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Miss Magnanimous

Her caged cuck!!!, from South Florida

Still locked up and about to sign the agreement :) Apr 8, 2014

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    1. Miss Magnanimous
      Miss Magnanimous
      Still locked up and about to sign the agreement :)
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    Home Page:
    Location: (Country, Region - and perhaps even City?):
    South Florida
    Self Employed
    Chastity devices:
    CB6000 and many strapons and dildo's
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    our Chastity agreement

    Definitions: Throughout this contract, these terms are used with following definitions.

    · Chastity: Prevention of all kinds of sexual behavior, including sexual intercourse and masturbation.

    · Chastity Device: Any lockable, wearable device designed for continuous wear to prevent masturbation, infidelity, control sexual urges or aggression, or sexual intercourse.

    · The Caged Cuckold: The individual who will wear the device according to this contract, and who is to keep one's own chastity. By definition the Caged Cuck has granted control of his cock and services to the keyholder.

    · Keyholder: The individual who will lock the device up and will hold the key according to this contract. By definition the keyholder is the individual entrusted to have absolute say in the use of the users cock and services.

    · Release: physical release from the Chastity Device

    · Sexual Release: orgasm for the keyholder or The Caged Cuckold

    Terms: The Caged Cuckold will wear said device for a period determined by the Keyholder only.


    · To provide quality versus quantity to the sexual experience

    · To inhibit masturbation by The Caged Cuckold

    · To be an aid to The Caged Cuckold preventing uncontrolled sexual intercourse

    · To affirm mutual couple commitment, togetherness and quality of life

    · To modify behavior or habits considered inappropriate or unacceptable by the Keyholder

    · To encourage The Caged Cuckold to lose weight, exercise or to discourage another bad habit


    · The Keuholder will permit the removal of the cage daily for cleaning and shaving while showering.

    · The Caged Cuckold agrees that during release for cleaning he will shave accordingly to keep genital area free from hair.

    · The Caged Cuckold agrees that he will immediately re-secure device after all cleanings.

    · The Caged Cuckold is responsible for daily cleaning of device.

    · The Caged Cuckold will notify the Keyholder immediately of any concerns regarding function or cleanliness of device.

    · The Caged Cuckold agrees that such release may be supervised and agrees to all terms of release as set forth by Keyholder, including restraints if deemed necessary.

    · Both parties acknowledge that a release from device may be permitted for medical or extreme discomfort issues. However during such release no sexual releases are permitted and The Caged Cuckold agrees once medical condition is rectified immediate return of the device will commence without delay.


    · Keyholder will retain all keys to said device with one key in close proximity at all times.

    · The Caged Cuckold will not attempt to defeat the device in any way.

    · Keyholder will make one emergency key available to The Caged Cuckold for use in medical emergency, doctor appointments, and any other situation in which excessive bodily harm may be present to The Caged Cuckold. The emergency key must be kept in such a way that the Keyholder will be aware should it be used without authority.

    · The Caged Cuckold agrees that in such emergency he will notify Keyholder immediately and that no sexual release is permitted. If self-release is attempted and/or carried out, punishment as outlined in the contract will be applied.

    · The Caged Cuckold agrees that once medical condition has been rectified, he will re-secure device immediately and notify Keyholder of said action.

    Sexual Release

    · Keyholder agrees that The Caged Cuckold will be entitled to a minimum of ______ releases with sexual release in any sixty-day period. Releases will be for a period of no less than 2 hours but no more than 24 hours.

    · Keyholder is given sole discretion of how sexual releases will be carried out. At least ____ of the _____ releases will be by means of sexual intercourse.

    · The Caged Cuckold acknowledges and agrees that Keyholder has certain sexual needs that may need fulfilled and such releases by Keyholder do not constitute a sexual release for The Caged Cuckold.

    · The Caged Cuckold agrees to satisfy Keyholder by whatever means Keyholder deems necessary for sexual gratification when ever desired by Keyholder.

    · The Caged Cuckold agrees that Keyholder may release husband for the means of sexual play but that no orgasm is permitted until Keyholder permits one.

    · The Caged Cuckold agrees to use any sexual aids such as (but not limited to) strap-ons, vibrators, dildos, and other artificial aids to satisfy Keyholder.

    · The Caged Cuckold agrees that Keyholder may use devices mentioned above in addition to other restraints on The Caged Cuckold and he will have no say in objecting to such devices. (Although begging up to a point will be allowed, once he is told by Keyholder to stop, the expectation is compliance. Failure will result in punishment both immediate and future.)

    · If the Keyholder allows The Caged Cuckold to orgasm by masturbation, he agrees to clean up his cum with his mouth.

    Non-Sexual Releases

    · Keyholder shall provide for periodic seminal release for the Caged Cuckold at the frequency and method of her choosing.

    · The Caged Cuckold agrees that Keyholder may release The Caged Cuckold out of good nature and that such a release from device is not grounds for sexual release.

