Dec 18, 2010 at 7:00 AM
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    1. Sillyfemdude
      It's been three weeks since the party and since you've posted. Are you ok? SFD
    2. bareasslover
      Did you ever go to Paddles or the Hellfire Club?
    3. mobico69
      Thanks! Appreciate it
    4. Mr Gee
      Mr Gee
      I'm starting a "Friend a Week" program...Would like you& yours to top this endeavor.
      Mr Gee
      A fellow sub
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    Lori 2B
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    Valentines Day 2011
    I'm a 43 YO fit white male, 5'11, and married fitter petit white female 41yo 5'2&quot; woman.  <br /><br />I've been into BDSM with my wife since our 20s, frequenting some of the more fun NY establishments in the mid 90's.<br /><br />My facination with chasity is about the power exchange, and the complete horneyness that comes from no orgasm after a few days.  <br /><br />My wife, typically the sub, is moving into the Dom role, and seems to be taking to it quite well.<br /><br />I'm signing a 90 day contract on Valentines day  2011, and we'll see where it goes from there.

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