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Long term member, Male, from Sunshine State

Adjusting to daylight savings time Mar 12, 2023

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    1. Paladintwk
      Adjusting to daylight savings time
    2. Paladintwk
      Thank you to all the Veterans
    3. Joe6900
      I love everything about your profile!!
    4. Tracysg
      Love all your pics, such pretty panties
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    5. Paladintwk
      Happy 4th. Land of the free. Assuming she gives you the key tomorrow.
    6. Paladintwk
      Just released from dare using cage # 27
    7. Paladintwk
      Just ordered my third cage. It is a leather ball stretcher with a metal bondage penis stretching cage tight impaler
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    8. Paladintwk
      Unlocked just long enough to change from CB 6000 to CB 3000. Promised I can earn my release Sunday. I'll let you know.
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    May 18
    Location: (Country, Region - and perhaps even City?):
    Sunshine State
    My key is held by:
    Mistress Vanessa
    Keyholder of:
    Locked since:
    On and Off since 2014
    Your chastity role:
    • Submissive
    • Sissy
    • Slave
    • Switch
    Chastity devices:
    My Fendom Roomate now has 27 cages in her collection for me.
    Chastity resume:
    Locked teased and humiliated 100's of times.
    Blackmailed chastity sub and slave. List of Dares my Femdom has created that anyone can request. I am required to submit reports afterward for her approval and use.

    BELL OF THE BALLS: My femdom roommate will cut a cat collar to size so that it will fit snugly at the base of my cock with the kitty bells dangling under my balls. She will punch holes and lock it on using a chastity cage lock. Then she will also lock me in one of the chastity cages from my album and pick out some sissy crotchless panties so the cage and bell collar will poke out for 2 to 8 hours of the day so every time I move or walk, I will be humiliated since she and everyone else close by will hear the ringing of my sissy bells.

    CHASTITY # 1: I’ll lock myself in chastity cage my femdom roommate choses and wear nothing but the thong or panties she chooses around the apartment for four hours doing her bidding and being teased and humiliated like the time I had to answer the door and pay the pizza guy or when she invited friends over.

    CHASTITY # 2: Go to work locked in the cage she chooses wear a thong or panties and thigh high stockings under my clothes. I have to send her a selfie with my pants down at my desk and another of me in the men’s room stall still locked in my chastity. Only then will she release me when I get home.

    CHASTITY #3: After midnight I will go to a 24-hour drive thru and pick up whatever my femdom roommate wants while wearing just a thong, an unbuttoned white dress shirt and locked in the cage she chooses. When I sneak back up to our 3rd floor apartment, she agrees to release me if I will masturbate and cum on the hamburger I bought while she watches me do this then watches me eat the hamburger.

    CHASTITY # 4: Model the 27 plus cages and many thongs and sissy panties for her friends that she invited to see her sissy sub while she humiliates and teases me.

    CHASTITY DARE # 5: I will strip naked, lube up my ass and slip on, insert and turn on one of my prostate vibrators. Then I will lock myself in one of my chastity cages and slip over the cage up to 4 vibrating penis rings and turn them on. I will put one of my sexy thongs, get on my knees and queue up a “femdom forces her man to suck cock” video. I will use one hand to stroke my ass with my prostate toy and hold my realistic cock dildo that I will suck with the other. When I cum I will coat my dildo with all of my cum and suck it clean until the greater of the end of the video or at least 3 minutes after my orgasm while enduring post orgasm torture from the vibrators.

    CHASTITY #6 My roommate will lock me in the chastity cage she chooses but no panties, She will have me dressed in either a pink school girl outfit, sexy maid outfit or leather mini skirt and corset top and drop me off at the glory holes with 2 hours’ worth of booth tokens and nothing else. Either I can walk the 25 miles home or somehow entice someone (I may have to swallow more than my pride) to give me a ride home.

    CHASTITY # 7: My Femdom Roommate will lock me in the chastity cage of her choice and slip on one of my crotchless panties that show off my cage so well. Then I will dress in my regular street clothes. She will pack whatever toys, cuffs, collars, etc. she wants and take me to the gloryhole booths as her sissy chastity slave to humiliate me and push to my limits. You may make suggestions that she may or may not use.

