Jul 15, 2014 at 2:22 AM
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Mar 29, 1968 (Age: 52)
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Northern California
Queen and Keyholder
    1. Giles Webster-Griffiths
      Giles Webster-Griffiths
      Wearing my necklace and ankle chain I love showing off my chastity cuckold in public, men drool and women applause me..such a turn on as i spit in his coffee so others see me doing this....slap his face and offer my hand to be kissed...it must confuse them...I love him wearing a bra and others can see it through his light coloured shirt...eye shadow and lipstick...fun and excitement for me but not for Giles...
    2. Precarious PET
      Precarious PET
      I love you my Queen today, now, and forever!
    3. kkeeiitthh
      I was hoping to hear from you or pet to see if I could make you understand his driving desire to please you, even if it means never orgasming again
    4. 11lives
      Miss Catherine hello my name is Thomas I have not been on for some time but am now more and more going crazy to be in chasitity. I have a new bird locked arriving tomorrow and a new steel but plug Also have a nests eel shemale chasitity belt but no key holder to lock me and or control me. , Perhaps you would have interest in this one. thomas
    5. Pillowbiter
      Wow Nice ! Miss Caterine.
    6. wittle one
      wittle one
      very nice pic
      1. Kontraband
        Always a very teasing reminder to have one's key on a necklace.
        Jul 26, 2014
      2. Kir_S
        Oh, yeah! And when the key is between Mistresse's breasts it is especially teasing
        Aug 16, 2014
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    Mar 29, 1968 (Age: 52)
    Location: (Country, Region - and perhaps even City?):
    Northern California
    Queen and Keyholder
    Chastity devices:
    Over the years we have tried many.. Some cheap some not so cheap. But for now on... Unless I am punishing her, my PET wears her Mature Metal Queen's Keep! And only her Queen's Keep!
    Chastity resume:
    Never ever never
    We are a loving couple who adore each other. For many years Chastity used to be a game for us... Over time We drifted apart and I found PET playing with herself and showing far too much attention to the Internet and others... As would any shameless sissy slut if give the opportunity. That is when I discovered the real power of Chasity and just how bad my PET longed and needed to be owned. I made it clear to my PET I owned her shit... filled out a FLR contract which she signed without hesitation and we have not looked back!

    I now have a PET that worshipst me, serves me and me alone and does not even touch herself without permission... Not the case for me... I am allowed to do as I please and have a miminum of 10 climaxes to her one... She is only released when I grow tired of oral (which is seldom) and choose to release her clitty. I am now training my sissy to be a good little cuck as I am seeking a lucky stud to fill that itch and maybe intime replace her clitty all together?
    Not in a big rush... It is all in my control.
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