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Jan 16, 2012
Sep 15, 2010 at 8:14 PM
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Miss Foxy

The good wife

Now finally waiting for a brand new Jailbird to arrive.... (in december/january) Nov 15, 2010

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Jan 16, 2012
    1. Lostsoul
      Lækkert billede - spændende at høre mere til et Dansk Par
      Ligeledes hvordan gik det med MM indkøbet :)
    2. Lockedup1979
      it all went well except the eating cum part i cant do that want to but once cum then dont want to
    3. suburbanboytoy
      Hello Miss Foxy,
      i just wanted to compliment You on Your great pic! i simply love Denamark, Danish Dommes and tight leather corsets worn by a lovely Lady such as Yourself. i am curious about chastity but afraid of the more serious devices. i am not sure i would like wearing one, certainly not the KTB bracelets but a Jailbird or M.M. (?) who knows? They sound less intimidating what do Y...
    4. Miss Foxy
      Miss Foxy
      Now finally waiting for a brand new Jailbird to arrive.... (in december/january)
      1. l8xdreamer
        Best of luck with your new device once it arrives...
        Nov 17, 2010
      2. slave & slut
        slave & slut
        I have one, it's not to bad of an device...
        Nov 18, 2010
    5. slaveDK
      Dejligt at se en dansker herinde. Kan se at Du også er ny herinde.
    6. lockedandlovingit
      Welcome...you look beautiful. CB6000 is great. I am learning chastity and hope my significant other embraces it.
    7. richard
      You have an amazing figure.
    8. Miss Foxy
      Miss Foxy
      Have my mind set on a jailbird (and maybye a BON4)
      1. Burger_01
        I have a jailbird and it's a pleasure to wear, but I haven't tried any of the silicone devices.. they could be good too.
        Oct 8, 2010
    9. toni
      Welcome to the Mansion, Miss!
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    Chastity devices:
    Waiting for a M.M. Jailbird to arrive.
    Dominant woman married to her all time servant.<br />
    This lifestyle is still new for us, so we are still in the process of learning.<br />
    <br />
    Exploring the joys along the way.


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