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Mistress Mandi's Gurl, from Bellingham, WA

I have met the most intriguing, beautiful, sexy Woman ever who understands me for who I am... I am the luckiest gurl alive! Nov 29, 2022

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    1. smatthew.smith11
      I have met the most intriguing, beautiful, sexy Woman ever who understands me for who I am... I am the luckiest gurl alive!
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    2. smatthew.smith11
      Just returned from an exhilarating trip to Alaska. I had another wonderful experience with Security while locked and dressed :) life's good
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    3. smatthew.smith11
      Its time to celebrate NOvember! To all of those who struggled in Locktober, this is your time for redemption! Lets behave!
    4. Tuberoch
      1. smatthew.smith11
        Oct 28, 2022
    5. smatthew.smith11
      For a lot of us, chastity is a part of our daily lives, but for those who don't but are prepping for Locktober, I wish you the best! Enjoy!
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    6. smatthew.smith11
      Still in my very tiny cage but I've decreased my ring size as I've shrunk too much... I'm now a comfortable 40mm and working into a 35mm!
    7. smatthew.smith11
      just spent the last week away traveling and boy was it liberating - TSA while being locked, femme attire, and a rather embarrassed agent!
      1. Mistress K's Sissy
        Mistress K's Sissy
        Very brave
        Sep 11, 2022
    8. seasoned
      Having looked at your photos, I admire the way you keep yourself smooth and pretty. If you have not yet found that special person, I think you will soon. Good luck :-)
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      1. smatthew.smith11
        Aww thank you!
        Nov 15, 2021
    9. smatthew.smith11
      Mmmm November... an amazing month as we enter the holiday season. And of course.... another month of no release. Happy NoRelease November!
    10. Tracysg
      HI, nice to come across your profile, Iam from Puyallup, would love to chat, hope to hear from you
    11. smatthew.smith11
      October is one of my favorite months... I wonder why? May be because its the beginning of fall? No that can't be it...
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    12. smatthew.smith11
      We are just about a week away from L'October. Is everyone ready?!?
    13. smatthew.smith11
      Happy Friday everyone! I am wanting to post a few photos this weekend but I'm not sure what to post first... any suggestions?
    14. smatthew.smith11
      In need of a special friend to help me with my journey
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    I am a young and active adult living in the Pacific Northwest. I was born with male components but am your special girl at heart. I have a loving and caring heart but I have learned that I can also be a bit deviant when provoked. ;) I love to enjoy the outdoors whether it is a simple walk along the waterfront or hiking/biking/skiing in the mountains. I enjoy my morning coffee while doing a little reading before the day gets started. I am a very simple person when you get to know me and am always open to new adventures. You'd be surprised what you can discover with an open mind! If you'd like to know more about me, please feel free to message me :kiss:
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