    CHASTITY # 8: My Femdom Roommate will roleplay with me whatever Femdom chastity tease and or humiliation video you or she chooses. If she chooses the video. a copy of that roleplay video will be sent to you by PM.

    CHASTITY # 9: My roommate and/or her friends will pick out and lock me in one of the 27 chastity cages my roommate has for me and sissy panties or thong for me to wear. I must role play while she or they watch a “Sissygasm” porn video successfully to be released. If I fail to have a Sissygasm I have to be their sissy chastity slave for up to 4 hours. My roommate has me pull down the thong to my ankles, lube up my butt and squat and insert an 8-inch realistic cock dildo suction cupped to the floor to fuck while roleplaying the video.

    CHASTITY # 10: Girlfriend Maid Service: My roommate will offer to the any of her girlfriends that will accept for me to be their sissy chastity maid. I’ll lock myself in chastity cage her girlfriend chooses and wear nothing but the thong or panties she chooses around her home for four hours cleaning and doing her bidding while being teased and humiliated however she chooses.

    CHASTITY # 11: Sissy Chastity Glory hole Hand Job Hooker: My roommate and/or her friends will pick out and lock me in one of the 27 chastity cages my roommate has for me, sissy panties or thong for me to wear and thigh high stockings. They can then offer my services to give hand jobs at a gloryhole for up to 2 hours to whoever they want'

    CHASTITY # 12: Sissy Chastity Slave Gloryhole Roleplay: My Roommate will invite her girlfriends over for a sissy chastity gloryhole roleplay show. When they arrive, they will pick one of the 20 plus cages she has for me and lock me up. Then they will select just a sexy thong for me, and I will dress in my regular street clothes. My roommate will mount an eight-inch realistic suction cup cock dildo on a door mirror visible from the Livingroom. She will cuff my hands behind my back, unzip my pants and pull out my caged cock. They each will take 3-minute turns with the hitachi wand to get me to cum. When I cum it will be coated on the dildo, my pants and thong will be pulled down to my ankles and I will get on my knees and suck it clean. They can repeat as many times as you say with a different cage up to 3 times.

    CHASTITY # 13: Sissy Chastity Slave Forced Bi Roleplay Show. My roommate and her invited girlfriends will lock me in chastity and dress me in a thong and a garter and stocking set, They will cuff my wrist behind my back and put on a collar and leash. They will finish by putting red lipstick on my lips. They will then put on strap-ons and each one will take turns leading me around, making me get on my knees and suck the others strap-ons while one of the others take turns teasing my caged cock and balls with a hatchi wand. If I cum it is used to coat the strap-ons I am sucking.

    CHASTITY # 14: Sissy Chastity Slave Femdom Strap-on Gangbang: My roommate will invite her girlfriends over for a sissy chastity femdom strap-on gangbang party. When they arrive they will pick one of the 20 plus cages she has for me and lock me up. Then they will select a pair of sexy crotchless panties and thigh high stockings for me to wear. They will generously apply and reapply during the dare hot pink lipstick to my lips. . My roommate will have me get on the coffee table on my hands and knees and will cuff my wrist and ankles to the table legs. Each one of her girlfriends will get to choose a different colored strap-on from my roommate’s collection and then the fun will begin. Wine and cheese will be provided of course

    CHASTITY # 15: Chastity Ballerina. My roommate bought a black Tutu and black thigh high stocking for me to wear while locked in the chastity cage of her and her friends’ choice. I am to serve them wine and whatever else they please. Whenever they or my roommate request I must do a releve pose in front of them on my tip toes with my arms up over my head while they tease my caged cock for no more than 3 minutes. If I come off my toes, they are allowed to slap my balls. This is my femdom roommate's rendition of the "Nutcracker Suite".

