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Jun 14, 2011
Jun 14, 2011 at 10:25 AM
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looking to be pleased adn served!!!! Jun 14, 2011

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Jun 14, 2011
    1. Dark Knight
      Dark Knight
      Anyone chosen to serve you should consider himself a very lucky slave Madame
    2. strictmadame3
      thank's to all of you!!
    3. muzzledman
      great intro on your profile,you know what its about
    4. LockedinCB6000
      Hello Madame welcome to the Mansion from a chastity slave.
    5. strictmadame3
      looking to be pleased adn served!!!!
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    Chastity devices:
    A D/s or M/s relationship is not about sex<br />
    it?s about power and about O/ones' being.<br />
    It?s about sharing a lifestyle, eroticism and<br />
    sensuality. It?s about breaking taboos and<br />
    expanding limits. It?s about shared,<br />
    openness, honesty and excellent communication.<br />
    Most of all it?s about trust.<br />
    I seek a slave, one who secure, mature and<br />
    dedicated. I seek one who craves surrendering<br />
    his power to his Master/Owner. one who<br />
    is sensual, erotic, adventurous and wishes<br />
    to share who and what he is with him<br />
    Owner/Master.<br />
    What I seek in him is not written here but<br />
    can be found if he will look. It will also<br />
    be in My messages to him. What she seeks,<br />
    needs, desires, craves should be in his?<br />
    as well.
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