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Jun 30, 2022 at 3:24 PM
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Aug 12, 1961 (Age: 61)
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Long term member, 61, from Oxfordshire

Now wearing panties and locked Aug 8, 2022

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Oct 4, 2022 at 3:04 PM
    1. jemima
      thanks for like
      1. sarah_tv
        you're welcome
        Aug 12, 2022
    2. SissySarahCD
      There is something really delicious wearing pretty panties when in chastity!
      limsub and sarah_tv like this.
      1. limsub
        true, go together
        Aug 10, 2022
    3. sarah_tv
      Now wearing panties and locked
      1. limsub
        just as you should
        Aug 10, 2022
    4. Wears
      Sexy pics
      sarah_tv likes this.
    5. Dana Fleming
      Dana Fleming
      Based on your looks alone, I could fall in love!
      sarah_tv and TammieF like this.
    6. sarah_tv
      Passed 200 hours locked
      JT_1999_, TammieF and Miss Lauren like this.
    7. SissySarahCD
      Great profile and delicious photos, and I can completely relate to your confusion over your sexuality. I am a very submissive sissy crossdresser but can only relate to men whilst in this role, and I really enjoy that, but my maleness is only interested in females?
      TammieF and Notaguynow like this.
      1. Notaguynow
        Feeling this very much. For me, as an occasional switch bitch but primarily submissive sissy, men definitely play a crucial part in this. But once they've used me for their fun I really have no further use for them. But I appreciate their "contribution".
        Jul 31, 2022
        TammieF and SissySarahCD like this.
    8. sarah_tv
      100 hours locked completed
      MissyB likes this.
      1. kinkstar
        Next stop... 100 days lol
        Jul 29, 2022
    9. sarah_tv
      72 hours continuously locked and counting
      limsub and CuriousJay like this.
      1. MistressS
        Well done
        Jul 25, 2022
        limsub likes this.
      2. CuriousJay
        Well done
        Jul 25, 2022
        limsub likes this.
    10. Anthony lee
      Anthony lee
      Hi Sarah_tv, that is a lovely picture you have posted. I'm nearby, geographically speaking, from irl. New to this. Not even locked but want to be.
    11. sarah_tv
      Trying to go overnight
      BullDogg and HamsterDick like this.
      1. HamsterDick
        What was that commercial? The best part of waking up is a cage on your cock!
        Jul 21, 2022
        asastype likes this.
    12. sarah_tv
      Second week started, now caged for all waking hours
    13. sarah_tv
      Increasing my caged time, day by day
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    Aug 12, 1961 (Age: 61)
    Location: (Country, Region - and perhaps even City?):
    Your chastity role:
    • Submissive
    • Sissy
    • Other - (Explain in "About You")
    Chastity devices:
    Holy Trainer V2, CB6000
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    Beginner getting there
    I'm a part time (not often enough for my liking at present) cross dresser, that likes the feminine (i.e. convincing) look.

    As I've embraced this side of me I've increasingly developed a desire to do more as a female and as such started to question my sexuality. This is weird because in guy mode I'm just an average heterosexual guy, but when I become Sarah, I'm open to alternative scenario's and this is where my chastity has kicked in.

    My chastity journey, and I accept this may not be the same for everybody, is about denying access to my maleness and embracing my femininity. Or to put it another way, if my male genitalia are locked away and thus out of the equation, then any sexual gratification has to be achieved by means more akin to that of a female, i.e being the receiver of a cock, and only being able to offer fingers, tongue, mouth, and a hole in return.

    Do I need a keyholder and/or a mistress? Simple answer is that I don't know. Maybe I do need guidance, because maybe I'm going about this all wrong. How would I know? Open for discussion. The discussion has been had and I'm now one of MistressS's girls


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