    Chastity # 16: Chastity Condom Cuckold: My femdom roommate will lock me in one of her chastity cages from her collection with me totally naked on my knees. She will stick a suction cup realistic cock dildo to a door mirror. I have 30 seconds to apply a condom on the dildo using my mouth with my wrist cuffed behind me. If I fail, she zaps me on my balls. I have to keep trying until I succeed 3 times in a row. She says this skill may come in handy in the near future

    Chastity # 17: I take a 10–15-mile bike ride through my neighborhoods at lunch time. My Femdom roommate will lock me in a chastity cage wearing only a pair of short spandex biker shorts and sneakers for the bike ride. The bulge in the tight shorts will be very obvious and humiliating especial going up and down my stairs and walking to my locked bike.

    NEW CAGE: Buy the new cage my roommate picks and the sissy panties to go with it and wear just them all day for her as in the Chastity #1 Dare. I will report back on what she picked.

    NURU MASSAGE #1: Go to the Nuru Massage place 20 minutes down the street locked in chastity wearing a thong under my street clothes. Give the masseuse the key and get a massage teased to the edge over and over before she locks me back in chastity and puts the key in an envelope and seals it shut. No happy ending just denial.`

    NURU MASSAGE #2: Go to the Nuru Massage place 20 minutes down the street wearing a thong under my street clothes. I strip down to just my thong which I will she will humiliate me when I cum in them. My roommate will decide how long I must stay in the cum soaked thong

    SQUEAKY CLEAN:[/COLOR] I’ll use these two toys at the same time with soapy water to scrub my cock and ass until I have a cock or prostate orgasm
    Handfree Male Sucking Masturbation Cup Dual Heads Oral Real Blowjob Strong Suction Vibrating Masturbator Vaginal For Men Sex Toy|Masturbation Cup| - AliExpress
    Unisex Silicone Beaded Enema Douche Bulb Anal Cleaner Soft Comfortable| | - AliExpress

    EDGE & Post Orgasm Torture: Send a video or videos and I will Edge for X times and Post Orgasm Torture myself up to 6 minutes after I cum

    STRIP CLUB I will go to a strip Club locked in chastity and get a up to 3 lap dances and I have to give my dancer this note "I lost at Truth or Dare. I am locked in a chastity cage and have to get 3 lap dances. If you make me cum, I have to give you a $50 tip". For economic reasons this dare is limited to 6 times a year in the odd numbered months (January, March, May etc.).

    TIED I will tie my hands behind my back and report back what I did to cum before I untie myself

    Fallen Eagle Dare: My roommate will tie me naked spread-eagled face down on the bed with a ball gag in my mouth. My cock and balls will be pulled back so they are exposed and she will use whatever toys she chooses to tease me over and over while I beg her through the mouth gag to please stop. Report available on request.

    Dice Dare: See Dice Dare in my blog

    AFTER MIDNIGHT DARE: My femdom roommate will dress me in just a thong and
    unbuttoned shirt and take me someplace outside and insert a prostate vibrator, take my shirt and give me my cell phone. She will then leave me there alone in my thong for 15 minutes to jack off, catch my cum load and scoop it in my mouth and hold there as proof when she picks me up. Then and only then can I call her to come and get me in my thong, with my vibrator still going in my ass and my mouth full of my cum. If I haven’t cum, she will leave for 20, then 25…etc

    RESTRAINED POST ORGASM TORTURE: I’ll use my new rotating pulsating sex toy with
    My hands tied behind my back and endure 3 minutes of POT

    BOUND PROSTATE ORGASM: I will lock myself in the chastity cage that you chose from my album. Queue up a Cock Hero or other porn you send me. Then I will insert the black prostate toy in my album, turn on and set a vibrator on my bed, put on a lacy color thong (you chose the color I have them all) and secure my wrist behind me with my cuffs. Now I have to stay this way until I have a prostate orgasm. I will try to tease my cock locked up in chastity by trying to rub up against the vibrator.

    EXPLAIN x: I have to explain in a PM to you why I love X and get off to it. (X being any kink I have)

    EMBARASSING: I’ll tell you one of my most embarrassing sexual incidents

    UNFULFILLED FANTASIES: I will share on of my unfulfilled dare fantasies.

