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hi there i am looking for sissy slave, Female, from maryland

single Sep 28, 2013

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    Hi, I am princessworship My name is Nicole,27 maryland and i am looking for slave,sissy to be my property.....

    Leadership is a matter of deep introspection and the resulting clarity. First the self is dealt with and controlled. Only then can one take on the responsibility of controlling a consentual captive and molding her mind and body like wet clay in an owners fingers.
    Getting control and power is easy the true measure of an owner is what is it he creates out of his pliable treasure. a owner is a coach, mentor, guide.


    Body worship, Bondage, Breast/Nipple Torture, Chastity Devices, Collar & Lead/Leash, Confinement/Caging, Coprophilia, Cross dressing, Food Play, Hair pulling, Physical humiliation, Power Exchange, Role Play, Sensory deprivation, Slapping the face, Spanking, Tickling games, Urolagnia, Verbal humiliation, Whipping
    Before we start I want you first make an official slave and Princess contract on
    BDSM community ok coz that’s my requirements for me to own you to session you before you get me inspired of you If you are interested on just give me your yahoo messenger baby

    A Definition of Submission:

    Submission is not about suffering.
    Submission is about service.
    Submission is not about humiliation.
    Submission is about humility.
    Submission is not about pain . .....
    Submission is about being present.
    Submission is not about being used.
    Submission is about being of use.
    Submission is not about control.
    Submission is about letting go.
    Submission is not about what is done to you.
    Submission is about what you do for others.
    Submission is not about abuse.
    Submission is about acceptance.
    Submission is not about proving anything.
    Submission is about being real.
    Submission is not about contempt.
    Submission is about respect.
    Submission is not about how you look.
    Submission is about how much you care.
    Submission is not about denying yourself.
    Submission is about being open.
    Submission is not about bondage.
    Submission is about freeing your spirit.
    Submission is not about submission.
    Submission is about obedience.
    Submission is not about fear.
    Submission is about trust.
    Submission is not about sex.
    Submission is about love.
    Submission is not about pleasure.
    Submission is about happiness.

    hey, thanks for dropping by on my profile. how are you?. i wanna make sure that you read my whole profile i dont wanna mislead anyone.. If you want to experience real and quality dominance you can add me on the following messenger.



    site: please visit before you add me ok:


    I am looking for slave to own obidient and loyal slave and sissy
    who can obey and please me do all my TASK and My requirements before
    i own a slave...My pleasure is you PM me on My yaho0 messenger My user name is My sky pe: princess.torture
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