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Sep 27, 2016
Mar 30, 2011 at 10:38 AM
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Tina in training

Sissified maid, eunuch & cuckold to Mistress Angel

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Sep 27, 2016
    1. sissystephanie
      Hope you and Mistress are managing okay.
    2. tdk34
      love the idea of being in locked hood for a mistress, but is scarey too.
    3. Wendygirl
      Hi may I follow you your posts are stunning .
      Wish you well to have more fun
      Xx Wendy
    4. omegastar013
      i was just wondering if you enjoy wearing your diapers?
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    Chastity devices:
    CB6000s and all that is contained therein is owned by Divine Mistress Angelique
    Chastity resume:
    January 2009
    I am the willing cuckold and servant of Divine Mistress Angelique, a professional dominatrix who was my wife from 2001 until 2009 when we mutually dissolved our relationship as husband and wife to become cuckold and Cuckoldress. Neither of us was sexually satisfied, her because of my extremely small penis, timidity as a lover, and lack of masculine assertiveness. Me because of her childhood sexual trauma, which left her unable to connect with her sexuality, which was a terrible waste of beauty, brains, sensitivity and an incredibly hot body.<br />
    [​IMG]<br />
    This photo was taken when Divine Mistress Angelique was still my wife. <br />
    Imagine what it's like for me spending all day every day with this magnificent beauty knowing I cannot touch her, kiss her, hug her or even talk to her. <br />
    Hell, I can't even look at her without permission. My eyes may only gaze down upon her feet unless she invites me to look up, which she does not do without a reason.<br />
    Sexual contact of any kind is out of the question. In the two + years I've been her cuckold, I have watched her make love over two hundred times with more than two dozen partners, but I have not received so much as a hand job from her. <br />
    My dick is of no use to her. Her thumb can pleasure her about as well as my dick can because it's pretty much the same size. Even if she allowed me to put my penis in her pussy, her vaginal opening is so much bigger than my dick that it would do little more than tickle her.<br />
    But I love her and cannot bear even the thought of living without her. I may stay, but only on her conditions. I must do anything and everything she asks without question. She may have and do anything she wishes. I may have and do only what she allows. <br />
    Agreeing to this is easy; it is what I have dreamed of and fantasized about for so long. But dreaming is one thing, doing is another. This is not a game, this is my new reality. Can I really, truly, surrender completely to another with no expectation of return.<br />
    <br />
    Mistress chose this lifestyle only after years of badgering and begging by me. Being dominated had been a lifelong dream of mine even before puberty, as were my plastic, latex and leather fetishes. Being cuckolded had become an obsession during the last few years of our marriage, after I accepted the fact that I would never be able to sexually satisfy my wife, but I derived immense pleasure from fantasizing about other men with big cocks bringing her to orgasm. The irony is she now admits that during sex she was fantasizing about the same thing I was: her being fucked senseless by powerful men with huge cocks.<br />
    I eventually confessed to her that I had been seeing a professional dominatrix for several years. She was emotionally devastated, far more so than I had expected. I immediately regretted my decision and wished I could take it all back. But I couldn't. After weeks of wallowing she went to see the professional dominatrix I had been seeing to try to get her head around my sexual perversions. Long story short: they became friends, lovers and business partners. My former Mistress taught my wife how to let go of her guilt and enjoy sex. She gave my wife her first orgasm. I could not have planned it this way, but my decision to give up on our marriage was the impetus my wife needed to give consideration to our present relationship. My wife is now my Mistress and Cuckoldress, and works as a professional dominatrix. She has had more than twenty lovers in the past two years, mostly men, but some women. I am sexually satisfied vicariously while watching her be satisfied by her lovers. She told me in the beginning that every time she screwed another man, she was really making love to me, but she was not going to deny herself one iota of pleasure from any one at any time. Our cuckolding relationship, and her domination of me was going to be total, no limits, no holds barred. She would get everything she wanted whether I liked it or not; I would get only what she allowed, and surrender completely to her will, whether I liked it or not. The only choice left open to me was to permanently leave her should I find our lifestyle unacceptable for any reason. This sounded like heaven to me. It was everything I ever wanted. In reality it is half heaven and half hell.<br />
    It is not easy to watch her enjoying sex with no inhibitions when she was always so inhibited with me. But many of her lovers, particularly one night stands, will not allow me to watch, and that is even worse. I must lie tied to my bed so I cannot masturbate, and listen as she comes over and over and her lovers talk about how she is the best lay they've ever had. Sometimes with one night stands she never even tells them about me. They come and go without ever knowing her cuckold is tied up across the hall listening to them. She gets so many compliments on her blow jobs, which just crushes my heart because in all the years we were married I never got a blow job that lasted more than a minute or two, and only with the most basic dispassionate technique. I never got anywhere close to coming in her mouth. <br />
    So the reality of our relationship, for me, turned out to be one in which I am enormously aroused watching her take another man's cock in her mouth, or her pussy or her ass, but I can't help but wonder what it would have been like had I been born an alpha male, and she was fucking me with the enthusiasm she shows when fucking other men. Our sexual relationship was epitomized by a complete lack of enthusiasm. And while watching her get laid is one thing, watching her bask in the afterglow lying in another man's arms, exchanging soft tender kisses and just talking to one another rips my heart out. That is what I long for more than anything. Instead, because I wanted her to dominate me, because I wanted her to be completely in charge, because I wanted her to enjoy her self sexually while I merely watched, I rarely have skin to skin contact of any kind with Mistress.<br />
    As the cliche goes, be careful what you ask for, you just might get it. All that being said, and said with sincerity, I would not trade places with anyone in the world. Mistress has many lovers. They come, they go, and will continue to do so, but she will only ever have one cuckold.<br />


    Tina (formerly known as cuckold jamie)


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