wear it more than three nights or days.
    İs there anyone like me and have these problems. İ read all the forums about chastity pinching but they all say about using lube and wrong measurements.
    İ have tight and high scrotums and i dont think i am at the wrong measurement side.
    So what do you think.Do you think i must wear the ring one size bigger ( but one size bigger has the possibility of slipping down on me)or my scrotum skin will adjust the condiation by the time passes when the device is on day and night.
    Thank you
  2. Call Mature Metal and talk to Mistress MM. She will help you. Great people.
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  3. I sometimes have a similar issue, except my line spot is on the top to the right of my KH's cock where the base ring sits. I find that baby oil gel works better. Did you get the oval base ring?

    I'd be interested to see what they say if you call @mistressmaturemetal@mistressmaturemetal.
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  4. Had the same problem petroleum jelly is what I use, don't leave home without it , a quick shower gives relief early in the morning it just takes a few weeks to get the sac skin to stretch so that when the sac shrink's and the balls want to lift high but are stopped by the ring it does not burn against the ring, as long as you can get index finger up to 1st knuckle under ring when your comfy there should be enough room I found ball sac stretching through time was the only way,they have some good creams out now for pregnant ladies to reduce stretch marks might be worth a try ,the guys that do ball bag stretching use shea butter but takes time and persistence to get there
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  5. Thanks for replys
    İ already use slicone lube.
    Do you think i shall go one size bigger ring for that few weeks
  6. Also MM says that it should be from the gap
  7. I always found silicon lub would dry out to quick and cause the ring to grip the skin you have to keep the metal ring lubricated, good finger of vaseline around the ring worked best,your ball sac shrinks and expands under the ring due to body temp etc and move's the balls up and down to keep them at the best temperature when the sac skin grips the ring you get a burning sensation you need a small gap between ring and solid part of your body 5 mill or 1/4 in or so clearance if the gap it big the thing will fall off this happened to me once
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  8. İ have two gap rings 7/16 and 3/8 inches. İ am more confy on the bigger one.
    You say time and vaseline will solve the problem.
    Do you think that i should use oval ring because of i am tight and high?
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