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    1. Slave_m1411
      Hey Babe, I bought an epilator and i know you use one. How do start with it. Im naturally haory so shaving is starting to get bothersome but the pain from the eplilator is quite strong. I like pain but dam lol.
      Do you just have to dope it out and i hear it eventually gets easier? also how often do you need to do it?
      x x
      1. SissyDeena
        Less often than shaving. More often than waxing. About 2-3 weeks or so though in the beginning, more often as there are a few cycles of hair growth.

        You should use a skin lotion on your skin before epilating to soften it up and VERY important, try to pull the skin taut where you are doing.

        There are still areas I just cannot do with the epilator because of the pain like my chest and boobs.
        Aug 28, 2013
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    2. Slave_m1411
      Hey Points turned up today, thanks for the recommendation. I didnt spend much time with the smaller ones as i am a pain slut anyways. So far im actually trying to swell my clittie to feel the pain.
      Wow, Pleasure causes pain, Which causes pleasure, which causes more pain, which causes more pleasure which splits the skin.
      Sissy Maria
      x x x
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    3. EmpressKimbr
      hello slave Mistress here looking for a slave to own and control if you are interested to learn and trained by Mistress I am on for further discussions on yahoo add ME for a casual chat I am on at empresskimbr
    4. Lucy
      well done - you have a photo of yourself in your profile and not just a locked device :-)
      1. SissyDeena
        Yes, it was time to be known for more than my device!
        Jan 17, 2013
    5. barbaramariemaid
      hi sissyDeena do you think we can be sissy sisters? i like to talk about things that are of our interest would you like that?. Please let me know ok?
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      1. SissyDeena
        Hey barbaramarie, i would love to be your sissy sister!

        Oct 9, 2012
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