    ROOM MATE: In front of my femdom roommate, dressed in just sissy panties or thong, I will masturbate, cum and keep stroking my sensitive cock until my femdom roommate says “you may stop now”.

    GLORYHOLE ROLE PLAY: I will cut a fist size hole in the center of a piece of cardboard. Then I will cum in my hand while giving myself a prostate massage orgasm if possible. Then I will put the cum on a cock dildo, stick the dildo through the hole in the cardboard and get on my knees and suck all the cum off like I am at a gloryhole.

    OPEN WINDOW DARE: I'll go into my bedroom with only a dimmed light on totally naked at night and open the window and jerk off out the window while watching a porn video on low volume. My Femdom roommate said she plans to flick on the bright bedroom lights fully exposing me for a second or two during the dare.

    CUMSHOT DARE GAME: I will strip naked except for a thong that you may choose. I will lay on my back pull the thong down to my ankles and grab them so I can pull my legs up and over, so my cock is over my face. I will stroke my cock while watching sissy/ shemale videos or whatever videos you choose. If the majority of my cum goes in my mouth the dare is over. If most of my cum goes elsewhere or I miss I have to start over and try again at least twice a day until I succeed.

    PANTY JACK DARE: I will jack off in front of my roommate in the thong or sissy panties she chooses and she will take a proof video of me jacking off and cumming in them, Then she will post it on a porn site to blackmail me into pushing my limits. (Probably share it with her girlfriends too).

    PANTY JACK II DARE: I have to jack off and cum into the thong or panties I have on to the video or type of video you pick or send and I have to wear the cum soaked thong or panties until I humiliate myself by posting in my Kink-Talk Album a proof pic of me in my cum soaked thong/panties that I jacked off in while watching the type porn I was watching.

    BOUND PANTY JACK DARE: My roommate will bound me in this cock, balls and wrist restraint leather harness.
    The she will pick any color of thong or sissy panties she or you choses and put them on. She will hand me the hatachi wand and have me use it to edge and then cum in the thong. However, she will plug and unplug the wand to frustrate and tease me until I have begged her enough to let me cum and she will take a proof pic of me in the cum soaked thong and send it to your secure email (and probably her girlfriends) or post it on my proof pic album on She will leave me in the cum soaked panties another 30 minutes to an hour to further humiliate and frustrate me.

    PANTY JACK GET DARE: Jack off in panties while playing Get Dare and leave them on soaked in my cum while I am online playing. I have to video myself and post on my signature that I have done this dare and that I am currently wearing the cum soaked panties while I am online and that I have made a proof video that I may or may not post on a porn site..

    PANTY JACK COCK HERO GAME: I will play what ever Cock Hero Video you send for 20 minutes stroking to the beats without stopping wearing only panties or a thong. If I cum I will have to lock myself in a chastity cage immediately wearing only my cum soaked panties or thong and stay locked for X hours based on the roll of a pair of dice (2 to 12 hours) A detail report will be provided on request.

    FETISH ROLE PLAY: My fetish is Humiliating Sissy Porn Self Facial role playing of the videos I am sent.

    My femdom roommate will lock me in chastity, slip on crotchless panties, tan slacks, and unbuttoned white shirt and sandals. I will drive on a dark 2 lane rural road late at night with her. She will have me pull over every 100 feet or more and remove a piece of clothing and throw it out the car window. After another mile wearing nothing but the chastity cage we turn around and I have to locate the clothes get out of the car and put them on. When fully dress she unzips my tan slack, removes the cage, suck my cock until I cum and spits the load all over my tan slacks and gives me a cum flavored French kiss. She needs a drink to get the salty taste out of her mouth and makes me stop at a redneck bar in my various obvious cum soaked tan slacks, walks me slowly around the bar, while flirting with guys, to a table far from the bar and makes me go get drinks for drinks her while she flirts.

    COUNTRY ROAD/ TRUCK STOP DINER: Same as the Country Road/ Country Bar Dare but at an Interstate Truck Stop Diner at 2 AM instead of the Country Bar..
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