    · The Caged Cuckold agrees to abide by all directions from Keyholder during such releases.

    · The Caged Cuckold agrees to re-secure device upon command from Keyholder.

    General Understandings

    · Both parties agree that every day life decisions such as child development, household finances, and other marital decisions outside the bedroom will have no effect on terms of this agreement, and that such decisions made can have no impact on the terms of this agreement.

    · The Caged Cuckold will take responsibility for the performance of any household chores as directed by the Keyholder. This includes, but is not limited to, laundry, washing the dishes, cleaning the kitchen, cleaning the bathrooms, vacuuming the floors, trash removal, and general cleanup of all rooms within the house. Keyholder may request that these chores be done at any time that she sees fit and in any attire she decides.

    · Keyholder may ask for any personal assistance from The Caged Cuckold such as helping her get dressed, shaving her legs, combing her hair, etc., at any time she sees fit. The Caged Cuckold has no right to deny Keyholder of any personal assistance. If he does, time will be added to the period before the next release.

    · The Caged Cuckold submits to the use and wearing of a locking chastity device of the Keyholder's choosing 24/7 to ensure that Keyholder's property is kept secure and denies access to The Caged Cuckold.

    · Keyholder will continually flirt with and tease The Caged Cuckold without mercy, and delay his releases for so many days or even weeks that he will regret signing this, but any protestations or pleas will be not only be ignored but may lead to even more teasing or longer periods of lock-up.

    · The Caged Cuckold agrees and understands that Wife may use various methods to tease and torment The Caged Cuckold at any time. Furthermore, Husband understands that he has no say in such teasing and that Wife may continue at will.

    · The Caged Cuckold agrees to give the Keyholder a daily massage unless ordered otherwise by the Keyholder.

    · Keyholder understands that she is free to receive any form of sexual gratification needed from The Caged Cuckold during periods of confinement.

    · The Caged Cuckold is aware that rewards , up to and including sexual release , are given for good behavior including but not limited to pampering, dinner dates, gifts, massages, and other ideas The Caged Cuckold comes up with.

    · Keyholder may choose to take photographs or videos, publishing/posting as desired, as long as the identity of The Caged Cuckold is not compromised and no facial images are shown.

    · Both parties agree that modifications to this agreement may be needed during the period of this agreement and that such modifications can be made as long as both parties are in agreement.

    · Keyholder shall be discreet, never disclosing the fact that she controls The Caged Cuckold's cock in any manner that would affect family or work obligations.

    · Keyholder may have sexual relations with black men with 10" plus cock only at any time and place of her choosing as long as The Caged Cuckold can watch.

    · Keyholder may require The Caged Cuckold to also participate in any sexual activities she desires, including with other participants.

    · Keyholder may choose to purchase other chastity or similar devices.

    Penalties and Punishment: Both parties agree that deviation from contract will result in either cancellation of contract or punishments to correct errant behavior.

    · Breach of contract by Keyholder will constitute a cancellation of contract.

    · Cancellation of contract will result in immediate release of The Caged Cuckold from device.

    · Breach of contract by The Caged Cuckold will be handled at the discretion of the Keyholder as outlined below.

    · Unauthorized removal of device will result in a ____ day period of lock up and denial for The Caged Cuckold. Absolutely no sexual releases will be allowed for The Caged Cuckold during this penalty period.

    · Unauthorized removal of device that includes a sexual release will result in a ______ day period of lock up and denial for The Caged Cuckold. Again, absolutely no sexual releases will be allowed for Husband during this penalty period. Additional punishment may be added as determined by the Keyholder

    · The Caged Cuckold's agrees that additional restraining, flogging, private humiliation, servitude, and any other means of punishment may be administered by the Keyholder to correct or punish infractions from contract.

    · The Caged Cuckold's agrees that failure to accept terms of punishment for infractions is means for immediate termination of this agreement and that such refusal could lead to other detrimental behavior on part of the Keyholder.

    · Any unauthorized orgasm any time during the chastity period will result in the chastity period being increased by _____ days beyond the original sexual release date and the caged cuckold must use his tongue to clean up the mess.

    Duration of the contract: There is no determination on the duration of this contract. It means that this contract is valid for an indefinite period.

    Cancellation of the contract: The Caged Cuckold can never requests the cancellation of the contract except the following cases.

    · The relationship between The Caged Cuckold and Keyholder ends.

    · Either The Caged Cuckold or Keyholder is unable to execute ones obligation due to long-term illness or some other reasons.

    · It becomes obvious that wearing the chastity device results in serious health problems for The Caged Cuckold.

    Upon signing of contract Husband is to immediately secure said device and hand over keys to Wife. Terms of this contract commence upon transfer of keys.

    Keyholder Signature_______________________________________Date________________

    The Caged Cuckold Signature_________________________________Date________________


    Her Caged Cuck!!!
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